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An open letter to myself // Architects

Busted: Tom x Reader

Requested: Haz walks in on Reader and Tom bumping nasties😂

“Stop!” You giggled, swatting Tom away. “Come on, Haz is gonna be gone for awhile. Why not use this time to ya know.” He winked and kissed your neck.

Tom was very persuasive, too persuasive. You two ended up on the floor of the dimly lit living room, clothes scattered everywhere. 

Haz came back from his meeting earlier than he expected. He opened the door to the apartment and walked in. He stopped in his tracks when he heard moans coming from the living room. “What the fuck?” He mumbled. He walked in the living room and turned on the light. “OH MY GOD!” He yelled. 

You let out a scream while Tom buried his face in your neck, feeling embarrassed that his friend saw his bare ass. You and Haz just stared each other in shock, “Get the fuck outta here!”, “Right.” He bolted to his room and you pushed Tom off of you. “You said he would be gone for a while!” You slapped his bare chest. “I-I thought he was.” He said while dressing. “I gotta go take care of this.” He said pointing to his still hard member. You rolled your eyes as he jolted to the bathroom.

“Are you guys, er, finished?” Haz yelled from the hall. “Yeah.” You answered back. He walked in the living room not making eye contact. Tom came back five minutes later and walked up to Haz, “Hey buddy.” He said slowly. It was very awkward for a few minutes until everyone started speaking at once. “Go ahead.” Tom said to Haz. 

“Well I can’t say that I liked the sight of my two best friends fucking on the floor.” he said scratching the back of his head. “Sorry about that hun.” You said rubbing his shoulder. He had a brief flashback of the moment and shivered, “How about we don’t speak about it. Like ever.” 

“Deal.” Tom said blushing. There was another pregnant pause, “So how’s the weather?” You asked. Tom laughed and kissed you on the cheek, “So Tom I didn’t know you had a birthmark on your butt.” Haz said, winking.

“Isn’t it just the cutest thing!” You gushed. “Okay, enough!” Tom yelled, his face turning bright red. “A bit blotchy.”

“You guys are fucking ridiculous.”

Hope you enjoyed my “cringy” fic😂



So i got this request a while ago but i lost it and i finally decided to write it, ‘ can you do one with Tom or Haz and the reader has a panic attack cause of and elevator and they end up together doing something cute.’  So like here ya go, hope you like it. also do send me requests im on break pretty soon not to mention im still sick so i dont have a lot to do other than write. :)

  You walked into the seemingly empty flat of your lobby and headed toward the elevator. You normally would take the stairs, but you had just gotten back from the club and going up four flights of stairs didn’t seem pleasant at this hour, or doable in your four inch heels. Even though you were severally claustrophobic, it would only be a couple of seconds. As you approached the golden doors, your hand reached to push the up button, a quicker hand pushes the button for you get to. Looking over your shoulder you see your neighbor, giving him a small smile. His smile reaches his eyes as you both step in.

  “What floor?” he asks, hand hovering over the buttons. You recognized them, its was your neighbor Tom,  Tom something, Holland maybe. He was your neighbor for as long as you could remember him and the boy with striking blue eyes and soft looking blonde hair ,and they rarely talked to you, but they always had a way of catching your eye. Maybe it was the they always carried themselves with confidence or the way their lips curled into a smile when they passed you in the hallway. Either way you were quite intrigued with both of the boys.

  “ Four, Please.’’ you reply, ‘’Thank you.” Walking to the corner, you let the cold from the metal seep into your exposed back. The dress you were wearing barely covered anything, the back cutout exposed skin all the way to your ass, the front covered everything except for the small triangle like cut out over your breasts, the skin tight black dress ended just above mid thigh, needless to say with a pair of killer heels it was one of your favorite dresses.

‘’No, It’s fine.’’ He said, slightly glancing at you. You could feel his eyes on you but you couldn’t bring yourself to open yours. Your heart was racing and the tiny space of the elevator wasn’t helping. Your breathing came out harder as the elevator beeped to indicate that you had reached the second floor, It lurched and came to a shuddering halt. You visibly trembled as a worrying look over came Tom’s face.

Doing some deep breathing exercises your therapist recommended where not helping you at the moment. Tom sensed your unease and in the most calming voice he could muster, ‘’(Y/N), are you okay?”

 “Are you claustrophobic?” He asks this time walking towards you.

 “Just a little you know, small spaces not my cup of tea, speaking of tea i would really like a cup of tea, ya know.” (Y/N) said rambling on with closed eyes. You could feel tears rolling down your face. The walls seemed to be getting smaller, and the level of oxygen seemed to be deplating. All you wanted to do was get out. ‘Distract me!’ You screamed internally, unable to form words.

 ‘’(Y/N), (Y/N)’’ Tom cooed. “ Hey it’s gonna be alright okay, I got you. Okay.” Lowering down to your level, he sat down bringing you into his chest. You hadn’t realized that you had even slid down till he brought your closer to him. Tom held your trembling frame, remembering something he had seen on a show a while ago.

