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Guess who watched Saloonatics for the twenty-millionth time?

My hand slipped

EDIT: I apologize for the misspelling of “descansco” (I wrote “descano”) in the 5th drawing! I was so tired when I drew these and careless mistakes were made. It’s too late to fix on the actual drawing, but I’ll do my best to fix my mistake here in the captions.

 Sorry, guys, and thank you for calling attention to my error! :P

Imagine your fiancé, Tom, coming home from working with a surprise for you. He’d had a radio interview that day, so you can’t imagine what possible surprise he could have. He takes out his phone and shows you a photo of him and your favorite musician, Ed Sheeran. You’re beyond excited, going on and on about how you’ll have the photo framed when Tom tells you that’s not even the best part. Ed’s agreed to come to your wedding, and will even sing the song for your first dance as husband and wife.

Cartoon Network 25th Anniversary

My tribute to Cartoon Network on its 25th anniversary. Starting as just reruns of classic Hanna-Barbera and Looney Tunes cartoons and eventually delving into original programming which became classics of their own. The channel is responsible for introducing me and many others to some of the greatest pieces of animation ever. 

If you complain that your favorite show is somehow not represented, then go back to watching Squirrel Boy, you pleb. Just kidding, but I might revisit this someday and add more characters.


Seriously, i need more Tom & Ed collaboration.. These two are the true gifts from God^^*