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Do you know how sexy you were going ?Chapter 2

Went to Teen to explicit real fast
It was a quiet night, and the roads were completely empty. The only sign of movement was around two cars pulled over to the side of the road. There were a few noises that night. The crickets, the sound of a gentle breeze, and the aching moans of a certain red hoodie wearing nord.
Tom had him pinned against the side of the police car. Tord was still handcuffed, and not being able to move his arms filled him with a sense of helplessness. He was completely at Tom’s command, submissive to his every word. His word was law, after all.
Tom started to kiss him quite roughly, no holding back. Their tongues danced with each other, and Tord’s heartbeat was running fast as all hell. Tom started to grope his ass, slowly moving up to his hips, and holding them. As Tom started to lift his head away from Tord’s a little bit, Tord couldn’t help but drool a little.
“You know what you said earlier about whatever I said being held against me? Well, your cock.” Tord was probably hornier than he had ever been in his entire life. Hentai didn’t have shit on this.
“A sheriff’s duties are never done.” Tom said to himself. He was really, really into this sexy cop thing.
Tom began to unbuckle his belt. Tord was trying to take off his pants, but with both of his handcuffs he didn’t really have much luck with that. Tom fully took off his pants, revealing his erect cock. Tord suddenly gave up on the futile attempts of taking off his own pants, all he was concerned with was keeping his eye on the ball. The ball being Tom’s dick, obviously.
Tom helped Tord take off his pants and hoodie. The whole time, Tord couldn’t take his eyes off of Deputy Tom’s cock, his body filling with overwhelming desire for it. At this point, he would do anything for Tom. Tom reached down at where his pants were and grabbed his police baton.
“Erm… what do you think you’re doing… eh… officer?” Tord whimpered. He wanted Tom’s dick, not a long cold black rod up his ass.
“Bend over.” Tom commanded, and Tord obeyed reluctantly, bending over the hood of the car with his ass out. “Holy shit, I can’t believe you fell for that.”
“I hate you so much.” Tord said, getting up off the hood and getting closer to Tom. He went from bent over to pissed, but one thing stayed the same. He needed Tom’s cock.
Tord got on his knees, both hands still behind his back. He was mouth level with Tom’s dick. Tord opened his mouth, and Tom grabbed his head. It wasn’t easy without being able to use his hands, but Tord needed to taste it. The second it touched his tongue Tord swelled with satisfaction. Slowly, back and forth, Tord began to suck on Tom’s cock while Tom held his head. Tord’s dick dripped with precum, fueled by how much of a slut he felt like.
After a few minutes of bliss, Tom told Tord to get up and to bend over the hood of the car for real this time. Tord obliged, ready to be fulfilled. Tom held onto Tord’s hips and carefully slipped his cock into Tord. Tord let out a loud moan of relief as Tom went deeper and deeper. Nothing had ever felt as good as this had, with his hands handcuffed behind his back and Tom pressing down on him.
Tom began to pick up the pace, swinging his hips back and forth, deeper and deeper into Tord. Tord’s face was smooshed up against the hood of the car, but he didn’t mind. Tom was breathing down his neck, and began to kiss it. Tord let out a moan of surprise, than pleasure. Tom began to fuck Tord faster, and Tord couldn’t help but moan after every time Tom went deep in his ass.
All of a sudden, Tom started to bite on Tord’s neck and back. Tord’s cock couldn’t be more hard. Tom began to stroke it with his free hand. Tord knew he couldn’t last that much longer, but he didn’t know Tom couldn’t either. Tom let out a rough moan, and Tord felt him cum inside of him. The twitching of his cock and thought of Tom’s cum inside of him made him cum almost seconds after, all over his chest and the hood of the car. Tom pulled out, and began to put his pants back on.
Tord didn’t know what to say after that. He was just rawed by sexy Deputy Tom on the side of the road at 3 AM. He had to wait for Tom to unhandcuff him so that he could put his clothes back on.
“Alright, now it’s time to take you to the department.”
“Excuse me?” Tord was starting to get pissed again.
“You heard me. The boys at the office are gonna get a real big kick out of this.” Tom said. He was really fucking into the whole cop thing.
He put Tord’s clothes back on him and put him in the backseat of the car, while Tord was yelling in detail about how he was going to kill him. Tom looked around the empty road, taking a deep breath in.
“My job isn’t easy, but fuck is it fun.”
Disclaimer: Tom is not a certified police officer, and bought the sexy cop uniform at a sex shop. He did manage to steal a police car, which in actuality makes him the complete opposite of an actual officer of the law, being an actual criminal and all.

Bali Bliss: Tom x Black Reader

Requested:  Can you do one where Tom, reader, and his family including Haz are in Bali for vacation and his entire family is entranced by the reader and he talks about her habitual skincare and hair routine with adoration laced in his voice and they’re just watching her play with the little ones in the pool. Her gorgeous smile and glowing shea skin with wet curls shining in the sun making him feel warm and fuzzy inside? I love your stuff by the way babe 💕✨

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Super 8 - 2015 

Check out Jack and Finn Harries and a few other familiar faces in Adrian Bliss’s new film! 

