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The Godfather (1972)

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

Cinematography by Gordon Willis


i had an idea last year that if the show wasn’t renewed for a third season, my friend and i would take up the challenge of bringing it to you via a series of scripts. and since the brandon james storyline and the characters are being booted for a fresh story, i thought it would be a good time to get to work on the idea.

but instead of a number of scripts, i’ve decided to start working on a feature-length screenplay, that will hopefully tie up loose ends and give the lakewood five (is it six if i include gina?) a satisfying end. or not so satisfying end. 🔪

i’ve got so many ideas and i’m already a little bit into the writing process. it’s such a passion project for me because i want to see this story concluded, and in my own way. while it’s a given that not all of you will enjoy my ideas, i think it would be fun for you guys to read my take.

i’m sure there are fans out there doing similar things, but i thought i’d notify any of you who have stuck around my blog since my original announcement last year. 

Things I will forever be upset about

The fact that Sage the Pomeranian had to watch her owner Nina Patterson die with the knowledge that if she could open the door she could save her with her trained attack dog skills

The fact that Nina’s mother discovered her body

The fact that Rachel probably died thinking that her girlfriend was the one that killed her

The fact that Rachel’s death was framed as a suicide

The fact that Rachel never truly got the justice and acknowledgement of being a victim she deserved because she was the unpopular self harming queer girl

The fact that after Rachel died, Audrey made a noose and almost stuck her head in it in order to figure out if it was really possible or not

The fact that apparently Rachel’s parents don’t give a shit because Audrey was the only one angry that Rachel’s name wasn’t listed at the memorial

The fact that Riley’s death was partially to blame on her loyal trusting nature

The fact that Emma didn’t mean to choose Riley but she did and will forever have to live with that guilt

The fact that Riley died by who she thought was her friend

The fact that Noah had to watch Riley die with no way to save her or even hold her because it was on FaceTime

The fact that the last thing Riley saw was her and Noah’s stars

The fact that Emma discovered her body

The fact that Noah basically said that he wished he would have died instead

The fact that Noah’s parents didn’t notice that he didn’t come home the night his gf was murdered

The fact that Brooke will probably always think that it was her fault that Riley died because she was answering a booty call

The fact that later Brooke realizes that that booty call she thought she was meeting was her statutory rapist

The fact that the people they go to school with are so fucked up that they think it is funny to create a poll over who they want to die

The fact that Tyler was framed for murder and had no way to defend himself

The fact that the only one of Tyler’s friends that trusted him was murdered and he was thought to have done it

The fact that as much as a douchebag that Will was, he was willing to risk his life when he was already injured to save Emma, Brooke, and Noah

The fact that Will’s mouth was taped so he couldn’t warn Emma that by trying to save him, she would only kill him

The fact that Will’s mom found her son split in half on her own farm

The fact that Daisy indirectly killed her bf (again)

The fact that this unknown cop died so that the killer could frame Branson

The fact that nobody cared about Greyson’s death. Yes he was a random unimportant character , but he died because he had to pee and was considerate enough not to pee in the pool everyone was swimming in

The way that Kieran found out about his father

The fact that Haley and her bf thought it was funny to prank a victim of a serial killer only months after the fact

The fact that Haley’s mother was not called to twist her ear off

The fact that Jake died trying to prove his love for Brooke

The fact that Brooke found out about Jake the way that she did

The fact that Kieran’s aunt didn’t take care of her nephew after he became an orphan

The fact that Zoe felt so alone she may have hurt herself

The fact that Audrey felt so alone that she couldn’t tell Noah

The fact that Lakewood sucked for Noah before he met Audrey

The fact that Audrey so obviously loves Emma and Emma treats Audrey like dirt

The fact that Stavo was just making a comic book and his tablet got smashed

The fact that we didn’t get to witness the rest of Noah’s conversation with Beatrice, the sales lady, who was just trying to help Noah buy the proper condoms

The fact that Dwayne was just doing his job and he suffered the intimate price

The fact that Haley knew the killer and was murdered before she could could give him his blowjob


It may be time to say goodbye to Lakewood

You didn’t read that wrong.

According to numerous online sources, MTV is looking to reboot Scream yet again with a new cast and story line for the upcoming 6 episode installment, completely steering away from any characters and storylines from seasons 1 and 2.

The entire cast was given permission from MTV to look for other work, including Willa Fitzgerald, our Emma Duval, who has already found a role as a series regular on FOX’s own new reboot, Behind Enemy Lines.

This news comes shortly after Tracy Middendorf, who played Maggie Duval, announced via Twitter that she was asked to leave the show. She offered no explanation for her leaving, but said she’d leave it to MTV to “divulge the reason for the change.”

While this massive change is underway, the series has yet to find permanent new show runners for the third season. Is it possible that MTV has no idea what they’re doing? More than likely. Scream has gone through 2 sets of show runners already, a set for the first season, and new show runners were hired for the second season. Now new show runners are being searched for, making it clear that MTV has been confused on what direction they want for the show for quite some time.

Personally and as a fan, this is very unfair to the loyal followers of the show. The characters and story line is what has kept the heart of the show beating and us fans tuned in. It’s a well known fact ratings have been a huge struggle for the show, but completely changing the story, leaving questions unanswered, and dismantling everything that’s been built is not the solution.

According to the source, MTV states they’re committed to keeping the Scream franchise alive. However remiss it seems on MTV’s part, I’ll keep updating on everything Scream has coming in the future.

Should we really have to say goodbye to what’s left of the Lakewood 6, at least Emma Duval left the show alive and well with a newfound happiness, Audrey with a new romance, Noah with his success, and Brooke still alive!! and happily in love with Stavo.

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