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Imagine: First meeting Edward Nygma

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Requested by @taintedmarkerEdward Nygma x Reader: “Can you please write something with Edward ? He’s adorable :) and I love your writing ♡ Maybe something like he has to deal with a new Co worker taking miss kringles Job. And she gets his riddles or is just bubbly. Something that he doesn’t get" 

I hope you guys enjoy this, it took me a while to write i hope its good <3 my requests are open so feel free to drop by :)

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“I’d like it if you stayed”

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Pairing - Edward Nygma X Reader

Wordcount - 2059

Warnings - Mentions of harassment and violence

Author’s Note -  (Y/N) - Your name. (Y/L/N) - Your last name. (Y/E/C) - You eye color

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been absent as of late but I’m back, with this Edward Nygma one shot. This is set in season one before he kills Officer Tom Dougherty.

(Y/N) worked through the stack of papers on her desk. When she went for a job at the GCPD, she imagined she would be helping the people of Gotham, even if she wasn’t on the streets directly fighting crime. But too soon she was faced with the realization it wasn’t what she thought it to be. Being a secretary, she filled cases, typed up reports, organized meetings, made coffee, brought coffee round to everyone. If the extensive daily routine of her work wasn’t enough, the male officers tended to make crude remarks to her or in passing. She didn’t feel like a colleague, she felt like a piece of meat.

There was someone, though. Someone who considered her to be a human being. Edward Nygma.

He was the only person who made her day just a little brighter, with his quirky behavior. He always greeted her with a riddle in exchange for his coffee in his favorite mug. Even though, Edward was odd, (Y/N) couldn’t deny that over the time that they had worked together (Y/N) had developed feelings for the forensic scientist. (Y/N) kept those feelings to herself, in fear that if she revealed them to Edward, she’d lose his companionship. (Y/N) knew that if she lost her friendship with Edward, she’d certainly go mad working for the GCPD was no easy task especially with no friends.

The day had begun like any average day, she had gotten up, dressed and headed to the GCPD. She made her usual rounds handing everyone a cup of steaming mugs of hot tea or coffee to her fellow colleagues, leaving her favorite forensic scientist for last, ignoring the crude comments as she passed. Walking over to Edward’s desk, gently placing his simple white coffee cup with a question mark on his desk, with a grin on her face.

“Good morning Ed. How are you today?” She asked as Ed looked up from the file on his desk.

“Good morning Miss (Y/L/N), I’m very well thank you, yourself?”

“Ed how many times have I told you it’s okay to call me, (Y/N). I’m okay” Edward’s eyes were disbelieving. He knew, she was getting tired of the derogatory comments, the name calling, the dropping of pencils just so (Y/N) had to bend down to pick them up. Now Edward wasn’t blind, he knew how beautiful (Y/N) was, however, she was much more than that to him. He adored how she was the only one in the building who would take time out of her day to talk to him. In addition, she was really good at answering his riddles, this fascinated Edward. But why the other men couldn’t treat her with respect was beyond him. It was infuriating. Edward was getting sick of it. The false smile (Y/N) wore around work as she handed back case files. The only time he saw an authentic smile on (Y/N)’s face was during their morning conversations. He knew what he had to do.

“Okay (Y/N). This is an easy one, what can travel the world while staying in the corner?” (Y/N) began thinking about the answer for a short while before answering.

“It’s a stamp” (Y/N) replied, gaining a smile from Edward. Edward loved how smart she was.

“Correct. If you come by my desk at Lunch, I’ll give you a harder riddle” Edward was doing this on purpose, he wanted to see her smile again. Who was he trying to fool? He wanted an excuse to talk to her more.

“I’ll hold you to that Mr. Nygma” (Y/N) wondered away to continue with her daily workload.

Edward did give (Y/N) another riddle at lunch time. It took some time for (Y/N) to work out, as Edward had remained true to his word, the riddle had been a lot more difficult than the previous one. Edward was shocked when she managed to answer.

