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Love is an amazing thing. I like to tell all the people at all the shows that when you really do fall in love, it kinda, tears your heart from your chest, and makes you feel really vulnerable. And it makes you feel like you can’t eat, and you can’t sleep and you wait by the fucking phone all day long, and besides all that shit, it’s the best thing you’ll ever feel in your life. From 6 months to a year, 2 years, whatever that first little period is in your relationship, it dominates every other feeling in your body, and I think that’s truly living.
—  Tom DeLonge
The wise words of Tomdelonge

“In a universe that is infinite, there is infinite possibilities, and.. and time is not linear it is parallel, meaning that all things in the past & future exist & co-exist at this moment right now… And maybe when you’re dreaming that is your mind connecting with the ‘other’ you." 

I got too fucked up again, and passed out on the plane
Tried to forget you, i can’t forget you
No sleep on this flight, I’ll think about the nights
we had to get through, how did we get through?
—  “shut up” Blink 182
I’m not a good dancer. I am a good dancer. I’m not. You can use either one of those. Me dancing? It was like seeing two Elephants have sex with another dead Elephant. Skull fucking a piece of shit on fire that’s bloodied with another woman’s… *pause* Menstrual cycle. Didn’t wanna go there, but I had to. And then a horse comes and pisses on it, and then you take the outer skin of a horses dick, and run it through this pile of blood and shit, then role it back up, and grill it like a kebab. That’s how I dance.
—  That’s probably the best description of bad dancing I’ve ever heard. Tom Delonge.