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Dating Tom Holland Would Include....

  • Constantly bickering with Harrison on who Tom loves more. 
  • Always winning these fights
  • “Sorry mate, but have you seen her? She’s absolutely stunning.”
  • Having all sorts of adventures with Tom and Harrison
  • Because let’s face it, wherever Tom goes, Harrison follows.
  •  But never really minding because as long as Tom is around, so are you.
  • Tom always making sure that you’re okay. 
  • “You sure, love? Okay. I just want to make sure my girl is happy.” 
  • Him wrapping his arms around you every chance he gets.
  • Calling you every kind of cute nickname in the book because he can never just pick one.
  • “Babe, love, doll, sweetie, beautiful, gorgeous, cutie, honey,” All of them.
  • Sometimes finding himself just staring at you because he can not believe how lucky he is to have you.
  • Having to break up Tom and Harrison’s arguments on who loves you more. 
  • “Enough, you two. I swear you guys are like little kids fighting over a toy, and I am NOT a toy.” 
  • “Course you’re not, babe. But, I do love you more than Haz.” 
  • “I know you do. Why do you think I’m with you.” 
  • Tom leaving you with little notes that he placed everywhere.
  • “Hey babe, I love you!”
  • “Did you know you’re amazing?”
  • “You’re my girl, don’t ever forget.” 
  • “Call me when you find this!” 
  • “I could stare you forever.” 
  • “You’re the first and last person on my mind.” 
  • “I miss you.” 
  • Tom begging you to go with him everywhere because he just doesn’t want to leave you. 
  • “Please come with me.” 
  • “No, Tom. I have to work-”
  • “-but, I’m Spiderman. You don’t have to work.” 
  • “Did you just seriously use that line on me?”
  • “Did it work?” 
  • “Absolutely not, you dork. I love you, I do but I promise I’ll come visit. Okay?”
  • “Fine, but you better.” 
  • Always, always feeling guilty because you know that sometimes he gets a little bit of anxiety and stressed and you seem to be the only remedy. 
  • Flying out on the next flight possible.
  • And immediately all the stress and anxious thoughts are thrown out the window the minute he sees you. 
  • Him always whispering in your ear, “Thank you.” 
  • Always reassuring him that he’s earned all the success in his life.
  • Sometimes feeling a little scared that he’ll forget you with his oncoming fame. 
  • Tom reading you like a book and breaking these thoughts from your head. 
  • “You do know that I love you right? And that I wouldn’t be here without you. I’d be a wreck if I ever lost you. Don’t ever think for one second that I could make it without you.” 
  • Feeling reassured until the next time you felt scared. 
  • Tom always going above and beyond in his gifts for you on birthdays, anniversaries, and just because he want to’s. 
  • Him surprising you with a vacation to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. 
  • Following him basically anywhere and everywhere because he will literally get on his hands and knees to beg.
  • Forcing you to play basketball with him even though you know that there’s a reason why you’re not a pro basketball player. 
  • But always seeming to win.
  • Knowing that he lets you.
  • But never questioning it because it was his way of spending time with you.
  • Spending time with his family.
  • Because in a way, they’re your second family.
  • Tom’s mother commenting on how happy she is that Tom has found himself a wonderful girl.
  • His father agreeing one hundred percent and cracking jokes as to when they should expect the wedding.
  • His brothers always teasing Tom about how much you have him wrapped around your finger.
  • Blushing because you would never want him to be “whipped”, but it’s nice to know that you have that power.
  • Tom clapping back with, “At least I’ve got a girlfriend.” 
  • Laughing when they’d all get into a wrestling match.
  • “If I win, [Y/N] is mine!”
  • “No, if I win, [Y/N] mine!”
  • “Bloody Hell! You gits think you’re actually going to win? [Y/N] will always be mine, whether or not I do lose.” 
  • Going to the gym with him.
  • Getting distracted because by God those muscles should be illegal.
  • Him knowing it and teasing you about it.
  • Always getting back at him by doing anything and everything that shows of your figure.
  • Tom throwing down his weights and attacking you with kisses. 
  • Him always being respectful of your boundaries. 
  • Never pushing you to do things you don’t want to do. 
  • You loving him for it.
  • Knowing that you will eventually let him but just not right now because you’re not ready.
  • And him being perfectly okay with that.
  • Sparring with him.
  • Tom being beyond impressed at your skills.
  • Telling you everyday how much he loves you.
  • Begging him to take you to go get icecream even though he can’t really have any.
  • Scolding him when he says, “fuck it,” and gets himself some. 
  • “You’re trainer is going to be pissed.”
  • “So what.” 
  • Shaking your head and enjoying your icecream date with him.
  • Taking Tess out for walks together.
  • Taking a million pictures of her because she’s just so damn cute.
  • Lazy days with Tess
  • Cuddling the poor dog into suffocation until she can’t take it anymore and leaves.
  • Leaving you two clinging onto each other.
  • Tom leaving trails of kisses along your forehead.
  • Holding you tight.
  • Falling asleep in each other’s arms. 
  • Waking up in the middle of night, panicking because your parents are going to freak out.
  • Tom shooting out of bed to get you home.
  • Him trying to help you sneak into your house without your parents waking up.
  • Him mumbling that the two of you should just move out together.
  • Telling him that it would be a good idea but to talk about it later.
  • Tom always gushing about you in interviews.
  • Always being his plus one to the films you want to see.
  • Introducing you to your favorite actors.
  • Getting embarrassed when Robert Downey Jr. finally gets to meet you.
  • “SO, this is the girl you never shut up about? It’s about damn time I finally meet her. [Y/N], it’s so lovely to meet you. I feel like I practically know you with the amount of stuff Tom has told me about you.” 
  • Also getting a little embarrassed but not as embarrassed as when fans stop you on the streets.
  • Getting panicky because you’re just waiting for the hate.
  • But being surprised when it’s nothing but love and awe.
  • Agreeing to take pictures with them and asking to take one of them so you can put it on Instagram as well. 
  • Speaking of Instagram, Tom is forever posting sly pictures of you. 
  • You are literally all over his page.
  • But, it’s okay because he is all over yours.
  • You’ve been trending on #couplegoals for days
  • Threatening Tom with his life if he doesn’t stop posting the selfies you send him. 
  • Him not caring.
  • “I’ll take my chances, babe.”
  • Getting him back on snapchat with the crazy filters.
  • Agreeing to tone down the embarrassing pictures. 
  • But one or two always comes leaking out and you are forever mortified. 
  • Starting a prank war. 
  • You always seeming to have better pranks.
  • Feeling bad and deciding to call it off but not before Tom gets you really good. 
  • Laying out under the stars and talking about the future.
  • Telling each other that as long as you have each other, the future can bring whatever it wants.
  • Tom surprising you with a promise ring. 
  • “We’re both still really young and I know a lot of people our age are getting married but I just can’t imagine getting married at this moment. But at least with this, it’s a promise that you will have my last name, just not right now.” 
  • You accepting it because there is not a damn soul on this earth aside from Tom that you could see yourself with.

