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Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). A mother grizzly and her cubs cause a #bearjam on #DenaliNationalPark and Preserve’s 92-mile-long Park Road, open to private vehicles only five days each summer.

See more of my photos of Denali by following @argonautphoto and read the story “How Can 6 Million Acres at Denali Still Not Be Enough?” by Tom Clynes in the current issue of National Geographic magazine. by natgeo

Yukon: A modern-day gold rush threatens North America’s last great wilderness

Yukon: Canada’s Wild West – In National Geographic’s February Issue

By Tom Clynes

As the material needs of the world’s seven billion people continue to grow, the rush to exploit the Yukon’s exceptionally rich resources—gold, zinc, copper, and more—has brought prosperity to a once forsaken corner of the continent. But the boom has brought to the fore a growing tension between those who would keep one of North America’s last great wildernesses unbroken and those whose success depends on digging it up.