tom bransoin

Downton Abbey Fans,

I have come to the conclusion Tom Branson is a despicable human being. Don’t get me wrong I still think he'a a sexy beast but he’s a despicable human being. He’s annoyed me to some extent since season one but it got really bad watching season 3 ep 1 the third time through. 

A) You do not tell Violet you will or won’t do anything. She is the Dowager Countess. You do not fuck with her. 

B) I can understand his bitterness towards the English about the whole Irish wanting indepedence thing but the Irish did things wrong too. Don’t you acting like you were all angels Thomas Branson. 

C) The going down stairs mid-servant dinner thing was stupid. He knew better. Now I’m not saying he shouldn’t have gone down stairs to say hello to Elsie, Anna, Daisy and the like but that was not the appropriate time to do it. 

D) The argument over wearing the tails and a morning coat got old fast. I realize he and Sybil live a “completely different life” but when you’re at Downton suck it up. You dress for dinner at Downton Abbey they’re not doing it just torture him. He married an Earl’s daughter he has to just get used to it.