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IMAGINE : your boyfriend of a year has just proposed to you , you quickly go to tom to tell him (secretly hoping he will stop you ) and he stands like so :

Once you told Henry you just need a few hours to think you took the next taxi to toms apartment. Running up the stairs after he buzzed you arrived in front of his door with him standing there smiling “ I have news ” your broke the silence “ Henry proposed to me ” you said hoping he would say ’ no ’ or something to show he loved you like you did with him ➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Tom stood there for a moment frozen “ that’s ” he paused as you saw his eyes become crowed with tears “ that’s great (y/n) ” he nearly whispered . You stood their with a small break in your heart “ yeah it is ” you said hoping to sound convincing. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ You were about to leave when you heard tom mutter “ no ! I’m not letting you go ” just before you could ask what he meant he grabbed your waist and pulled you close and gently laid the most passionate loving kiss you had felt in your life “ marry me (y/n” he whispered against you lips catching your breath “ not a man who only half as loves you as much as me ” tom begged and you simply nodded you head .

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Favourites Masterlist!!

As Tumblr was being a dick, I had to cut out my favourite Supernatural fics from this masterlist and put them on this new one X

Decided to put all my favourite imagines/smut/preferences into one post. I would recommend everyone to read all of these, and be sure to check out the blogs because they are seriously amazing! (* is smut)

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softie // tom riddle

part ii

pairing ➵ tom riddle x reader
genre ➵ angst
note ➵ this was requested and oH WOW did I get eMO writing this, anyway lol I hope you like this ♡

you and tom had grown up together as you were both orphaned and left at wool’s orphanage.

from the day he met you he felt a connection with you and therefore he didn’t want this to ever be lost. he felt that you were like him, different. he made you his best friend and he meant the world to you.

as the years went on, the differences you and tom shared got stronger and stronger.
you both could put those who were mean to you in harms way, you both could make animals do what you wanted without training them.


you’d both finally gotten a visitor and it was non other than albus dumbledore.

he proceeded to tell you both that you weren’t mad and that you were actually totally different.

a witch and a wizard.

you were both ecstatic to hear of this, now knowing that there was even more people like the 2 of you.


