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Andy and Juliet conspiracy theory

Last night, I was on a website looking for some conspiracy theories, since it was already past midnight and there wasn’t anything I could to for entertainment. As I was looking at the site, I stumbled across an article about this theory that has been around for a long time now; all of Tom Cruise’s marriages were fake. They were just off a contract.

Before I explain the theory, I’d like to apologize to the church of Scientology, I’m not trying to offend anyone or anything about it. This is only a theory. Now, people believe that Tom Cruise is actually gay and he doesn’t want to come out, and obviously the church doesn’t want that coming out either. So the church is helping find “wives”. This is how it works, they bring in some actresses to interview, and Tom will pick one. Like I mentioned, there’s a contract involved. The contract lasts for five years and the actress chosen will get press, she’ll receive money, she’ll be in movies, she’ll get fame, and after the five years she’ll be free to leave and a bonus check will be thrown in if she has a kid with Tom. This theory came out years ago and check this, after Tom Cruise divorced Nicole Kidman, he married Katie Holmes and had a child with her and divorced her five years later.

This is where Andy and Juliet come in. Juliet is a Scientologist and I’ve been reading a bit about her, and I’ve read with my own eyes that her parents are buying Juliet’s way to fame. Her parents are actually very rich and that makes me question if what she said about being poor was actually true. I apologize to Juliet if she actually was poor at some point, but this is just a theory. But after Automatic Love Letter, she was back to square one and maybe her parents thought “Hm, let’s try something else.” You see, when Tom chose his “wives”, they were interviewed about how would they be as a wife, how would they be as a mother, stuff like that. So what if that’s what Juliet did, had male rockstars interviewed and chose Andy.

Now, their marriage certificate was filed in March of 2012, this would make them married for five years. If they were in a contract, I’m not exactly sure how long the contract is lasting, but a friend and I discussed and suggested that it’d end maybe next year in 2017 or 2019. We’re not sure, this is just a theory.

Just to back up my theory, look at videos of Andy before 2012, he was this fun and outgoing guy and if you look at his recent podcasts and videos in 2016, he’s this dull and robotic figure and it sometimes gives me the creeps. Want to know who else was like that? You guessed it; Katie Holmes. Now that she is not with Tom Cruise, she’s her old fun and outgoing self (I’m really glad to see that because I love Katie Holmes)

You’re probably denying whatever the hell I just said, but let’s talk Hollywood and let me point out that most celebrity relationships are fake. Sorry.

Reminder: this is just a theory. None of this is facts. I already know that most of you are already saying that I’m jealous of her, that I hate her, and all this other bullshit you guys say. But newsflash, just because you talk to her on Instagram DMs or have met her once or twice, maybe even more, doesn’t mean that you know her personally. Scientology is filled with all this scary shit, and from stuff I’ve seen, Juliet and her parents are involved. You don’t even have to believe this, this is just a theory.

Just tell me what you think or ask any questions and hopefully I have answers to them all :)

Leah Remini had been a member of Scientology since childhood. She began to have significant trouble with it not when she learned of the church’s notorious teachings about an intergalactic overlord named Xenu or the existence of invisible aliens that were embedded in your body — the things that make it easy for outsiders to point and laugh — but rather, when she felt Cruise was damaging the church’s reputation. Later, after learning about Xenu and leaving the church, Remini said, “When I read it I thought, this is some crazy s—.”

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Gal Gadot has been an active and vocal supporter of the Israeli military which is responsible for ethnically cleansing indigenous Palestinians out of Palestine, and the killing of t h o u s a n d s innocent people. if thats something that you condone you kinda suck.


Anon, don’t make me talk about the mess that is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

You and I both know that we run into the issue of anti-Semitism vs anti-colonialism. 

Anti-Semitism vs. racism. 

Israel is a divisive topic because you think, yes, the Jews need a homeland…but they’re shoving out all the Palestinians who LIVE there, and yes, it is related to race. 