Edward had finished his shift at the GCPD, he noticed the group of Police Officers that were particularly disrespectful to (Y/N). The men seemed to be full of laughter and joy. Edward’s anger bubbled beneath the surface like an erupting volcano. How could they be so happy when they constantly made your life a misery? Feeling a sudden burst of confidence, Edward approached the group of men. Aware that (Y/N)’s shift had finished so he needn’t worry about her catching what he was about to do.

“Excuse me, gentlemen, I was wondering if I could have a word concerning Miss (Y/L/N)?” The group of men laughed at Edward. They always laughed. Never talking Edward seriously, but he needed to do this. He wanted to see that genuine smile.

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I’ll Keep You Safe (Jerome x Reader)

Request: Hi I was wondering if I could have a Jerome Valeska one shot where the Reader would be Jim’s niece and she would be interning at GCPD to become a detective? She would be super smart , but has a shy nature and suffers from panic attacks. During the Cheerleaders attack The Reader would go with Jim to observe the scene and in the midst of things she would get a panic attack and Jerome would take an interest in her and kidnap her ? Lots of fluff please ? Thank you! I love your writing . ☺️ @goghstudy

A/N: Special thanks to @goghstudy for helping me with the ideas (even though it’s their request). Go and check out their blog :)  MASTERLIST

Word Count: 1,035

Warnings: Anxiety, kidnapping, panic attacks

A gust of warm air hit your face; the scent of coffee was calming although some police officers were typing off on their computer. Your eyes scanned the building; the lighting, the walls, the people in the building, the computers, everything. That was when your spotted your Uncle Jim Gordon talking to a lady.

You were relieved when you saw him. You had a shy nature and suffered from panic attacks and anxiety. You barely had people in your life that you’d call ‘friends’.

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You walked up the short staircase; Jim turned around and was surprised to see you. “Hey Y/N, how are you?” He gave you a gentle hug and let go. “I’m fine.”

“Great kiddo. This is Essen. She’s the boss.” He said in a sarcastic voice which caused you and Essen to laugh. “Very funny Gordon. Welcome to GCPD Y/N.” She shook your hand and showed you around. You saw a tall man wearing glasses and holding what seemed to be an eye in a plastic bag. You cringed as you looked at it. “This is Nygma.” Jim said. You hesitated to shake the man’s hand. “What has one eye but cannot see?” Nygma said abruptly taking you by surprise. He stared at you, his eyes widened as he waited for an answer. “An eye.” You murmured.

He lifted the plastic bag containing the eye up to his face and smiled. He stared at you all waiting for some sort of laugh but sadly all he got was a cringe. You stepped back. “You know Y/N, you’re smart. I like you.”

“Okay Nygma. Don’t freak her out.” said Jim as he put his right hand on your shoulder. As you started walking with Essen and Jim, Jim turned around and said to Nygma “And put that eye somewhere where no enters like your office.” Nygma nodded and walked up to what seems like his office.

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You walked down to Jim’s desk and he sat down. Your grip held the file in your hand tighter as everyone stared at you. Is it the way my hair is styled? Is it my clothing? You began growing conscious; Jim looked at you and sighed as he saw Tom Dougherty and his gang looking at you. “Move along Dougherty!” Jim tapped on the seat next to him. “This is your desk. Right next to mine.” The desk was empty; a lamp was hanged over the desk.

You sat on the chair and put your files down on the grey desk and began reading some criminal files. Jerome Valeska killed his mother. You and Jim began talking together with Essen when the phone rang and filled the calm air that surrounded you. “Hello?” Jim said. “What? We’re coming!” He slammed the phone down. He got up and put on his belt armed with guns. “Y/N, you come with me so that you’ll experience what we experience.” Some policemen came to assist Jim.


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You got out of the police car and watched from afar. The ginger man began showering every cheerleader and the bus with oil. The screams coming from the bus made your heart beat faster. The ginger man approached you slowly with a smug grin on his face. A layer of hot sweat beads grew and covered your body, your breathing got heavier. Not now please! You told yourself as your panic attack grew. “Hello gorgeous, I’m Jerome.” You trembled and stepped back. You looked over his shoulder trying to spot for your uncle Jim. “Oh what’s the matter sweetheart? I’ll take care of you.” Someone from behind grabbed you by the wrists and shoved you up in the back of a van.

