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For two weeks I joined the Pravyy Sektor Volunteer corps in their duties in Pisky. The village Pisky has been turned into one major base of operations by the Ukrainian military. Houses left abandoned are being used by different military factions as head quarters and to coordinate the fighting at Donetsk Airport.

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To whom the war in Ukraine may concern,

There is no “civil war” in Ukraine. It’s already proven that separatists in Donbass are supported and sponsored by Russia. Many of my friends became volunteers carrying humanitarian aid or fighting for our freedom and sovereignty in either Ukrainian regular army forces or volunteer battalions. Many guys, who could be my friends or could change this unfair crazy world in better way have already died.

I have an uncle in St. Petersburg, we did not talk to each other since the annexion of Crimea in March 2014. Thanks to Russian propaganda, even he, being a smart one, believes in the single line provided by corrupted television and media in Russia.

I only want this madness to stop, we’re paying too much for unreasonable aggression against our country, which took place in such a bright moment of our history.

And, again I want to underline - there is no “civil war” in Ukraine.

We only fight for our freedom and ability to make decisions coming from our hearts without any pressure outside our country.

I’ve taken my camera with me, and hope to make it an effective weapon not against someone in particular - cause people come and people go - but against that endless, mindless violence all over Donbass region.

I hope my work and work of many other people trying to persuade people think with their own brains will stop the hell one day.

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‘This cat is named Bublik’, my interpreter tells me and she goes on ‘A bublik is a small cookie, a round cookie with a hole in the middle.’,’like a donut?’ I ask. ‘No, no, it is really a sweet hard sugar cookie with a hole in the middle’ she smiles.

The next three days I found out that this Bublik kitten is the one that keeps up the peace and makes the war a little bit more bearable for anyone. Even the biggest soldier, just coming back from the frontline, softens up as little cute Bublik sits in front of their feet and making high pitched meowing sounds up. 

I realized that, for them, this tiny Bublik kitty is somewhat like a rock of sanity in a big sea of shit. And for a few days Bublik also became mine.

- The Unknown Photographer

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The Scratched Lens: Some Sony Action Cam footage mounted on Tom Daams helmet as he walks through the streets of Aleppo.


For a documentary I used a helm camera in Syria. Hours and hours of footage of destruction, through all Aleppo I talk with the locals and journey with my highly trusted guides to front lines but more important the suburbs of Aleppo full where most civilians live.. After the documentary I just kept recording with my Sony Action Cam, this is a fast edit of some of that footage
The footage is recorded in May and is recorded in the old city of Aleppo. The other two photographers, from UK and South Africa, I took with me to Aleppo.
Check out my blog or website to find the photo’s I took while recording this footage.

“A Syrian rebel walks over the rubble of what once was a public swimming pool in Aleppo.”

The Unknown Photographer, Tom Daams, started to document the daily life in Syria in the summer of 2012 and has been until the end of 2013. 
Having a deep ambition and passion for war photography he decided, after a 3 year preparation, to become what he longed for as a kid. 
Being a war photographer.

Join me in my journey through hope and devastation of the Syrian nation as the war rages on and the humanity continues its un-relentless struggle for freedom.