tom felber

I am currently reading this book. Holy poop! This is a very terrifying story supposedly based on true events. Author Ron Felber uses a very spartan prose that makes the story crackle like a bright emotional fire. 

The Mojave desert is a strange place and has a history and folklore of strange encounters, sightings and experiences that goes back decades…maybe centuries. This is one of those stories. 

Hilton Als on a revival of Tom Stoppard’s “The Real Thing”:

Playing a dried-up artist must be a difficult but intellectually powerful experience for an actor, who has to embody a lack of inspiration while remaining creative and vibrant himself. [Ewan] McGregor refuses to face anything as degrading as failure. He plays it all on one level: up, up, up. With his broad grin and his high, smooth forehead, he performs an actor’s idea of a post-Noël Coward Englishman: everything rolls trippingly off his tongue, brain, and heart. But because he doesn’t connect with Henry’s doubt—the doubt that Henry is trying to push away when he asserts his power as a writer—the other actors can’t connect with him.

Photograph by Christaan Felber