tom do you even know what personal space is


Wolfgang just gave me an idea of an Animal Crossing game set in a big city, but before any of the other Games.

Like Tom Nook and Redd would still be close and Labelle would still be working under Gracie Grace. Instead of Leif there would be one of Leif’s relatives (perhaps his mom?) and Shrunk and his Mentor would have their own club in the city.

You would be able to Rent an apartment in the game (obviously owned by Tom Nook) and eventually be able to buy it. When you start off with your job, it would be low wage, so you could room with a “villager” for the rent would be cheaper(though after you purchase an apartment you no longer have to pay rent). They’d only let you place certain furniture themes though (fairy-tale, modern, playful etc.) that fit with their “style” and they wouldn’t let you remove some of their furniture because it’s also their apartment

You could work with Blathers (University Librarian), Isabelle (Waitress), Shrunks Mentor (Janitor at the Club), Redd (deliveries of mysterious packages), Leif’s Relative (working at a flower shop), or Tom Nook (Checking up on the tenants and getting his money/packages). All the jobs start off as part time and you can do multiple jobs, but over time as you get promoted you learn more about the person you’re working for (their back stories and what not) and it takes up more time (no longer part time, and harder to hold multiple jobs)

Later on you could even purchase a terrace space from Nook where you plant and sell crops to other tenants and you get to know everybody and they move in and out just like the current games and yeah

I really want this to be a thing I’m so sorry

Unspoken Minds (bechloe oneshot)

In the bus back to Barden University, Beca sat next to Chloe. After putting earplugs in her ears, she began scrolling through her playlist. She took a look around and saw that everyone was rather drained from the energy they had put into performing at the convention, Chloe most of all. She had been stressing and complaining about how their performance had turned into such a disaster. Beca looked to her left and was relieved the ginger had finally calmed down. Chloe was now hanging with her head above her legs, having dozed off. A grin appeared on the dj’s face as she watched how Chloe’s head flinched back with the slightest bump they met on the road. This continued to go on for a while until Beca took action. “Chloe… Chlo here.” Beca whispered softly, leading the ginger to her shoulder. Chloe gently stranded on Beca’s shoulder, pursing her lips from drowsiness.

Having arrived at Barden, they began unpacking their stuff and prepared to go to bed. Chloe followed Beca to her room and fell down on the dj’s bed ignoring the stare she got.

“Chlo… What are you doing? I’m going to bed.” Beca sighed, not being in the mood to argue right now. 

“I know… I just got to talk to you.” Chloe replied, her voice sounding a bit unsure.

She hit the spot next to her, urging the dj to sit down. Her timing was most probably the worst, but she had to get something off her chest. Soon the Bella’s would be separated after they graduated, so it might be now or never, Chloe thought.

“Can’t it wait till tomorrow? I’m tired…” Beca sputtered, putting on some simple pajamas.

It staid silent, leaving the brunette wonder what was up. She looked at the ginger who wore a troubled look. Beca noticed the way she was biting her lip, trying to hold back the words she was so eager to say. Beca sighed in defeat, crashing down next to her best friend and threw her feet across the ginger’s lap. It was hard to resist those adorable puppy eyes. 

“What’s wrong Chlo?” Her voice carrying a hint of worry.

“What do you find so attractive about the German woman?” Chloe said, furrowing her eyebrows.

Beca let out a dry laugh, before looking up. “Seriously? You want to discuss this right now?” She couldn’t believe her. Was this the important thing Chloe had to discuss with her about. Because it was not worth her time when she could be sleeping right now.

Chloe let out an exasperated sigh, rolling with her eyes. “Never mind. Forget it.”

Chloe pulled Beca’s bare feet off her lap, before standing up. She wanted to open the door when a hand suddenly slammed against the wood, preventing her from leaving.

“No, you don’t get to walk away from me, Beale!” Beca said, close to the red head’s face.
“What is going on with you? You’ve been tense ever since we met DSM.”

It was true. Chloe had been acting so weird lately. Beca first reckoned it was because of the Worlds and all but soon she started to realise there was much more to it.

“I am just curious about your sudden interest in German women.” Chloe said, trying her best to avoid eye contact.

“You mean you’re jealous.” Beca said, stating the obvious with her arms crossed.

