In the long run no one will treat seriously the idea that Brady cheated to win, except the embittered fans of opposing teams who always questioned his character and will continue to do so with no more or less energy than before. The bottom line on his legacy is already set: He’s made six trips to the Super Bowl in just 14 seasons, winning four rings.

The real consequences are for Goodell. Deflategate was his defining moment in history, and it firmly established him as a political bungler and a dunce. His reputation won’t recover. Think about it. Who will ever believe Goodell, on any subject, ever again? Why would anyone listen to him or trust his competence on any matter?

Silver Linings Playbook: Task list to withstand the first four with Gabagool.

Task list for #Patriots to survive the first four with Garoppolo (aka Gabagool?) from @JSConway

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For the first four games, the New England Patriots offense will be helmed by Jimmy Garoppolo and then presumably the rest of the season by Brady (sorry, ESPN trolls I’m not linking to your dumb hot takes). Meaning that the Patriots offense will undergo the largest adjustment of the NFL season simply by obligation (barring Aaron Rodgers being suspended for four games for openly admitting he…

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