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It was obvious that Brian and Anita had come to the end of their tether. They’d beaten the shit out of each other. - I thought Anita wanted out of there, and if I could come up with a plan, she would take it. - And so I planned the moonlight flit. I was thinking, “Right, tell Tom to get the Bentley ready, suggest somewhere after sunset, we’re getting out of here.”  In some written work, Gysin recorded the devastating moment when Brian got back to the hotel and called him: “Come quickly! They’ve all gone and left me. Cleared out! I don’t know where they’ve gone. No message. The hotel won’t tell me. I’m here all alone, help me.”

- Keith Richards, “Life”

What Tom is up to now.

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood.

Dear Hiddleston fans,
There has been much speculation about what Tom is up to and feelings of depression at not having news.
Well ladies, do not despair at the lack of sightings of our handsome actor, or the lack of news on the use of his awesome acting talents.

I bring you news, via a source close to our hero.

The Hiddleston is at his home right now, sitting in his Thomas the Tank PJs with a large mug of coffee, and his non-existent cat called Bentley writing. 

No not smut fiction for Tumblr, although Tom if you read this feel free to do so. But two beautifully crafted projects.

The first is a script, the sequel to “The night Manager” It tells the tale of an epic battle involving our trusty (or thrusty the choice is yours) hero Pine against the greatest evil this world has ever known. 

A man so evil that even his real hair has abandoned him in disgust, replaced by a sunset coloured wig.

A man who can’t tell fact from fiction.

A man who is creating a world, where only the rich and powerful survive, and the rest will have to fight for any chance to continue in this world.

Roper will look like a kitten compared to this villain, a villain that many have yet to realize is not on their side.

Poor Pine has a tough fight on his hands, firstly convincing the supporters of the villains bad ways and second removing him from power without making the villain look like a martyr. Let’s hope he survives this one!!!!

To help him relax, when he is not writing this tale of horror and suspense, Tom is writing a second story.

A children’s book about a Hamster named Esmeralda. She fights for pet rights for all size pets, against a large dog called Draco. It’s to be read on Cbeebies, on the bedtime story slot by Tom himself, dressed in a warm black Cardigan (you know the one) and wearing his glasses.

He is also doing research into physiology (Hence the twitter follow) for his next film roll as a Hands-on Sex therapist!

So there you have it, Tom and Bentley working hard on a project near you!

This Information comes to you via the “Alternative fact news”. 

All our sources are thoroughly checkout by trained goldfish that do not exist.

(picture not mine I just played)

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A Misguided God

Title: A Misguided God

Chapter no./ One shot: Chapter 2

Author: starrynight35

Original Imagine: Imagine Loki finds out that you’re madly in love with him. He watches you from Asgard and falls for you too, but decides he’s not good enough for you, so he sends Tom instead. Suddenly, Loki (Tom dressed as Loki) is

Rating: G for now

Notes/Warnings: None

Warnings: Depression is a major theme in the first chapter

Chapter Two:

Tom Hiddleston was quite enjoying his time away from the bustle of movie sets for the next few weeks. He had spent every waking moment filming Kong and The Night Manager, and these moments alone in his London townhouse were becoming few and far between.
“Ah, Bentley, my pet. I’ve missed you, too, but you definitely can not take a shower with me. I’m certain you wouldn’t enjoy it.” Tom dropped a morsel of ham for his beloved cat and strolled toward the bathroom.
While lathering his long, lean body with body wash, Tom heard a noise.
“Bentley, is that you?”
“What is this ‘Bentley’ you speak of, Hiddleston?”
Tom recognized that voice.
He barely rinsed the soap from his body before jumping out of the shower and flinging his robe on.
When Tom emerged from the bathroom, his robe was halfway open and his hair was dripping wet, standing on end.
“Do you EVER knock, Loki?”

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ACOMAF Fancasts

These are in no way perfectly thought out. These are just the people that popped into my head when I was reading the books, and I thought I’d share.

Feyre (Eleanor Tomlinson)

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Rhysand (Tom Ellis)

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Tamlin (Charlie Hunnam)

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Lucien (Domhnall Gleeson)

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Azriel (Wes Bentley)

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Cassian (Joe Manganiello)

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Morrigan (Jennifer Morrison)

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Amren (Scarlett Johansson)

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Tarquin (Aldis Hodge)

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