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Okay, what have we learned today?

Loki is definitely in Infinity War and will work together with Thanos:

(others describe it as Loki hands the tesseract to Thanos. Loki is dirty and grimy. etc.)

And the shooting for Avengers: Infinity War is - despite other reports of it being wrapped - just halfway through. 

(I think the confusion might be, because they shoot 3 + 4 one after another and wanted to shoot them simultanously in the beginning. So knowing how filming works it is likely that they will now mainly work on the 4 one, but re-shoots and additional shoots for Infinity War still happen over the next few months, whenever they need it.)

AND: It is likely that Tom Hiddleston is filming in Atlanta right now.

I think that this pretty much confirms that Tom’s schedule this year is pretty much packed. 

He might be able to fit in projects between shooting, but as Tom seems to prefer to focus on one bigger project at a time, we might not get a new announcement for a movie until late this year. This year he is once again mainly playing Loki.

When the MST3K Live Tour was announced, I had to draw this. Look at these cool nerds.

And yes, I’m going to both shows we’re getting here. It’s going to be amazing! And I’ll finally see how many MSTies we can crowd into TPAC. (I already know we can fill the Belcourt to capacity, thanks to Rifftrax.)

Art deets: Sketched in pencil, inked with Prismacolor pens, colored with Copic markers and a tiny bit of gel pen.

The Intern

a/n: Heya fam! I knowww I’m supposed to be on a break and yes I am seeing your requests (and I’ve even started a few of them) but I was thinking last night and well … I kinda came up with this. Let me know if it’s something you’d like to see continued maybe in the future?? Okay SERIOUSLY THIS TIME, adios muchachos.

*** Warnings - Language

*** This is unedited?? Like just about everything else i post these days? sorry.

“Y/n? I’m Tom, nice to meet you.” A voice called from behind me. I turned around see the familiar golden locks of Tom, the production manager of Shawn Mendes’ world your, and- for the next three months- my boss. Tom had hired me to assist him with the visuals on Shawn’s tour. I was only and intern, the pay was shit, but still… I was going on our with Shawn Mendes.

I smiled a took hold of his extended hand, shaking it slightly. “It’s nice to meet you.” I said nervously. “Very nice to meet you.”

He smiled and led me towards the arena where the Show that night would be held. “You came just in time. I was just about to set everything up for tonight’s visuals but maybe you’d like to do it? Give me a feel of what your skill level is.”

“I’d love to!” I exclaimed.

“I like the enthusiasm.” He said with a chuckle as we stepped through the door.

The inside of the arena was not at all what I was expecting. Everyone was rushing somewhere, yelling orders to someone else. I was immediately put into a state of alertness, ready to spring into action.

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NEW VIDEO The Boss Baby Review

a Baby Review from Baby Sophie 

SOS - phandomlittlepop

Title: SOS

Drabbler: thatsmistertoyou

Beta: larryfravan

Doodler: @firedawnleafpool - art coming this Sunday!

Warnings: Copious amounts of swearing and pancakes

Summary: Dan’s actual job is working at Louise’s diner, but he could make a career out of saving cute dark-haired strangers from dates with assholes.

A/N: Thanks to the ever-wonderful @philslesters for her help with this. It’s about damn time I plucked up the courage to post 1k of fluff. This is my first time doing PLP and it was a lot of fun :)

“I understand why people do it, but the business side just doesn’t work, Phil,” the asshole at table four explains, and Dan’s a bit miffed for having missed that much of the conversation. He has no idea what Jerkface is on about.

“More Coke?” Dan asks Blue Eyes - or Phil, assuming Dingbat has his name right.

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