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Wasn’t really expecting this but...

HE’S SO CUTE! I was expecting him to be like @squigglydigg‘s Toon Bendy! (I mean, he didn’t soda spray Boris until he got him mad so…)

The fact that Bendy’s laugh is a whistle sound affect makes me so happy.

Boris the wolf. Ever so hungry.

Boris honey, it isn’t nice to eat other people’s lunches. What was Bendy going to do with all those sandwiches anyway?

Uh oh. Jelly legs. 


Well, crud. That smile doesn’t looked forced at all. Is Bendy actually innocent? (probably not). Part of me wants @shinyzango‘s 2D Bendy to have some merit to the/a Bendy in the game.  


Well, that’s not scary at all!

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Heavenly Puss (1949)

I’m surprised I’ve haven’t talked about one of my absolute favourite series of short films yet being “Tom and Jerry”.

The cartoons have been some of my favourite forms of slapstick and violence in any piece of animation and I always love going back and watching the shorts very often!

One of my absolute favourite shorts is one that feels very different from the usual T&J formula and is often considered to be one of the darkest cartoons they’ve ever done, being “Heavenly Puss”.

Tom and Jerry are often always about Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse trying to fight each other, but this short takes a whole different turn on the formula and is much more focused on Tom, as opposed to him trying to win over Jerry.

In this short, Tom and Jerry do their usual fight and chase, with Jerry trying to reach for food on the dinner table and while Jerry runs up a staircase, Tom pulls a carpet, while also pulling down a piano that squashes Tom to death.

Tom ascends an elevator to the “Heavenly Express” for dead cats to go to heaven. We see several cats waiting to go in and several causes of decease, such as Butch losing a fight with a bulldog, one getting steamrolled to death and worst of all, is a trio of kittens that drowned to death.

Tom tries to enter, but the gatekeeper tells him that all he did was just terrorize a mouse. He does mention that even though the train doesn’t leave for an hour, he could get Jerry to sign a certificate of forgiveness and board the train. If he doesn’t succeed, he will be banished to Hell where a Devil Dog waits for him.

Tom is sent back and only has an hour and tries to get Jerry to sign, only for him to refuse and annoy Tom. Tom thinks of forging Jerry’s signature, but the gatekeeper catches him.

He then tries to bribe Jerry with cheese, only for him to rip up the certificate, which makes Tom angry and about to hurt Jerry, to which the Devil encourages him to do, but Tom immediately backs out and shows compassion.

Tom fixes the certificate and prays for Jerry to sign it, which he ends up doing so, but doesn’t arrive on time and falls into Hell, being tortured by the Devil Dog.

We then see that it was all a dream and wakes up from coal burning his tail and the short ends with Tom giving Jerry hugs and kisses in a very heartfelt scene.

To call this one of the darkest cartoons would be an understatement.  From Tom actually dying from getting physical pain, to showing how many cats were killed, especially the kittens that drowned and makes me so sad, especially how the gatekeeper comments “What some people won’t do.”

Some of my favourite bits are how terrifying Hell is shown and that Tom is horrified of what his fate could be if he doesn’t succeed.

I always feel so bad for Tom when he’s pleading for Jerry to sign and the animation is done so flawlessly and you really feel his desperation.

I can excuse a lot of Jerry being an asshole, due to the reveal of the short being a dream, so it’s interesting to think that Tom literally thinks he is that much of a jerk that he wouldn’t care about Tom at all.

I’ve read somewhere saying that Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons has considered this cartoon to be one of the darkest pieces of media he’s ever seen and he’s definitely not wrong, as not only is one of my favourite Tom and Jerry cartoons, but one of the darkest, next to Blue Cat Blues, but that short is for another time.

I’m pretty surprised this cartoon wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, as it’s definitely one of the most memorable Tom and Jerry shorts out there, as you hear many people say this short scared them as kids, especially with the whole concept of not wanting to go to hell, due to being tortured by a fate worse than death, being the Devil.

Definitely give this short a watch!

For the best BrOTP to ever have BrOTPed.

From rivals to partners, from friends to best friends and from bros to brothers.

Kazuha: “Mr. Sakata shot you!?”
Heiji: “No, he didn’t shoot me… I got hurt trying to keep him from killing himself”
Kazuha: “Why would you do something so dangerous!?”
Heiji: “…an… an idiot told me once… that we should never… let the culprit die …once we’ve cornered them… with our deductions”
Conan: Hattori…

LISTEN (31 tracks)

A Wild Hattori Appears // You Need Me, I Don’t Need You - Ed Sheeran // Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better) - Annie Get Your Gun // In Detective Work There Is No Winning Or Losing // Dirty Orchestra - Black Violin // Who Are You Really? - Mikky Ekko // Oi, you’re Kudo, right? // Am I Wrong? - Nico Vinz // Heroes (We Could Be) - Alesso ft. Tove Lo (The Madison Letter Cover) // I’ll cover you // Uzu Sanageyama Theme - KILL LA KILL OST // Who Is The Winner - No Game No Life // Pacific Rim Theme (Rock Cover) - Little V // Isn’t Heiji Your Detective Master? //  Friends to the End - Tom and Jerry // Who am I~? // A Little Less Gravity - Nike Air // No way // Hey Brother - Dan Tyminski (Avicii) // Lean On Me - Bill Withers // I’ll be waiting for you // Contra Mundum - Brideshead Revisited OST // Service and Sacrifice - Legend of Korra OST // Hattori, … what would you do? // He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother - Donnie Hathaway // Cheer him up with a soccer ball to the head // You’ve Got A Friend In Me - Randy Newman // Bromance - Chester See & Ryan Niga // Can’t Kill Us (Rap Remix) - None Like Joshua (The Glitch Mob) // Don’t you have to tell me something about London? Eh? Eh? // Aristotle and Averroes - Kareem Salama

14 Facts about Suicide

#1 Every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide.
#2 More people commit suicide in New York City than are murdered.
#3 1 in every 5 people in Greenland attempt suicide at some point in their lives.
#4 The founder of Victoria’s Secret, Roy Raymond, committed suicide by leaping off the Golden Gate Bridge in 1993.
#5 More U.S. soldiers committed suicide, than died in combat in 2012.
#6 Many animals have been reported to commit suicide, including dogs, cows, bulls, and sheep.
#7 1 in 25 U.S. teenagers has attempted suicide.
#8 The Golden Gate Bridge is the #1 suicide site in the world.
#9 Most people who commit suicide, do it on a Wednesday.
#10 Established writers and artists are 18 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population.
#11 There’s an episode of “Tom and Jerry” that ends with the both of them committing suicide.
#12 Suicide attempts were punished as crimes in England and Wales until 1961.
#13 In the U.S. you are twice as likely to commit suicide than be murdered by someone else.
#14 When Ashton Kutcher was 13 years old, he contemplated committing suicide in order to give his heart to his dying brother.