You tongue felt like it was paralyzed; your heavy breathing was making you lightheaded. Your head was covered with a thick black bag which was making your air supply very limited.

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You woke up in a comfortable bed with green covers. You looked on your side and saw Jerome smiling; he was lying on the bed next to you. “Hey.” He said. You shoved yourself to the edge of the bed. “Where am I?” You asked in a hoarse voice. “You’re in a much safer place.” He placed his soft warm hand on yours.  He gently pulled you towards him and wrapped his arm around you. With the other hand he cupped your head and gently put it down on his bare chest. You closed your eyes, trying to hold in the tears. Is Jim coming for me? A million thought began crossing your mind about what would have happened to Jim and what would the kidnappers do to you.

“Y/N, there’s no need to be afraid of me. I’m not the bad guy.” He began caressing your soft hair. You slid your hand over his stomach and relaxed. “Theo gives the orders and we oblige them.”

“But you obey anyways so that makes you the bad guy. You killed your mother.” His heart skipped a beat. “My mother was a bitch. She deserved to die.” He propped himself up on his elbow. “But I would never hurt you. I swear.” He leaned in and gently pressed a kiss on you lips.

“How can I believe you?” You asked. He pressed his lips to yours again. One of his arms snaked around your waist and pulled you towards you while the other arm supported his body. His kissed trailed down from your neck to the valley of your breasts as he ripped off the buttons that were sown on your shirt. You cupped his face and began kissing him back.

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Your skin had goose bumps all over it. You had never experienced this feeling. He pulled back and admired your beauty. “You’re beautiful Y/N.” He caressed your cheek with his index finger.

“What about Jim?” Jerome let out a sigh and rolled his eyes. “Don’t worry about Jim Gordon. He’ll accept me as your boyfriend.

“I’m not talking about-” Jerome hushed you up by putting his index finger on your luscious lips. “I’ll keep you safe until Jim Gordon finds you.” He placed a kiss on your forehead and smiled. “So do you want something?” All your shyness flew away. “You.”

Trivial Things | Self Para

My dad had limitations. That’s what my good-hearted mom always told us. He had limitations, but he meant no harm. It was kind of her to say, but he did do harm.

Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn

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hey bich stay away from 100% taken Elizabeth rose. cause she's taken. Liam Nelson style. I'm her daddy--I abducted her--allegedly, but romantically. And green is a tacky color so there :/

oh look another abusive son of a bitch asshole i can stab under a freeway overpass 

hope you like the woods, pal, because it’s where theyre gonna dig up ur corpse


Kringma [Gotham Riddler/Query AU]: Canon divergent AU in which Kristen and Ed kill the abusive Tom Dougherty together and form the crime duo of The Riddler and his assistant, Query! Made this for Jude’s (@guiltyphandiot) new Query RP blog, found here: qx3ry! If you have an RP blog and wanna play with her, she’s amazing and has other muses too! Hope you like it, babe!!

The Lost Fiancé (Part 1)

Request: Could you do a Oswald/Reader/Edward, where Oswald & Edward are trying to make the other give up on you so they can have yoo instead? Thankie~💕

Ed ran a hand over his face exhaustedly. Jim Gordon had just talked to him for the third time about Kristin Kringle’s disappearance. If only he knew who caused his curiosity, his suspiciousness, maybe he would find a way to get him off the case.

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Murder, She Wrote

Because I will never cease to have a bee in my bonnet about this, ways far superior to the shit-show we were subjected to in which Kristen Kringle’s narrative arc could have progressed from the end of season one:

The night that Edward follows her home, she kills Tom Dougherty in self-defense.  Edward, watching from the street, unable to act but unable to leave, sees all through a window, and breaks in.  Kristen’s in a state of shock, and Edward tells her that he knows why she did it, that it’s okay, that he’ll help her dispose of the body.  From there- she collapses from the strain, threatens to turn herself in, and Edward kills her to save himself– or, Edward collapses from the strain, and either she attacks him to save herself and he kills her in self-defense, or unable to act, he lets her get away, and she becomes a serial killer.  Or– they both get off on disposing of the body, and become Gotham’s premiere serial killer couple.

