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anonymous asked:

What's your headcanon on-the-run name for Will, if you don't mind saying?

(X) *preens* Don’t mind at all, Nonny.

I headcanon that Hannibal would arrange for Will the alias Thomas Cavall (but Will would go by ’Tom’ for short.) 

After Tommaso dei Cavalieri, to whom Michelangelo addressed 30 of his 300 poems, as well as gifting him a series of his drawings featuring muscly men out of Greek myth being beset by eagles. (Remind you of anyone?)

Also, on top of being similar to the real surname Cavill, it’s a pun on the unrelated English word meaning “to raise irritating and trivial objections; find fault with unnecessarily.” Which suits grumpy super-high-maintenance-bitch!Will down to the ground. ^_^