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Future Tom x Red Leader part two

Part two of the request for @ss4arts
⚠ Warnings: Daddy kink, spanking, verbal degradation, straight up porn.⚠

Tom did as told, suckling and slobbering all over Tord’s digits. He drooled down his chin even. The leader pulled his fingers out, rubbing around Tom’s entrance before pushing all in at once. Tom moaned out, tossing his head back. Tord thrusted them, smirking as Tom made so many noises.
“Mmh- Ah- T-T- Ddd- Daaaaddyy–” It was music to his ears. “Mmhmm, that’s right, call out for Daddy.” He cooed, pulling his fingers out. 
Tom shuddered at the lost, about to look down before he was filled with something much bigger.
“A-Ah!! Daddy!!” He huffed and squealed, feeling Tord already starting to thrust roughly into him.
He bounced on the desk, skin slapping against skin filling the room, along with Tord’s grunts and Tom’s moans.
Tom could feel his orgasm creep up on him, slowly bringing him closer to the edge. Tord was getting there too, but still had a bit to go.
Tord continued to thrust, pushing Tom closer and closer to the edge, and bouncing him on the desk.
“You belong to me, say it.”
“I belong to you-” “WHO??” “I belong to Daddy!!” Tom squealed, his toes spreading out as he was pushed over the limit, releasing his fluids.
Tord continued, thrusting faster and harder. He groaned as Tom tightened around his dick, bucking a few times before cumming, letting his fluids inside Tom. He sighed and pulled out, kissing Tom’s lips gently.
“You’re such a good boy.”
“Thank you, daddy..”

mine and @richonning​‘s Norman & Tom photo op! this one happened so fast. Norman grabbed onto my shoulder before I was actually turned around and situated between them (you can see his hand is like all up in my hair if you look closely. he got some of Ashley’s too lmao). so I ended up having to twist myself around and then quickly get my arm behind Ash’s back. long story short, I was literally squatting down a bit in this picture (I’m actually taller than Tom) and slightly disheveled all because of Norman’s arm and hand, lmao. He felt amazing though, his shirt was so soft. And Tom is gorgeous.

Molly and Tom: Tom as a total mirror of Molly’s feelings for Sherlock

Instead of “just Sherlock”.

In my opinion, Tom is a truly secondary and unimportant character, serving only as an explanatory image of Molly’s emotional state regarding Sherlock. I don’t believe his character bears more importance than the aforementioned.


Molly forms a relationship with Tom way before Sherlock returned since she’s engaged in TEH. This means that Molly couldn’t cope easily when Sherlock left and her friends introduced her to Tom, a Sherlock copy. This is interesting because it provides a nice contrast between Molly and John. While John chose the complete opposite of Sherlock as a partner (Mary), Molly found a similar looking person. John knew already that Sherlock is irreplaceable in his heart and didn’t want anyone that would even slightly remind of him.  Molly and Tom got along as well as possibly and they got engaged. 

When Sherlock returns, Molly is confused because she sees the real thing again and starts slowly realising that she isn’t happy with Tom, but she still sticks to him. In TEH, Molly is still in love with Sherlock and hopes, even though Sherlock pretty much makes it clear that he’s not into women. As a mirror, Molly presents Tom to everyone, claiming she has moved on and she is happy with him. Which nobody believes… 

In short, Molly presenting Tom to her friends without being really enthusiastic deeply inside = Molly still hoping Sherlock could love her although she slowly stops believing it’s possible. 


Molly initially looks happy about her relationship with Tom and acts defensively when Sherlock simply asks her how things were between the two.

“Not a sociopath.”

Pretty defensive.

But when the camera and the people don’t notice:

BTW look at Lestrade XD

She’s clearly not in love with Tom and she’s embarassed when he provides a silly theory. Or any theory at all because she was already making that face before Tom started talking.

Apart from showing her true feelings for Tom, this also tells us how she feels for Sherlock.TSOT is the turning point when Molly finally gets over him and she gradually becomes more intolerant of Sherlock’s flaws (see HLV). 

She still is defensive about Tom to Sherlock = she lowkey hopes to make Sherlock jealous by telling him what a fulfilling sexual life she has with Tom. But, like I said, it’s lowkey and she doesn’t seem uneasy or anxious in front of Sherlock anymore. Molly is still interested in Sherlock, but the flame is dying…


After that (most likely), Molly calls everyone and warns them of the hard time Sherlock will have in John’s wedding. In a similar fashion, she is clearly not happy with Tom, she gets easily embarassed and angry at him. As her romantic love for Sherlock was dying, so did her “whatever” interest in Tom. 


Molly and Tom break up. While it is speculated that Molly found out Tom was gay too, which I don’t oppose to in any way, I believe Molly ended the relationship and it was not Tom who finally dumped her for a guy.

So Molly broke up with Tom. 

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This is the official ending of Molly’s romantic love for Sherlock. This is something head-over-heels Molly would never dare do. She’s not in love with Sherlock anymore.

This is  the primary reason of her breakup with Tom. Not necessarily that Tom is gay (which is most likely true though). Tom’s orientation was the catalyst like it was the catalyst for ending her fixation with Sherlock, but she would eventually break up with him anyway. She was never really happy with Tom. The important, deep reason that interests Moftiss is not that Molly has a thing for gay guys or that Tom is gay or that Tom is a secretly important character. The reason is that Molly is not in love with Sherlock anymore, so this joke of a relationship had to end. 

As soon as Molly realised she was not in love with Sherlock, she also realised that she was wasting her life with potential copycats of a love that was actually never going to happen. The negativity of the emotions usually accompanying a break-up are mirrored in the aggressive way with which Molly tries to bring Sherlock back to his senses. Her actual break-up with Tom is the mirror of her figurative break-up of years and years of fruitless obsession with Sherlock. 

Ending of romantic love doesn’t mean in any way ending of love though. Molly’s fury actually shows how much she cares about him and how much she wants to bring him back to his senses and realise he was behaving irresponsibly and completely indifferent to his friends’ feelings. Violence is never a good thing, but excuse me for saying that her approach could have more impact in Sherlock’s case than a trembling, sad remark. 

I truly believe, Molly’s slapping cleared Sherlock’s mind more effectively than John’s “You could have called”. And it had a greater impact exactly because it was coming from a character like Molly. It meant the most.


I made an animation based on your Forget me Not AU 

I love it too much!!!!! 
I can’t wait to read more of your story updates! 

I did an animation meme because it made sense to me. 

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Although Max willingly becomes Furiosa’s blood bag to save her life, there was no talk of romance between the two. 

“The world was too fast and brutal for them to have a chance of that. But love in a sense is making a gift of oneself to another. In a sense, Max gave her her Green Place.” ~ George Miller 

(Empire UK, Nov. 2015)


Justin is trying to be Malfoy, but Draco’s father will hear about this.


Alexander meets Stuart - “street brawler, alcoholic, heroin addict, sociopathic street raconteur with a fondness for what he called ‘little strips of silver’ - knives to you and me.”


David Tennant, talking about winning the best Doctor poll in DWM back in 2006.

At the premiere of The Runaway Bride with Sarah Parish and Catherine Tate