Kissing the top of your forehead he looked down at you. You looked up at him as his lips hovered over yours. Your lips touched his quickly; noses crashing together, tears mingling with their lips. Your eyes widen in shock as the kiss deepens and their tongue finds yours.Tom’s hands find their way to your exposed back and waist, and yours move to his shoulders.The kiss broke, both of you desperately needing air. Tom settled himself against the wall and pulled you closer to him. Your arms still wrapped around Tom, you bury your head into their neck and close your eyes.

 The heat from his skin brings a wave of calm over you, and your heart rate falls to match his. You’re still crying, but it’s not as violent as before. Tom continues to shush you and rock you gently. Feeling like a baby, you try your best to stop, but cling onto his shirt tighter

 Several minutes later, you whisper into silence, ‘’why did you do that?”

 Tom looked down at you and replied, ‘’I read some where once that if someone is having a panic attack, you should try to distract them, and have them hold their breath from a few seconds.And kissing holds your breath. And honestly, I’ve been wondering what it would like to kiss you for months.’’

 Blush crawled up your cheeks, ‘’really?’’


You wrap your arms around his waist, and you being to talk to him more and more. It was an hour before the doors were peeled open, it opened a little above the second floor at least you didn’t have to climb in a dress. The two of you both headed up the stairs which were always more favorable. You entered your flat, surprised that Tom followed you.You took a quick shower as Tom went next door to change. You both agreed to watch a movie at your place seeing that Tom’ roommate was already asleep. The movie had barely started and you were already laying on his chest. Tom sweetly would kiss the top of your head and hold you tighter every few minutes and not even an hour into the movie you fell asleep on his chest.

No work for you (Tom hiddleston - smut)

*IMAGINE* Tom was your husband, and is currently is downstairs watching the TV while you the model, was putting on make up. Your agent just called you scheduling you for an emergency shoot, you wore a bright pink lace bra with matching panties. Since you didn’t have to leave yet you walked down stairs with a black silk robe and your heels in your hand. You didn’t notice that Toms eyes were fixated on you, his eyes traveling up and down your body. You sat down right next to him and started flipping through your phone, until you finally noticed eyes watching you. You slowly lift your head up to meet Tom’s eyes, his mouth was wide open, you looked at him confused because he has always been you this way. Even naked. “Can I help you Mr. Hiddleston?” you teased. “Now that’s not fair.” You giggled, “What’s not fair?” “That you are going to a photo shoot and every man on this earth is going to see this.” “You should not be talking.” you smirked, knowing that there’s a bunch of shirtless or even almost naked pictures of him on the internet. Tom just chuckled still gazing at you body, “I must admit you look rather nice.” “I know.” you said with a sassy smile. Tom smirked sliding a hand farther and farther up your leg while whispering, “Careful darling.” You closed your eyes feeling his hand getting closer, but before touched you Tom switched hands putting the original over the back of the couch and they other to touch you. You moan feeling his fingers getting faster inside of you, he kissed you up and down your neck whispering dirty things in your ear. You could feel your self ready to climax but he removed his fingers and pulled you on his lap. His hands ran up and down your waist as he kissed you, your hands wandered down his pants unbuckling his belt you quickly moved your panties to put him inside you. Your hips moved by themselfs as you wrapped your arms around his neck, Tom laid his head on your shoulder. You could hear his deep moans as his hands grasped tightly around your thighs. “Oh God.” He moaned, you could tell he was ready to climax. “Ready hon?” You asked moving your hips faster. Tom wrapping his arms around your waist pulling you closer was a good enough answer. Letting out a screaming you arched your back and Tom buried his face in your chest. You were covered in sweet, your makeup was ok but your hair. Not so much. “Great, now I have to do my hair again.” You sighed still on his lap. “Or you could stay.” Tom smirked taking his shirt off. Seeing his perfect framed body turned you on more. “Dang it Tom. You know what that does to me.” Tom smiled and lifted you. “I know.” Let’s just say you never made it to the photo shoot.

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Coffee - the highschool Jeffmads + Lams fic nobody asked for and nobody wanted

As the last bell sounded, Tom clenched his fists, pushing them tight against the desk. Half hearted, unnecessarily crude parodies of school anthems rang through the hallways outside. Football season, and no one was going to miss the premier. No one but four.

