tom cheshire


2010 vs 2017. Brann has seen me go from somebody really suicidal and messed up who almost dropped out of college and just did nothing with their lives to being someone who is in grad school and realizing dreams. I look so different but he is still the same. Really though, I love him because he has suffered through some horrible things in life and all those bad experiences did was make him more compassionate. He has a heart the size of the Atlantic Ocean and it comes out so much when he sings and when he’s playing drums. Jared joking calls him “Feel Collins” because he’s an even more emotional Phil Collins, but I think the comparison works. Also the guy on the right in the bottom photo, Tom Cheshire, is the absolute sweetest person and an incredibly talented songwriter in his own right, someone I wish who got more attention for being the big-hearted and talented person he is.

If you find good people, musicians or not not musicians, famous or not famous, and they have a positive impact on your life, never ever let go of them. Don’t let go. Don’t run away from it or think you’re bothersome or annoying or weird. Sometimes you do find really nice, good people in the music industry who will love you and support you back and I am so grateful that I found some over the past seven years. I take nothing for granted. I said before that when I get those “skinny drummer hugs” it’s the best feeling in the world. That love kept me going and I’m still here because of it. If you have a special connection or friendship/relationship with a musician you admire and they’re good people who support you, there is NO SHAME in that ever. Don’t let trolls and mean people deter you - keep talking about it, keep flaunting it (in a not-mean way of course). Be proud. You’re not cold, you’ve got a sweater on.