Chloe found herself speechless. Then again she figured Beca would find out sooner or later. She knew the ginger better than anyone, including Aubrey. Also Chloe wasn’t really trying to hide it. This growing jealousy was weighing her down. She didn’t want to share Beca. She wanted her for her own.

“Yes Beca I AM. You wanna know why? Because I’ve had a crush on you ever since I laid my eyes on you!” Something inside of her snapped, letting out feelings she kept in for a long while now.

“I know…” Beca now looked down at the ground, rubbing with her feet across the carpet. Awkwardly avoiding direct contact.

“And you keep- Wait… what? You knew? How?!” Chloe’s jaw dropped, her eyebrows rose and eyes turned wide.

Chloe was surprised to discover her big secret was already long known to the brunette. The only one she had told was Aubrey and they had not seen her in a very long time.

“Jesus Christ Chloe! I am not blind! You always want to know where I’m going and what I’m doing. Don’t you think I notice you are always staring at me when I’m not looking? Or you always asking if I need a backrub. You’re always- ALWAYS in my personal space. Besides… I haven’t heard of Tom for a long while now, what means he is clearly out of the picture. You gave me a Valentine’s present for crying out loud! You always ask me if you look good in your outfits and you listen to Titanium everyday because it’s the first song we ever sang together…” Beca said. Her voice breaking.

Holy shit. She was completely right. Some things she recalled, Chloe wasn’t even aware of doing. The brunette made her lose control. She bit her lip, not knowing what to say.

“You want to know what’s the worst of all?” Beca chuckled nervously. “I feel the same about you. You are so damn beautiful it’s almost impossible not to look at you.”

Beca felt somehow relieved after saying that. She knew what it meant and it might just change everything between the two, but she couldn’t just deny those feelings weren’t there.

“Beca…” Chloe murmured. She was speechless. Chloe felt like she was losing her mind, processing those words.

“But I can’t…” Beca added, trying to make sense. She had such mixed feelings about this. She didn’t want to be the cliché you see in those soap serie dramas. She wouldn’t want to break Jesse’s heart.  

“I know…” Chloe said, defeated.

“Jesse…” Beca said, she felt disloyal towards him, knowing her feelings for Chloe were more intense.

“I know…” Chloe repeated herself, now looking down sad. It was stupid to think this was going to change everything. She was with Jesse. Chloe needed to accept that. Still there were times where Beca drove the red head to complete madness.

Beca felt conflicted. It would just be fine to stay with Jesse out of guilt right? I mean wouldn’t it? He was enough before, he will be again. But looking at Chloe changed everything. The sparkly red head was the one person Beca wanted to wake up next to. They locked eyes and Beca licked her lip in anticipation.

Don’t do anything stupid… Don’t do anything stupid…

“Screw it.”

Beca said before grabbing Chloe’s collar and slamming her lips roughly against the ginger’s. Chloe flinched on Beca’s bold move, her eyes standing wide open and hands pressing against the door feeling cornered. Their kiss was sloppy, their foreheads bumped and their noses were in the way. Yet it felt magical. Chloe soon closed her eyes as well, digging into the brunette’s hair with one hand and wrapping the other around her waist. Beca’s lips were velvety soft and tasted like cinnamon. The kiss felt nice. It felt right. Beca was the one to break up, her eyes gazing confused at the red head, for what she made her feel. Chloe turned her head the other way and pulled Beca into a second kiss, craving for more. Their grip around each other tightened and Chloe swore she could hear Beca’s heart racing. Beca’s hands trailed down until they met Chloe’s butt, where they stayed. She practically melted within Chloe’s arms. Their kiss was passionate, yet also very tender.

Damn… Beca wished it could have lasted forever.

Both were startled when they heard someone make it up the stairs. They quickly let go of each other simultaneously, and Beca took a few paces back pretending like nothing had happened. Fat Amy opened the door and stood still looking at the two Bella’s sensing something was clearly off.
“Well whats up? You two look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Amy grinned.
Chloe bit her lip, expressing slight doubt. “I… I Should go.” Chloe said awkwardly, looking at Beca who seemed to have lost words.
“I could also just give you two some privacy.” Fat Amy winked at the ginger.
“No, its fine. I should get some sleep anyways… Goodnight.” Chloe left the room, hearing Beca’s voice crack behind her.