His thick eyebrows stooped unnecessarily low over his eyes, reducing his surroundings almost to meaningless blurs as his jaw locked in anger. He hated how angry Alexander could make him with just words, like a power he had over him. Moreover, perhaps, he hated that the most he could draw back out from him was a cold glare. Nevertheless, he projected any insult at his disposal at the tiny asshole who stood before him, not even thinking about it. Including ‘tiny asshole’. ‘Shut the fuck up, Alex,’ he spat. What were they actually arguing about? He couldn’t remember. It didn’t matter though, it never did. Protocol for even being within a 2-metre radius of each other had always been to fight. That’s how things were, and Thomas liked it in a strange, petty kind of way.
‘Woah, harsh words from Thomas, here, did you here that John? I’m shaking,’ mocked Alex.
‘You would know how harsh words can be, right Alex? Considering last term,’ Thomas knew this had struck a chord. Everyone knew what Alex had done to his girlfriend, Eliza. It was obviously still potent and bitter in his memory. Alexander’s stubbled-covered jaw twitched, and a look of - what was that? Embarrassment? - Flashed across his face, which was already streaked with the remains of a night spent writing and sipping cold, bitter coffee. His boyfriend, John, stared at the ground and swung his legs faster, having perched himself on a table nearby. Alex adjusted himself accordingly, leaning against the whiteboard behind Mr. Washington’s desk.
‘I’m sorry Thomas? I didn’t hear you, try taking your head out of your boyfriend’s ass and say that again,’ He snapped. A grin crept across his face; he was more than aware of the weight of his words - words were his best friend. Most of the time. The escalation of the grin into pure glee provided a stark contrast to the look of horror John wore. Through gritted teeth, he leaned forward slowly to whisper into Alex’s ear – ‘Ssh, Al, maybe don’t…just leave it, it’s not worth it.’
Alex shrugged him off, to busy enjoying himself. ‘No, no John it’s fine. I don’t mean anything by it. Do I? Thomas knows. James knows. How can you bear him James? Doesn’t he drive you crazy? Well clearly he did, i mean we all saw last term…’ Alex trailed off, raising his eyebrows in challenge.
Tom stood, silent and rigid for a second. He had felt Jamie’s hand grow cold and stiff in his. Jamie hated being brought into things, he was barely comfortable with people knowing. Meanwhile, Alex had adopted a look of say-something-back-I-dare-you, - arm’s crossed, leaning against the whiteboard. Silence descended, thick and heavy.
Gently, John tugged on Alex’s hand, to no avail. James stared at his feet.
And then Thomas lunged forward, ploughing into Alex and sending them both skidding over the desk and onto the floor. Mr Washington’s papers flew off with them, peppering the floor on which the boys fought. Before anyone could reach out, Thomas was on top of Alexander, grappling at his throat as Alex swung fists at Tom’s jaw. Furious tear’s splashed down onto him from Thomas’ face. ‘Don’t you fucking touch him? Do you hear me? Don’t you fucking talk about James like that. I’ll kill you, you hear me? I don’t give a shit what they’ll do to me. I’ll fucking kill you. Don’t you touch him, I swear I’ll-’
John launched off of the desk and sent a chair rocketing backwards. He dove in to try and retrieve his boyfriend from under Thomas, who was practically foaming at the mouth. James hovered over Tom, not sure what to do, looking extremely uncomfortable – for such a big lad he was always desperate to avoid conflict. He shifted his weight from foot to foot. Eventually, as John’s efforts to free Alexander seemed ineffective, James leaned down cautiously and put his arm around Tom (who was still trying to throttle Alex. John could do little more than tug on Alex’s free arm, and mainly yelled a string of timid profanities). Immediately Tom relaxed, as his boyfriend coaxed him off of the boy beneath him and into his arms gently. His face was wet and hot and streaked with tears as he lingered over him, before collapsing back. Alex pulled out from under his legs and began to sneer, before John grabbed his hand and half pushed him, half dragged him out of the classroom. Alex shook his head gently, muttering things under his breath ‘Crazy. He’s crazy. I could report him. Fucking asshole.’ John caught wind of the mutterings and shot Alexander a look of shame and rage. The classroom door slammed behind him.

The remaining boys turned back to each other, silently communicating. Eventually, James pulled Thomas into his arms, as Tom buried his face in his chest. He was still crying, but not the wet, angry way he had been before. Jamie moved back to study Thomas, who frowned back, tear’s brimming and pushing against his long, dark eyelashes. James planted one, soft kiss on Thomas’s forehead. His lips were chapped from the bitter winds that had harassed their little town since September. Thomas didn’t care - he felt his stomach lurch in a good, warm way. He knew this was special, he knew, because he did know James, that he wasn’t usually like this. In control. Affectionate. Comfortable about it. James buried his own chin in the fuzzy depths of his boyfriends hair. The two boys stayed like that, entwined, for quite a while.
‘He can’t fucking talk to you like that Jamie. He can’t. I won’t let him.’ Thomas choked out into James’ front.
James shook his head gently, sighing. 'I don’t care what he says about me. This has gotta stop, Tom. He says these things, and, and you get angry and go for him. It’s stupid. If he can get you to do that, he wins. He gets what he wants. You have to ignore it sometimes. You don’t have to fight him all the time, or fight for us.’
‘So, so what are you saying?’
James hesitated for a moment, before closing his eyes.
‘I’m saying that I can do some of the fighting from now on.’
It’s bad?? I know?? But i might as well share it?? Do you want more?? I have more?? The next part is from hams POV?? I’ll take requests???

rikoristorm  asked:

I was gonna wright this, but I know I never will. so im gifting it to you. Its a fanfic where the episode of friendemies played out exactly the same EXCEPT when tom fails, tom says for him to wait and to give him a second chance. brian says "im sorry tom, but your parents told that if you failed in anyway to tell them imediatly." then brain sciccors his way out. marco yells like normal, then tom starts crying, saying that marco didnt understand. tom tells marco his parents are going to kill him!

