tom cruise 2013

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Yeah they only like larry because the idea of two hot men are together is hot for them. I bet most of them are het so they have no idea how homophobic the way they think. This is fetishing, not believing they are in love. Larries think they are together, love and care about each other and i think it’s beautiful. We aren’t creepy. We do what harry says, we choose love

yeah, i mean i don’t get a nice vibe from that. thinking they’re cute together but having a stroke at the possibility they might actually be together? like??? hello? wtf as long as they’re not really gay it’s ok? lol get the fuck outta here
Oblivion - Tom Cruise Interview - Jack (2013) - Tom Cruise Sci-Fi Movie HD
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30 days idol challenge → day 15: favorite interview

I have a lot of favorite interviews, but the one I chose for the idol challenge is about Oblivion (The part he clears the throat drives me insane).