White boys protesting over Tom Brady getting suspended meanwhile niggaz is getting killed around the clock but we're supposed to chill. So let me get this straight, you'll act a fool because a multimillionaire can't play a couple games but if someone is murdered by the very people that are supposed to "protect and serve" you're quiet as Iggy when someone asks her to freestyle? Okay sounds right.


aye, can I get a refill?

The NFL suspended Ray Rice only 2 games for beating his wife unconscious and no one batted an eye. Everyone still bought his jerseys and protested his suspension. Now you all want Brady suspended for an entire year over deflated footballs and only “more probable than not” as evidence. 

What a joke.

Reasons why you should go see Mad Max: Fury Road

-women as main characters in an action film
-lots. of. badass. women
-women (and men) with disabilities
-creepy people everywhere
-a guy whose sole purpose in life is to play some badass metal guitar (aka my dream job if I wasn’t a nurse)
-it’s seriously awesome
-it was action-packed and over-the-top without being too ridiculous
-it was fucking art in an explosion of over-the-top thrilling chaos
-it’s Mad Max