This was such an amazing idea! I really enjoyed writing it, but it was so sad! You made up a very good request and I liked what you thought of! I hope you enjoy the story, get ready for some Tomco hurt/comfort!

“No, please! You have to give me another chance!” Tom begged. Brian shook his head and Marco just watched, still processing what was just going on. “I-I promise I can do it this time I just, please give me one last chance!” Tom pleaded. Brian sighed and took out his scissors, cutting a portal open.

“I’m sorry Tom, but your parents told me that if you fail in any way, to tell them at once.” He reminded. Tom’s eyes widened and he fell back, he shook his head frantically and began begging more for a second chance, but Brian cut him off. “I’m sorry Tom. You know how disappointed they are in you, this was your last chance.” He explained, before stepping into the portal and leaving the demon behind.

“I should have known! I thought you wanted to be my friend! But you just wanted to use me!” Marco yelled at the demon. “You’re such a… JERK! I can’t believe you! I trusted you! I believed that you actually could like me… but I was just being stupid.” Marco bit his lip and shook his head. “I can’t believe you!” He hissed.

“I’m dead…” Tom whispered, too quiet for marco to hear.

“What? Do you have NOTHING to say for yourself!?” Marco was near tears. “I really thought we could be friends! But… you lied to me!” He screamed at Tom. Tom just stood there, still, staring ahead. “Tom? What’s going on with you?” Marco asked, wiping away some of the tear that fell. He then fell back when he saw Tom’s petrified face, with big tears pooling down. “Oh my god! Tom, what… what’s going on?” He asked.

“You… you don’t understand.” Tom mumbled. “I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die!” Tom was now screaming this phrase and rocking back and forth, grabbing fistfuls of his hair. More tears pooled down his face. Marco covered his mouth with his hand and ran over to the demon to try and get him to calm down.

“Tom look at me! What’s wrong? What’s happening here?” He pleaded. Tom just broke down. He fell to the floor and began sobbing, trying to wipe away his tears with his hands, but it was little use. He sobbed, and Marco just watched, not knowing what to do. “Tom, please look at me.” Marco put his arm around the demon, not knowing what else to do.

“I’m going to die…” Tom hiccuped. “He’s going to hurt me again…” He sobbed. Marco looked confused and Tom shook his head, burying his face in the human’s hoodie. “Oh Marco, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I should have… how could I have…” He sobbed harder and Marco couldn’t help but hold him close.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Marco hushed him. “I forgive you.” He soothed. Tom sobbed harder and he dove back into the human’s hug. Forgetting they were “enemies”, forgetting how much they “hated” each other. Tom just held on tight and met Marco hug him. “Tom please talk to me.” He begged. “Are you… you’re so… scared.” Marco realized. He hugged the demon closer. “Tell me what’s wrong. Tell who’s hurting you.” Tom shook his head and Marco grabbed his face, making him look at him. “Tom, tell me and I promise you, I will not let anybody hurt you. I will keep you safe, I swear.” He vowed.

Tom looked up at Marco for a long time with more tears running down his face. He had a look of disbelief on his face and looked up at Marco with pure amazement. He knew not to talk, he was always told not to talk. But when he looked up at Marco, he opened his mouth and it all spilled out. “My dad.” He mumbled. Marco nodded.

“He’s the one that hurts you?” Marco asked. Tom nodded. “Are you afraid of him?” He asked. Tom nodded again and Marco held him closer. “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Marco soothed. “Is that why you had this whole test? Was he testing you? And you failed, so he’s going to be upset with you.” Marco pieced it together and Tom sobbed harder

“Marco please, you don’t understand he might really kill me this time!” Tom sobbed. Marco nodded and rubbed his back soothingly. Tom sobbed and Marco kept holding him close. “I can’t do it again…” He blubbered.

“You don’t have to. It’s okay Tom, you don’t have to.” Marco hushed him and he kept sobbing. Before Marco could comfort him any more, another portal opened and Brian stepped back through.

“Tom, your father sent for you.” he told the boy. Tom let out a scream and tried to run, but Marco took his hand.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” He assured. Marco then turned to Brian. “He’s not going.” he told the man.

“He can’t stay here, his father sent for him and I’m going to bring him home, now.” The man took a step forward and Marco ran at him, shoving him away. Tom gasped at seeing this and Marco shook his head again, going to hold Tom’s hand again.

“No! I said he’s not going with you!” Marco hissed at him. “I know everything! And you’re a piece of shit for not saying anything about it! And just sending Tom get hurt day after day! You’re just as guilty, do you know that?” Marco yelled at him. “You can say whatever you want to his dad, but Tom is coming with me.” Marco declared.

