tom delonge moment

Ghost on the Dance Floor
Ghost on the Dance Floor

“When God took her with time
God made me quite alone

It’s like the universe has left me
Without a place to go
Without a hint of light
To watch the movement glow

Where our song is slowly starting
Your memory felt so real
At first against my will
But God invented chills

I saw your ghost tonight
The moment felt so real
If your eyes stay right on mine
My wounds would start to heal”



I was going through all my band/concert memorabilia, and found that I had a lot of doubles of autographs, picks, set lists, and drum sticks from all the same bands. So, I figured why not give someone the chance to win the extras that I have.

A winner will be picked on June 9th JUNE 16TH.If you want the chance to win, all you have to do is like and reblog this post, and follow me. No limit on how many time you can reblog. I’ll send you everything free of charge.

Josh Martin from The Wonder Years
Deryck Whibley from Sum 41
Ghost from Motionless In White
Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance
David Desrosiers from Simple Plan

(In order shown)
Hawthorne Heights
Motionless In White
The Wonder Years

Title Fight
Four Year Strong
The Wonder Years
Motionless In White

Blink 182 Self Titled signed by Tom
Simple Plan Still Not Getting Any signed by the whole band

Motionless In White poster signed by the whole band from when Creatures came out

My Chem ticket signed by Frank

Signed and used snare drum from In This Moment

Signed Paramore poster from a private show at the AP headquarters