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Ok, but all this time Julian is spending at STAR Labs instead of CCPD must come to Captain Singh’s notice at some point, right? 

One day, Captain Singh walks into the lab to ask the CSIs some question about a case. He looks first at Barry’s desk out of habit but Barry’s not there as usual so he turns his head to talk to Julian only to realize that Julian is not at his desk either. This is the first time CSI metahuman specialist Julian Albert is showing a lack of discipline at work and Singh is worried that something’s wrong with the Brit. 

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I can’t just stop thinking about it. The fact that Tom Felton had discussed Julian/Barry ship with Candice and even came up with a name for it, ‘Barrulian’. Imagine how much fun he must have had comparing this ship with ‘drarry’ which he’s been captaining for years. Imagine Tom on set trying to get everyone on board for supporting allenbert because ‘come on guys, we’re so obviously in love.’ Imagine Tom coming to the set one day wearing an ‘allenbert for life’ badge and being such a lovable dork about it. Then we’ll see his interviews where he goes on and on about why allenbert makes so much sense and then i’ll die a happy girl (◠△◠✿)