“You can’t just take him!” Brian called back.

“He’s not!” Tom finally spoke up and Brian look at him. “I want to go with Marco, I’m not going home I’m never going back again I want to go with Marco.” He began crying again.

“Tom, think about what you’re doing. You know your dad will find you, and do you know what trouble you’ll be in?” Brian asked.

“Stop it! You’re just trying to scare him into doing what you want!” Marco yelled. Marco looked down at Tom and held his face in his hands. “It’s okay, don’t listen to anything he says. I’m going to take you home and you’re going to be safe. I swear.” Marco assured him. Tom sniffled and nodded, he latched onto Marco and the human scooped him up. Before leaving he turned back to Brian. “Tell Tom’s dad I don’t care if he sends an entire army, or comes himself to try and get Tom back. I am not giving him up.”


“He was a compact man but tentative, with a smile of apologetic self-protection. Even his Englishness was a well-kept secret. He was nimble and in his prime of life. If you were a sailor you might have spotted him for another, recognized the deliberate economy of his movements, the caged placing of the feet, one hand always for the boat. … You expected more challenge from him, heavier shadows.

And this mildness of manner within a fighter’s frame gave him a troubling intensity. You would never during your stay in the hotel confuse him with anybody else…”

Hollow Crown // Architects

theemoestdemon  asked:

Lil tomco fic idea: Tom likes the smell of Marco's hair, and will randomly start sniffing his hair sometimes.(Another idea I had is something you mentioned in a previous fic, Tom holding on to Marco like a koala.

Awwwww! This was so so so sweet! I had to write a little drabble for it! Sorry it’s kind of short, it was just a cute little scene! But I hope you enjoy it! I really had a fun time with this one!

It’s been a while since I did feral Tom, so I played off of that idea! How animals use smell to identify people. I hope you like it!

Everything was blurry, how it normally was when Tom was half asleep. Something warm had wrapped around him and caused him to wake a tiny bit. It wasn’t a bad thing. It was warm and holding him and it was nice. Tom rolled around and saw a little bit of a figure holding him. Before reacting he nuzzled closer and sniffed the soft puff soon to be identified as hair. As soon as the scent clicked Tom grinned and buried himself in the hug. It was Marco! Marco was there for him, and Tom could recognize him.

“I didn’t mean to wake you.” Marco giggled. Tom yawned and shook his head.

“To be honest, I’m still sort of asleep.” He mumbled. Marco giggled and held Tom closer. Tom sniffed Marco’s hoodie and felt safe. It was so familiar, it put him at ease. No matter where he was, that smell would always mean he was home.

Tom wrapped his arms and legs around the human so he was latched onto him. Marco laughed lightly and Tom purred. “What are you, a koala?” Marco teased. Tom just yawned and nodded, gripping onto Marco more securely.


“Do you have to go?” Tom asked, biting his lip. Marco nodded and gave the demon another hug. “Why can’t you stay?” Tom mumbled, but he already knew the answer. Marco pulled back and smiled a little.

“I’ll only be away two weeks.” He promised. “My abuela is old and doesn’t have any company.” Marco explained. Tom nodded. “You gonna watch the house while we’re gone? Feed the pups and water the plants?” Marco asked. Tom nodded and his ears perked up. “Good demon.” He teased.

“Marco, come on.” Tom blushed at the joke and Marco giggled. Tom’s face then fell a little bit. “I’m really gonna miss you.” He told the human. Marco frowned and gave Tom a kiss on the head. When he was close, Tom buried his face in Marco’s hoodie and took in his scent. He felt like his home was leaving. Marco pulled away and took his hoodie off, handing it to Tom.

“Watch this while I’m gone.” Marco winked. Tom took the piece of clothing in his hands and hugged it close.


Two weeks later Marco opened the door and his whole family piled in with luggage, their flight was delayed so they made it home late at night. “Tom! We’re home! Did you take care of the house?” Marco called. When there was no response Marco went upstairs. He opened the door to his room and smiled.

Tom was curled up on the bed, wrapped in a big blanket, and snuggling Marco’s hoodie. He had it held tight and secure in his arms as he slept soundly. Marco smiled warmly and went over to sit down next to the sleeping demon. “Hey, Tommy?” Marco whispered gently. Tom’s eyes fluttered open and he looked at Marco confused. He sat up and sniffed him, as soon as the scent clicked his face lit up.

“Marco!” Tom exclaimed, and tackled him in a hug. “I missed you!” He giggled. Marco nodded and gave the demon a kiss.

“I missed you too. Sorry for waking you up, but I had to see you.” Marco smiled and covered Tom’s face with kisses. “Thanks for watching the house for us.” He bopped Tom’s nose. “My brave little soldier.” He sighed. Tom blushed and held onto the hoodie. As soon as he realized that it was still in his arms, he held it out.

