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When Julian says that — I mean, Julian’s one of my best friends. He knows everything I’m going through. He knows my mood. He knows my energy levels, and for him to say that at that moment, it does — it strikes me. I’ll never forget that for the rest of my life. The fact that it’s captured brings back some special memories, because we were able to celebrate that at a later point, too. So it just shows the commitment that Jules and I have for one another, and so many of my other teammates have and the support that they’ve showed, which I really needed at certain points. I really needed their support and their love, and I certainly got it.” - Tom Brady on Julian Edelman, August 2017.


Tom Brady on playing with Julian Edelman (x)

When you’ve had that level of experience of game situations, practices, we’ve had so many hours of time together talking about routes and situations. So much of the quarterback/receiver relationship is about trust. I see things a certain way, and the receiver needs to see it the exact same way in order for me to be able to anticipate where to go with the ball. He and I have just had that; this is our ninth year together on the same team, talking about the same offense. We’re so in sync.