Chloe opened the door to her room and in the same move closed it slowly, not wanting to wake her roomy up. She leaned with her back against the door. She rubbed across her lips, still wet from the kiss with Beca, then let out a dry laugh. She had kissed Beca…

anonymous asked:

Can you do Tom talking to Jackie, Marco acting with jealousy and everyone thinks he's jealous of Jackie but actually he's jealous of Tom!??

Here you go! I hope you like it a lot! I had so much fun writing this one! Thank you for the request and enjoy!


“Look at them!” Marco hissed. “What are they even talking about?” He stared daggers at Tom and Jackie Lynn Thomas talking and laughing by the bleachers. “He doesn’t even go to this school! Why is he talking up Jackie!?” Marco demanded.

“I don’t know.” Star shrugged. She honestly didn’t care about the subject, not really understanding how upset Marco was. This caused her to say something that made Marco seethe in rage. “I think they’d make a great couple.”

“WHAT!?!” Marco screamed. “Why!? Tom doesn’t need Jackie, Tom needs someone who gets him! He needs a somebody who’s nice and fun, but safe enough to keep him in line. Because he get carried away a lot. He also needs somebody who he had chemistry with, and maybe it would be okay if he had brown hair and a beauty mark and also a red hoodie…. But not Jackie! Are you kidding me!?” He hissed. Star looked up confused.

“Wait I thought you were jealous because you like Jackie?” Star asked. Marco took a step back.

“Um… I am… I do.” Marco insisted, avoiding eye-contact.

“You just sounded like you were jealous because you like TOM.” Star inquired. She leaned into her friend’s face, dismissing personal space.

“What!? Jealous? Because of TOM!? Don’t be ridiculous!” Marco snapped. Star put her hands on her hips and shot Marco a look.

“You seem pretty jealous.” She teased. “You LIKE him!” Star poked fun at her friend.

“I do NOT like Tom!” Marco yelled.

“Well that’s good because I don’t like you either.” Marco whirled around to see Tom approach. “That girl was nice.” He said. “What was her name?”

Marco groaned. “Jackie Lynn Thomas. You don’t even know her NAME?” Marco demanded. “And I thought you two were hitting it off so well.” He spat. Tom shrugged.

“She’s nice.” Tom told him. “We weren’t flirting or nothing, just talking. She’s not really my type.” Tom assured. Marco rolled his eyes.

“It looked like you two enjoyed each other’s company.” Marco seethed. Tom laughed.

“Why? Are you jealous or something?” He teased. Marco shook his head.

“NO!” He insisted. “I just… don’t like you talking up Jackie is all.” Marco crossed his arms and turned to Star. “Let’s go Star.” He said. He took his friend’s arm and started walking off towards the house. Tom waved and went his separate way.

“Marco, it really seems like you’re jealous.” Star pointed out. “If you like Tom you should say something to him.” She pried.

“I do NOT like Tom!” Marco repeated. “Why do you keep saying that!?” He demanded.

“Well you were talking about how he should be with someone other than Jackie, and went on the describe yourself in full detail.” Star reminded. Marco stopped. He did do that, didn’t he? Arco shuffled around.

“I have a crush on Jackie, how long have you known that?” Marco reminded.

“I’m just saying it sounded like-”

“I know what it sounded like! And that wasn’t it!” Marco insisted. Star shrugged.

“So do you want his number?” She asked. Marco looked at her in the eyes.

“You’d give me his number?” Marco asked. Star nodded.

“Yeah but, there’s no point if you don’t like him.” She teased. “But I’d definitely give it to somebody who has a crush on him.” Star sang. Marco narrowed his eyes.

“Alright fine, just give it to me.” He demanded.

“What’s the magic word?” Star asked. Marco groaned.

“Please?” Marco begged. Star shook her head. Marco groaned again. “Fine, I have a crush on Tom, now give me his number!” Marco hissed. Star laughed and took out her phone to text it to him.

“I knew I could get it out of you. Now CALL HIM!” Star demanded. Marco huffed.

“Yeah fine sure whatever. I hate you Star.” Marco seethed. Star smiled.

“I love you too, Marco!” She danced into the house. “CAAALLLLL HIMMMM!”