“Oh, you can have this back… I made sure to take good care of it for you.” Tom beamed. Marco smiled and took the hoodie. He held it for a moment before handing it back.

“You can keep this one if you want. I have like… five.” Marco assured. Tom shook his head and stole a kiss from the human.

“Save it for next time you go away… but I don’t need it anymore… for now at least.” Tom assured. He then pulled Marco close and nuzzled his face. “I have the whole you!”


Harry Potter: cemetery where the real Tom Riddle is buried. JKRowling took other names from tombstones here as well. Her inspiration for Diagon Alley. And the cafe where she began her writing.

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Prompt (because i need happiness) more deaf! And autistic! Marco fluff please?

Of course I can! I couldn’t figure out how do both of them in one, because I suck at writing, so I did two short ones! I hope you like them! The autism one I based off of my favorite way to stim. I like feel silky things and rub them with my face, like string and hair. I had to cut my hair short because I coudn’t stop playing with it and kids would make fun of me lol. Enjoy!


Tom smiled as Marco ran his fingers through his pink hair. He felt it on his face and put it in tiny braids and then would rub them against his hands. “Your hair is so soft.” Marco gushed. “Do you care when I touch your hair like this?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“I love it actually.” He admitted. He really did. If anything, when Marco would handle Tom like that it made him feel loved. Marco giggled and continued to felt his hair and put it in tiny braids. Marco then wrapped his arms around Tom from behind and just put his face in the demon’s pink mop. Tom smiled and Marco covered his head in kisses. He kissed him for two reasons, he loved Tom so much, and he liked the way the silky hair felt on his lips and face.

“You like my hair a lot.” Tom pointed out. Marco nodded.

“It’s perfect.” He smiled. “It’s a pretty color. And it feels really soft. I like to touch it.” Marco continued. Tom smiled and leaned his head back so he was lying against Marco. He relaxed as Marco kept feeling his head and would give him a kiss every now and then.

“I love you, Tom.” Marco smiled and kissed Tom once again. When he didn’t hear an answer he looked over and smiled, to see Tom had dozed off on his lap. He always did that when Marco would play with his hair or ears. It felt nice and relaxed him, and this resulted in Marco getting a lapful of sleepy demon. Marco kept playing with Tom’s hair for a little while longer and smiled. He ran his hands through the pink hair and enjoyed the way it felt running between is fingers.

Tom’s eye opened a little while later and he smiled when he saw Marco was still playing with his hair. “I always fall asleep when you do that.” Tom blushed and Marco smiled even bigger.

“I don’t mind. I think it’s cute.” He grinned. Tom situated himself so he was in a more comfortable position curled up on Marco’s lap. He yawned and cuddled closer. Marco buried his face in Tom’s hair.

“You’re sleepy today.” He teased the demon. Tom hummed in response.

“A little bit.” He agreed.

“I’ll let you nap.” Marco assured, petting him some more to get him to relax.

“Not too long, promise to wake me up in fifteen minutes.” Tom yawned again and let his eyes fall shut. Marco kissed his hair again and felt it slid all over his face.

“I promise.”


Tom giggled a bit and Marco narrowed his eyes. What’s so funny? He signed. Tom smiled and gave Marco a big kiss on the head.

“You’re just so cute!” Tom gushed, knowing Marco could read his lips, he didn’t sign as much as he could. Marco put his hands on his hips.

What did I do that was so cute? He asked. Tom nuzzled Marco’s head and gave him a hug.

“You spoke, I just really love it when you speak.” Tom responded. Marco blushed.

I only said your name. Marco reminded. Tom grinned.

“I know, and it sounded really nice when you said it.” Tom responded. Marco blushed and turned away. The demon laughed and picked him up bridal style. Marco gasped and giggled a bit. “You have the cutest voice, Marco.” Tom told him. Marco bit his lip and looked down.

I mispronounce things. Marco reminded. Tom rolled his eyes.

“Well of course you do, you can’t hear what you’re saying.” Tom tapped Marco’s head teasingly and Marco giggled. “But that doesn’t matter, you still sound so nice. Even when you mispronounce things it’s cute and even when you don’t talk at all and just sign it’s cute.” Tom giggled. “When you sit still and don’t even communicate it’s cute!” He laughed louder and Marco wiggled a bit.

Okay, okay, put me down. Marco giggled a bit and Tom set him down, but he didn’t stop holding him close. He had his arms wrapped around Marco’s waist and he smiled very big when Marco looked up at him.

“Uh Marco?” Tom asked very nervously. Marco smiled and leaned in. “I um… I love you…” Tom muttered. Marco knew what he was saying but decided to tease him about it.

If you don’t speak clearly I can’t read your lips, say it again? Marco grinned and Tom blushed deeper.

“I said I love you!” He said louder and clearer, but his face was burning red. Marco gushed and pulled him down into a kiss.

I know what you said. He assured. Tom blushed and buried his face in Marco’s hoodie. Marco laughed when Tom tried to hide himself and hugged him tighter. Marco pulled Tom away a bit so he was looking at him and smiled. Marco gave Tom a kiss and then spoke. “I love you too.”