Silence//Peter Parker x Reader

Anon Request

Prompts: 5 & 38

Word Count: 1055

Hope you like it anon, sorry if it seems a bit misplaced, i seriously didn’t know how to make this better and I didn’t want to make you wait

You had been in relationships before, but by far, you would count your relationship with Peter Parker as one of the weirdest ones. Why? Because the two of you never really talked. You had interacted, with pressed foreheads, intertwined fingers, and kisses of course, but once in a while, the thought of having a real conversation with your two month boyfriend seemed nice.

You tapped your knuckle against the door waiting for a answer.



The door opened wide to reveal Peter and a smile,“Hey.”

“Hi.” You replied shooting back a grin,“Can I come in?”

He nodded, stepping aside, and allowing you to walk in before he closed the door and then swiftly grabbed your hand in his taking you to his bedroom. You noticed the blush creeping up his neck as you walked, in which you found adorable and would absolutely love to tell him yet, it seemed daring, since a pure conversation was to yet to be made between you two, and you didn’t want to do something to make him uncomfortable.

You kicked off your shoes as you usually did and then met Peter on his bed. And that’s how it would usually go. You would come over, lay on the bed together, maybe watch a movie, get some snacks and share some romantic gestures, but words? The only words that were said would relate to the type of movie to watch or snack to eat. That was it really.

Peter cleared his throat,“So, um, what movie do you want to watch?”

“Anything is fine, really.”

“Okay.” He responded as he swung his legs over the bed and walking to his crate of files. Your eyes followed him, and you could see his built figure which was evident through his shirt, and that made you swoon, and that was something you wanted to tell him, for you knew he was insecure. But no, you didn’t.

You waited, staring up at his ceiling until you felt a dip beside you. The movie unfamiliar to you began playing on the television screen. And then your natural instinct to curl your head into his neck and let Peter rest his head on yours came into play, just like the other times you had hung out with him, and though you were very much okay with it, you couldn’t help but want more because you really liked him, really, really liked him.

The movie was halfway through and that was when Peter had decide to pause the movie. You knew what was coming, it was the same routine everytime.

You jumped from the bed as Peter had walked out to the kitchen and you followed. You always would jump on the counter, let him feed you questions of what to munch on and then back to the movie you would go.

“Poptarts?” He asked fishing through the top cabinet.


“Popcorn?” Peter queried holding a small packet.

You nodded before he the fixed the bag into the microwave and then sat next to you on the counter.

Silence. That was all you ever really heard when you hung out with him. And it was driving you crazy. And you weren’t going to let it happen anymore, because the silence was now completely and utterly frustrating.

““Does it bother you that we barely ever talk?”

“W-What?” He stuttered.

“Does it bother you that we never really talk to each other? It’s just we always do the same thing. We watch a movie, cuddle, get a snack, finish the movie, and then we say bye and I kiss you if I’m lucky.” You blurted out before turning to Peter,“Doesn’t that bother you?”

“I thought you liked that.”

“I mean, do you?”

“No. To be frankly honest, I don’t.“

You sighed grabbing his hand,“Why didn’t we say anything to each other then?”

“I guess I, at least, didn’t want to mess this up.” He started,“Y/N, I really like you. And I thought we were going fast and I didn’t think you wanted that.”

You smiled wide,“I really like you too Peter” The boyish grin I found adorkable played to his lips,“And no. I don’t think we’re going fast or anything.”

“Can we just tell each other this stuff next time? Or anything, to each other, I mean only if you would like to. I just don’t want to make this a guessing game.“ He suggested.

You nodded,“Please, I would love that. One of those reasons being of how I’ve been wanting to tell you how extremely built you are Parker. And its pretty hot.” You told him as you swung my arms around his neck.

“I’m flattered you noticed Y/N” He replied bringing his arms to your waist sliding you to his lap. Peter pressed his forehead against my own. Your heart was skipping beats and butterflies had engulfed your stomach. You couldn’t resist the urge to lean forward and kiss him.

His lips were soft and gentle, and it was the first time you had really observed a kiss shared between the two of you. You could melt in his arms if you had wanted to, because Peter put so much devotion into that one kiss, you felt your heart on the verge of stopping. His teeth tugged on my lip and then he pulled away immediately.

“Sorry. I’m so sorry, I didn’t really know if that-”

You chuckled interrupting him,“You know what else I would like to tell you Parker? I like the way you kiss me.”You spoke honestly,“So don’t pull away so quickly.”

“So that was okay?-What I did?” He asked.

You laughed,“Yes Peter Parker that was alright.”

He let out a nervous breath, and then kissed you again, and all you felt was complete bliss.

Domestic Bliss

TITLE: Domestic Bliss


AUTHOR: tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: Angst / fluff / romance

FIC SUMMARY:   After a long work day, you come home to realize that Tom did not clean up like you had asked him to. 


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I got the idea when I was supposed to do the laundry. I hope you like it! Comments and whatever are always welcomed!

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