It’s a colonialist mindset, to invade another country, partition land, and call it your own. 

The Palestinians are right to be mad. 

But Jewish people have also been through a lot and are afraid of allowing their culture and religion to die. 

Yes, the Israeli military has and is doing horrible shit to Palestinians, who were shoved out of Israel by rich white people. 

It has ignored global rights activists and violated human rights. 

But Gal GADOT is literally an actress and a model.

Ya’ll are expecting too much of these people. 

Ya’ll want them to be perfect when they’re human, they’re not perfect. 

She’s not a historian or an anthropologist. 

Her job is not to explain the intricacies of international politics to the public. 

Her job isn’t to speak for the people of Israel, and to denounce it publicly for a crowd that just knows her for being Wonder Woman.

Actors stay out of politics, for a good reason. Talk about politics when you only know the bare bones of the issues? Not a good idea.

Reminds me of when actors act like they know autism is caused by vaccines.

They do a lot of damage.

But Gal Gadot, expressing support for the Israeli military?

When she was IN it, as a combat instructor?

YES, fine, I don’t agree with Israel. 

But…this is gonna sound bad. 

But i don’t hold it against her for not knowing better.

It’s a thorny issue.

It’s not easy for people to admit their country sucks, their military sucks, not unless you’re American, lmao.

Hold her accountable for her beliefs, but try and remember that she’s an entertainer. 

She’s a model and an ACTRESS. 

And that’s a hot button issue with no easy opinion. 

I mean, man, I get it, I really do, but i can’t hate gal gadot for that. 

She’s misguided, but so many celebrities are?

You can pick them apart, all of them, they all have flaws. 

But she’s not like Tom Cruise and his creepy Scientology bullshit or Mel Gibson and his anti-Semitic rants way back when. 

She’s got a controversial topic that most Americans don’t even think about under her belt, a topic which she has close ties to, since she was in the military.

I’m sorry anon, I really get why you’re upset. 

But if her message in Wonder Woman for world peace is weak, then yes it’s weak. 

But it’s not weaker than her trying to use her role as the star of Wonder Woman to make some kind of global political statement about Israeli-Palestinian conflicts. 

I loved the movie, ok, and I think she’s an alright actress and she’s now an icon.

Maybe one day she’ll be taught the intricacies of the Israeli situation.

But it’s not my job to teach her, nor is it your job to “expose” and demonize her. 


Tom Cruise being a factor is what has probably turned a lot of people off on this, and I totally understand that. He goes from giving solid performances to being the top of the Scientology cheerleader pyramid in the span of a second, and Scientology has made itself known as the world’s most punchable religion. But if we stick to the movie side of things, the stereotypical Tom Cruise people imagine is no longer the Tom Cruise who appears in films. Anyone who’s seen the last few Mission Impossible films and Edge Of Tomorrow knows that Tom Cruise spends most of his time now getting the shit kicked out of him.

The trailer takes 30 seconds (a fourth of its total run time) to show you Tom Cruise getting tossed around in an airplane. And sure, he does that typical “I got SECRETS and a PAST” look in the beginning, and then shows off how fast he can run by the end, but if his recent roles are any indication, this film will feature way less of Cruise being insufferably badass and way more of him looking goofy while he nearly gets mangled in different countries. And that’s the best kind of Tom Cruise.

Why The New ‘Mummy’ Movie Might Be The Best Version Ever

On Andy Biersack and Scientology

My dad suggested we watch Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath tonight, and not only was it an eye-opening series, but it also had so many connections to Andy and Juliet. I took note of some things throughout the first episode that I wanted to share: 

Why I Believe He Joined

The first parallel was how Remini described what Scientology is. She goes on to state how Scientology promises to help you reach your fullest potential in every aspect of life. What stood out to me the most, however, was when she referred to Scientology as being able to “fix yourself” and also “help mankind”. 