A Tomarry One-Shot I posted on AO3 a while ago. I felt like I should probably show some of my writing and artwork soon. :)

Title: Our Love Will Last
Rated T
Relationship: Harry Potter/Tom Riddle |Voldemort

The one bedroom apartment is small, dirty and drafty, unfurnished with roaches and mice constantly crawling across the floor and walls. The kitchen appliances are all out of date and old and it is hard to store food in the cupboards with all the pests constantly getting into what little food they are able to afford. The walls must have been white at some point but are now a grey color with various stains and smudges that won’t come off no matter how much Harry cleans, making the apartment dreary and depressing.

The walls are much too thin, the screaming from the fighting couple to the right of them or the various sexual conquests their female neighbor to the left, brings home each night. Or the shady deals that happen all round, makes this area one of the worst to live in. 

It isn’t much and most people would be disgusted to live in a place like this.

But it is theirs.

And as Tom watches as Harry cuddles closer to him, in order to preserve what little body heat they each produce along with their thin and worn out comforter and old mattress, Tom promises to himself that they won’t live like this for much longer. He will do everything within his power to make sure Harry has a secure place to live. It’s what his lover deserves after all.

Ever since Tom and Harry had met in a group home when they were children, they had been inseparable. If one had to be moved to another home, the other would fight tooth and nail to follow. It was them against the world.

Tom and Harry.

Harry and Tom.

Tom holds Harry close, burying his face into Harry’s messy black hair. He often wondered what his life would have been like if he had never met Harry. Just the thought, causes a deep pain to shoot through his chest, thinking of being all alone, like he was before Harry became the only light in his dark life. Tom would do anything for Harry.

And that is why Tom hoped that his new “job” would change everything for the better.

Tom dresses in the best suit he owns, knowing that first impressions meant everything. Harry is in the kitchen preparing a small breakfast, probably even more nervous than Tom is for the upcoming interview. Tom looks in the dirty and slightly cracked bathroom mirror, making sure that he is impeccable. Not a hair is out of place, Tom sees.

He had to get this job.

For himself and Harry.

It doesn’t take long for Tom to enter the kitchen from the bathroom, only a couple of steps, as he sees Harry pouring some coffee into a mug and a plate of toast with butter and eggs. It isn’t much but Tom appreciates it all the same.

“Thank you, love.” Tom smiles.

Bright emerald green eyes and a shining smile are sent his way and Tom wants to keep that expression on Harry forever. But to also keep it to himself for all eternity as well.

“Your welcome.”

Breakfast is a quiet affair but the silence is nice, even if Harry’s nervousness is known to Tom. Soon, it is time for Tom to leave if he wants to make it there in time. Harry hands Tom his worn briefcase, gives him a chaste kiss and removes any dust and wrinkles from Tom’s suit.

“Good luck Tom.” Harry encourages. “I believe in you.”

Tom smiles and nods before closing the door behind him. Tom hates to leave Harry alone in their apartment, especially in this neighborhood but he has no choice at the moment. He’s taught Harry some self-defense but Tom always worries whenever Harry is not in his sight.

Tom pushes his thoughts of worry about Harry towards the back of his mind.

He needed to stay focused for the upcoming interview. It wouldn’t do, to look and act distracted.

The man in front of Tom is old but an aura of intimidation and power are easily seen from the man’s confidence in everything he does. One day, Tom wishes to be just as powerful as this man in front of him, Gellert Grindelwald.

They had been in the man’s office for over an hour as Grindelwald practically interrogated Tom, but he remained calm and gave vague neutral answers that seemed to satisfy the older man. The job wasn’t “respectable” in any sense of the word but it was something Tom could do. Basically, an “errand boy” for the Mafia Leader Gellert Grindelwald.

At least for now anyway.

“I’ll give you a trial run, Riddle.” Gellert says as he takes out a cigar and lights it. He takes a deep breath before blowing the smoke back into Tom’s face. Tom doesn’t so much as flinch, earning a smirk fronm the older man. “If you can’t make it, you’ll be outta here before you know it, probably lying dead in a ditch somewhere. But if you impress me, I’ll see about hiring you permanently.”

Tom smiles charmingly. “Thank you for the opportunity, when do I start?”

Grindelwald chuckles. “Why not right now? Here’s your first assignment.” The Mafia leader suggests while pushing a manila folder towards Tom. "Some of my men will go with you to see how you do.“

"Very well.” Tom agrees, knowing that he won’t fail.

It has been five months since Tom got his job and Harry has gotten used to Tom’s nightly “business trips”. At first, Harry had no idea what kind of job Tom had gotten or what he was hired for but after the almost impossibly increase of funds and the beautiful new home they moved into, Harry decided to keep his questions to himself.

Especially, after finding a handgun, some rope, a few packages of bullets and duct tape in a shoebox under their King sized bed when he was looking for any stray laundry. 