Alternatively, Edward still kills Tom, leaves Kristen that silly note, and Kristen slowly but surely puts together what happened.  If she dies, she dies a detective, a woman re-taking control of her destiny, and not a lamb to the slaughter in her underwear, suffocated by hollow sweet nothings.  If she lives, though, she confides her suspicions to Leslie, who easily convinces Jim to take on another seemingly-absurd case, who ropes in Harvey, who is at first skeptical- Edward‘s weird, but a killer?- and they take him down together.

You want Isabella?  Kristen is killed, revived by Strange, who’s seen Vertigo too many times, and is subconsciously driven to seek out the man who killed her- until she puts it all together, pushes him off of a building, and it’s he, not Barbara who gets a trip to coma town and wakes up in Arkham.  Or- Edward doesn’t dismember her, she survives strangulation, wakes up in the morgue, and aided by Leslie- who’s gotten increasingly dark, herself- concocts the whole plan, to destroy Edward.  Or- Isabella is Kristen’s sister, who looks enough like her to evoke Kristen- a spooky ripple over a still pond- and pursues Edward in equal parts for revenge and to understand why her sister had to die.  Or- Kristen and Edward, as Bonnie and Clyde, bring in a third person, and they live happily together terrorizing Gotham.

Something for the girl who could have had everything, but got absolutely nothing.


     Gotham Parallels: s3e9,s2e17: One Bad Day

Both Captain Barnes and Edward Nygma started their downward spiral with one bad day; Barnes became infected with Alice’s blood, Ed fought back against Tom Dougherty and killed him. Both men spiraled out of control as they committed murder after murder, acting on their darkest fantasies.

Jim’s shocked by the transformations of his former co-workers,and with good reason-he’s twice a murderer himself, as both Barnes and Ed point out, and in danger of suffering the same fate.

“All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That’s how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day.” -the Joker, in Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke”

Requested by: @sunlitroom

Shit. This is something Query only vaguely remembers anymore; that rabbit heartbeat and the wave of nausea at the sight of Tom Dougherty’s blood staining the floor of her little brownstone. But, this isn’t Tom Dougherty. This is some nameless asshole who decided it was his right to put his hands on her other self. 

“Okay, you’re going to have to calm down. Can you do that? Kristen.” Query’s covered in scarlet, something she’s used to, but she cups Kristen’s face in her hands all the same. It’s easy enough to clean off. “Look at me. I’ll get rid of it all. I need you to strip down and shower. I’ll clean up, okay?” 

No body, no crime.

@misskringle || cont’d

My eventual cause of death, part one: Barbara was such a good person.  She was kind and compassionate, and tried so hard to do the right thing- for Jim, and for people she didn’t even know, like the children in “Selina Kyle”, and later, Selina, herself, and Ivy.  She was conflicted, and self-loathing, and transparently desperate to be loved- but none of these are the gross offenses that the narrative made them out to be.  She didn’t deserve to end up like she did, hollow and purposelessly cruel, a pretty doll in a pretty dress, rotten to the core.  Which was exactly what she feared, in the days of season one, that she actually was.

Additionally- Harvey Bullock is not a good man.  Witness, in “Selina Kyle”, his little speech about women like Barbara needing “a firm hand“- which is almost verbatim what Tom Dougherty, noted girlfriend-beater, says to Edward to justify beating up Kristen.  Harvey’s swaggering crack about loving all kinds of women, from all walks of life is a tight paraphrase of a monologue delivered by a serial killer in an episode of Oz*.

* Richard L’Italien, played by Eric Roberts, in “Capital P”, which, unfortunately, I cannot find on the internet.