It’s no surprise that Andy struggles with mental illness. Even if we don’t know which, it’s still plain to see that he has some types of issues going on. When a person hit’s rock bottom, anything can be appealing, even a cult-like ‘religion’. Imagine you’re going through your absolute worst time in life, and then someone you love presents a solution; a spiritual path to healing. It’s tempting, it seems like the perfect answer. If Andy has been struggling, and now his wife is encouraging him to join Scientology, he could easily be swayed with these promises made by the group. I wouldn’t put it past Juliet to be manipulative either. 

Why I Believe Andy Shames His Past

The documentary speaks of how Scientology views victims as the ones at fault. Amy Scobee, a victim interviewed, talks about how she was made to feel like she caused the terrible incident that happened to her. Perhaps Andy’s been told his actions have caused his poor mental state. Maybe this is why he seems to so deeply hate who he used to be. Someone could be convincing him that the old, reckless Andy Sixx resulted in a now depressed, hopeless Andy Black. Someone also could be feeding him the lies that becoming a perfect Scientologist will erase his endeavors. And isn’t that what he’s morphed into? A perfectly bland, emotionless, and money-driven Scientologist. 

Trying to Help Mankind

An example Remini gives when describing the promises Scientology offers is that you’ll be good with animals and great to the environment. This is a minor connection, but I always found Andy’s “animal advocacy” addition to his bio strange. Yes, we know Andy loves animals and has been vocal about helping them, but why advertise that now? I worked in dog groomers growing up, I volunteer with rescues, and I’m a doggie foster mom currently, yet it never really occurred to me that I should advertise that on social media bios. It’s not like Andy has always shared that so overtly, that title just sort of popped up randomly a few months ago. It’s like he’s trying to prove he’s good. I believe this could be the case with his on-again-off-again veganism too. 

Andy Becoming Sickly Thin

Out of curiosity, I googled veganism and Scientology and came across a celebrity diet website. The site talks about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes doing something called Scientology Fasts. These fasts are described as detoxes and include periods of time where only water and juices are consumed. Juliet promoting a detox tea seems slightly less strange now. Plus, maybe this explains Andy and Juliet going from healthy looking to borderline sickly thin these past months. 

Abuse Scandal 

The last point I took from the documentary was while Remini and Scobee discussed a high ranked Scientologist, David Miscavige, and how he beat on those who disagreed/bothered him. Scobee mentions that people who witnessed this were conditioned to rationalize the behavior. She goes on to explain Miscavige was under a great deal of stress, he had a lot of pressure on him, and that’s why it was seen as okay for him to abuse people. Sound familiar? 

Final Thoughts

I first thought Andy joined when he got the Scientology tattoo. It seemed like too much of a coincidence for him to be married to a Scientologist and then tattoo one of their codes of honor onto himself. Maybe if Juliet wasn’t a Scientologist, the tattoo thing could be dismissed. But the fact that she appears to be actively involved in this cult has me believe she is the reason he even knew the quote in the first place. 

Now seeing the personality changes, physical changes, along with the facts of Scientology…I’m pretty convinced he’s joined. I mentioned on another blog earlier that nobody has addressed this issue either, which is suspicious. Juliet is constantly clearing her name on social media, yet she’s never came out in debunked these Scientology theories. You’d think if it weren’t fact, the first thing she’d be doing is making sure everyone knows whats being assumed is false. But Juliet hasn’t done that, which only further proves that what we’re saying is true. 


None of what I’m saying here is proven to be hard facts. Everything above was simply my opinion and speculations on recent events. I in no way am claiming to know these things for sure, so take this all with a grain of salt. 


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Due to the setting and how the villains look, I assumed it was more akin to the Star of the Grand Cross and that they'd be neo-nazis.

one of the guys is literally just Tom Cruise anon

it’s scientology

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I'm so happy about the Jaime and Katie thing. I hope they go public the day after the divorce anniversary to make it completely clear how fucked up and controlling scientology and tom cruise are to make that a condition of her getting out of her marriage w no hassle. It's sick!

They must really care for one another to put up with all that drama from Tom.