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil, Harry thinks to himself.

Of course, Harry wishes that Tom had tried to get a job that couldn’t potentially get him maimed, killed or arrested if found, but Tom was happy with it so Harry never said anything. 

“Harry? I’m home.” Says from the front door. 

Harry appreciates that Tom let’s him know that it is him instead of some other person. Maybe its a safety measure, so if someone unwanted came inside, Harry knows to be extra cautious.

Harry stirs the spaghetti sauce into the noodles one last time before turning off the stove and heading towards Tom who is standing by the dining take loosening his tie.

Harry smiles warmly as he gives the man a quick hug and kiss. “Welcome home.” Harry never asks about how Tom’s day went, knowing that it could be dangerous if he knew something he shouldn’t. “Dinner is just about ready.”

Dinner is a quiet but peaceful and even just a little bit romantic with the light and not-so-innocent touches happening every so often. The evening is full of moments of Harry blushing when Tom teases him at dinner but Harry wouldn’t change it any other way. 

It’s just him and Tom. 

And that’s all he needs. 

The large two story house is grand with its white walls, fancy furniture, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen and its overall homely design thanks to Harry’s input. From the kitchen appliances to the large television in the living, everything is shiny and new. The house is located in a very nice neighborhood, situated between other houses with grand designs as well.

The two of them have come a long way since their poverty days, Tom thinks to himself. 

Tom watches as Harry moves closer to Tom’s warmth. It’s a habit that Harry has had since they were children even though their new house has a heater and air conditioner.

There is no fighting couple or their neighbor’s sexual conquests, heard through the walls. And no shady deals made by questionable people around the corner. No mice or pests that get into their cupboards and food. There is money now available to them to buy necessities and for spending it on anything they want. Tom has made sure that they both want for nothing.

It’s just them together in their new home.

Tom is quite proud of himself.

He brushes a few strands of Harry’s chaotic black hair behind his ear while smiling softly at his lover.

Soon he will get rid of Grindelwald and become the new Mafia Leader. Tom already has a large following and now he is only waiting for the perfect time to overthrow Grindelwald.

Even now, it was them against the world.

Tom and Harry.

Harry and Tom.

And Tom wouldn’t have it any other way.


This is posted under my username Fairygirl34 on AO3. It’s also my username on fanfiction.

anonymous asked:

What if whenever Tom has trouble sleeping, he kidnaps Marco and uses him as teddy bear to help him fall asleep

Awwww! That is such a cute idea! I just had to write a little snipet fic based on it! I hope you don’t mind! It’s just a little short thing!

Marco sat up when he felt something warm wrap around him. For the first few weeks, this would cause him to scream out of fear, but now he was all too familiar with what it was. “Hi Tom.” Marco rolled over to see his demon hugging him. Tom had his arms around Marco’s waist and his head on his chest, so Marco had to look down to see the demon. “You come to steal me away again?” Marco asked.

“We can stay here if you want.” Tom responded. He buried his face in Marco’s nightshirt and took in the scent. It made him feel so at home, and Marco holding him close made him feel so secure and safe.

“Why did you come here so late again?” Marco asked. Tom held Marco’s shirt tighter and moved even closer.

“Please don’t make me leave.” Tom sniffled. Marco gasped and held him close.

“No, no! Of course not!” Marco cried. “Are you okay, sweetie?” Marco asked. Tom was silent. “Are you having some trouble sleeping?” He asked. Tom nodded and Marco gave him a kiss on the head. “Was it the nightmares again?” Marco asked. Tom pulled Marco even closer at the reminder and Marco hushed him. “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Marco assured.

“I always like to see you when it happens.” Tom told the human. Marco held him close and Tom reached up to feel how soft Marco’s hair was. “I feel so scared in the few moments after I wake up, but then once I see you it ‘s like it all goes away.” Tom told him. Marco smiled and gave Tom another kiss. “It’s like, I feel like I’ll never be able to go back to sleep, because I’m all shook up. But now that I’m with you I feel sleepy.” He grinned.

“Then go to sleep.” Marco whispered in Tom’s ear. The demon giggled and his ear flicked at feeling Marco’s soft breath. Tom leaned against Marco and giggled as the human tickled behind his ears and gave his head gentle kisses.

“Mar-Mar, cut it out, I’m trying to sleep.” Tom complained, but his giggling was evident. Marco snuggled down under the blanket more and gave Tom a kiss on the nose. The demon laughed and returned the kiss.

“Well you’re just so cute and sweet all sleepy!” Marco gushed. “And you woke me up, so I deserve to get revenge by kisses.” He beamed. Tom smiled at him and closed his sleepy eyes. “Goodnight, my sweet Tommy.” Marco kissed his nose and Tom gave Marco one last kiss before dozing off in his boyfriend’s arms.

“Goodnight, Mar-Mar.” Tom yawned. “Thank you for… letting me… stay.” Tom’s words became slurred as he fell asleep. “I love my Mar-Mar.”