tom elle

Underrated things in Eddsworld
  • Matt in general 
  • Tamara’s ribbon
  • Edd and Matt’s connection 
  • Tord looking legit surprised when Tom yelled at him
  • Yuu
  • How Edward is pure but Edd is not
  • The fact that future Edd is like a head taller then Edd
  • Ell’s small ponytail
  • Mark being the character who sounds the calmest 
  • Juan’s smile
  • Todd the bartender
  • Paul’s voice changing everytime he speaks 
  • Edd having the only normal hair out of the main four

Can’t believe I missed TomEdd week.

1. Hoodie Swap, why swap when you can wear them at the same time.

2. Headcanon, I like Edd with freckles and Tom with blue hair.

3. Ellsworld, I love them so much.

4. WTFuture, Tom loves him but still a criminal.


7. Free Space, I just love Sailor Moon.

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