tom down under

  • Tom Felton: I'm so happy everything is arranged for me to play this character! Where do I need to sign?
  • Casting Executive: Oh, before that, I need to tell you, you are gonna have to dye your hair for th...
  • Tom Felton: *flips table*
  • Tom Felton: *backflips out of room*
  • Tom Felton: *sets fire to building*
  • Tom Felton: *destroys any evidence of contract*
  • Tom Felton: *changes name*
  • Tom Felton: *moves out of country*
  • Tom Felton: *laying down under 6 blankets in a wooden house with no windows on top of a mountain in Iceland* NOPE
Overwatch Character Playlists

So I’ve spent the last few weeks compiling some of my favorite music to all the playable characters in Overwatch.  The playlists can be found on Spotify by clicking HERE and going to the “Public Playlists” tab.

Each playlist has 10 songs and is roughly 30-45 minutes.  Most are lyrical, although there are some instrumental songs mixed in.  Each playlist ends with a song that has something to do with the character’s ultimate ability (whether it be the song title matches the ultimate name, or the song gives off a vibe of how you feel while using the ultimate).

Below the Keep Reading tab I’ve put the track lists and links to each individual playlist.

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So hey I think my cd collection is coming along just fine.