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Lost Girl: Part Four

OUAT Peter Pan, Tom Holland, Harrison Osterfield and Reader

Summary: Reader has been caught by Tom, he knows her little secret. What’s going to happen now?

Warnings: Swearing and sexual references sort of

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You turn around slowly surely no one could of followed you, you were always so careful. Fear coursed through your veins, turning around completely you come face to face not with any of the lost boys but Tom.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” You say as harshly as possible trying to put your bitchy persona back on,

“I could ask you the same thing Y/N.’’ Tom replies standing up once again he towered over you, curse your shortness.

“It’s none of your fucking business.’’ You answer turning around walking back to the camp once again, but Tom stops you by grabbing your wrist your skin so soft and smooth beneath his slightly calloused fingers.

“We both know that Pan won’t like that you were with the mermaids.’’ Tom speaks slowly looking you in your e/c eyes, seeing the fear in your eyes,

“What do you want from me?” your voice small and meek unlike the harsh and cold words that your previously spoke.

“Only to be your friend. You look so lonely.’’ Tom replies letting your wrist go, you admit you were surprised at his words any of the other boys would of asked for you to be theirs, a warm body to lie with every night. But Tom merely asks for you to be a friend something you haven’t had in a very long time, in fact it’s easy to say you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a friend.

“That’s it?” you ask,

“What were you expecting me to say?” Tom inquires quirking an eyebrow,

“I’m the only girl on the island, what do expect me to think.’’ You reply sharply continuing to walk back to the camp determined to get back before the boys woke up to start the day. 

Tom was shocked at your words, what have you been subjected to? he asks himself, catching up to you easily with long strides. He wants to ask more questions but you’re quick to stop him with a quick glance.

“I’ll be your friend, but a word to anyone and I will kill you.’’ You hiss.


After your confrontation with Tom you had been keeping your distance a little, Busying yourself with chores and other little jobs. It was after training when Tom came to find you with Harrison in tow, you pretend not to notice as the lest of the boys left to do something else and Pan was nowhere to be seen.

“So this is where you’ve been hiding.’’ Tom says drawing your attention,

“No unlike you two, I still have chores to do.’’ You reply keeping your eyes on your swords that you were sharpening with fevour. 

“I thought we agreed to be friends.’’ Tom says a slightly cocky grin on his face, that’s when your head shoots up, putting your swords away to stand in front of both boys hands on your hips no one but you three.

“Fine.’’ You say grabbing both boys by the wrists dragging them away from the training circle and away from camp.


You lead them through the dense forest to a small clearing filled with wild flowers, all different colours it was one of your favourite places to be alone but you wouldn’t admit that to anyone. 

“Quite a grip you’ve got there.’’ Harrison says looking around at the small clearing,

“Look if you want to be friends fine, but the boys can’t know.’’ You say your voice stern,

“Why not?” Harrison asks,

“I’ve worked hard to get the reputation that I have. This place is nothing like a fairy tale. Far from it.’’ You explain, “Plus it’s clear that you two aren’t lost.’’ you add.

“Why do you have that reputation?” Tom asks,

“You ask any boy and they will say girls are weak and have no place on the island. I bent over backwards to prove them wrong.’’ Your answer causes Tom’s heart to clench a little as he remembers what you said to him the night before.

“What about Pan?” Harrison asks,

“Pan would kill me, or worse.’’ You reply quietly turning away from their gaze, you hated feeling vulnerable.

“How do you know that we’re not lost?” Harrison asks sensing you discomfort,

“It’s written all over the both of you. I’ve been here for a very long time and every boy is the same but you two aren’t the same as them.’’ You reply simply with a shrug of your shoulders. 

“Can’t argue with you there.’’ Tom replies with a small smile.