when it came to you both being sorted into your houses, tom got sorted into slytherin straight away.
however, when it came
to you…

truthfully, you had all the traits of a true hufflepuff: loyal, just, kind, hard working
but you didn’t want to be away from your tom so you begged the sorting hat to put you into slytherin, and so it did.


you and tom were more than happy at hogwarts, considering it your true home.

now well into your 6th year, you’d both become very experienced in magic.

even you had to admit that you totally weren’t the type for slytherin but, it wasn’t too much of a bother.

you’d be teased about being too much of a softie for slytherin and how the sorting hat eventually lost it by the time it got to you and put you in the wrong house but tom would always come to your saving grace and shut all of them up.

it never bothered you too much as nothing else mattered as long as you had your tom, you were happy.

you didn’t have many friends in slytherin and often felt very lonely but you never let tom feel your loneliness and it also didn’t mean anything to you, you had your tom.

however, it even started getting to cold, bold tom riddle.

why the hell were you in slytherin when you’re such a softie.

after having it grilled into his head by people left right and centre he finally couldn’t take it anymore.

it was just another average day, you were going about your life and so was everyone else.

you’d gotten out of lesson and were walking back into the slytherin common room to only have collided with some boy.

“I-I’m so sorry.” you stuttered, as you quickly bent down to pick up his books.

“you better be. god, a pathetic little softie like you in our great house, it’s despicable.” he spat at you before walking out of the common room, leaving you stunned.

you’d finally walked further into the room and saw tom, he was sat there the whole time.

you didn’t want to make any assumptions, maybe he’d just gotten there or maybe he was feeling unwell, there’s no way your tom would let someone clearly bully you and not do anything, right?

“hello tom, when did you get here?” you asked, begging to salazar slytherin that he’d just apparated in.
“10 minutes before you, I reckon.” he said, refusing to make eye contact.

“oh, I see.” you said, barely in a whisper.

you took a seat next to him but instead of being totally next to him you were gripping the arm of the sofa.

you couldn’t help but think why didn’t he help you? why didn’t he stand up for you if he was right there?

“(y/n), you know I can’t always stand up for you. you need to toughen up a little and stop being such a push over.” he said monotoned.

“I-I know tom, I’m sorry I just can’t help it-it’s just the way I-” you stuttered out, feeling horrible as you were being made to feel bad for just being yourself.

“christ, how did you even get sorted into slytherin.” he muttered.

“because I wanted to be with you, you prick!” you screamed finally, your tears not being able to stay in your eyes anymore.

“I wanted to be with my best friend.”

“what?” he asked with shock.

“you think I don’t know that I’m not meant for stupid fucking slytherin? clearly, I’m not! god, have you even noticed how I feel alone all the time because all the insufferable slytherin pricks make me feel awful! but no, I never say anything! because all I fucking want is for my best friend tom to be happy so I just go on and make do with what I have.” you exclaimed with tears falling down your face ferociously.

“the problem with slytherin house is the fact non of you know what loyalty is even if it smacked you over the head.” you carried on, giving tom a piece of your mind.
“like how some people even forget to look out for the person that they once called their best friend.”

“(y/n)-” he tried to talk.

“call me all you want tom riddle, a softie, a push over, but there’s not anything that would have made me leave you in the dark. I looked out for you to the best of my ability, always.” you finally finished.

tom had just gotten his reality check.


Summary: you guys already know i suck at these but basically things get heated at the gym with tom

Pairings: Tom x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: i hope u enjoy?????

The gym wasn’t your thing, but if
if going meant you got to see Tom all worked up and glistening with sweat, you were sure to be there. Despite the fact it was Saturday morning, you made sure you looked your cutest, pairing the cutest athletic clothing you owned and some running shoes.

Checking yourself one last time in the locker room mirrors, you grabbed your water bottle and headed out to the gym area. The minute you stepped out, the sound of a punching bag being slammed against echoed throughout the building along with the occasional groaning and moaning of gym members.

As you walked further into the vicinity, you couldn’t help but stop in your tracks to admire Tom the moment you laid eyes on him. There he was, going at the punching bag, hitting it with much force. From time to time he’d let out a couple hisses under his breath for some sort of motivation.

Your eyes followed almost every movement he made - from the way his biceps contracted with every punch, the beads of sweat that trickled down his face, the way his curls fell and sculpted his face, the aggression he portrayed with every punch; you could go on.

Tom was so into his workout he didn’t even realize you were standing a couple of feet away from him, watching.

“Oh! Look who’s finally come out!” A huge smile formed on his face the moment he saw you. Dropping his gloves to the ground, he reached over to grab his water bottle.

“Shut up Tom,” you joked, throwing a playful punch at his arm, but regretted it soon after. His skin was practically doused with sweat.

Noticing the look of disgust on your face, Tom leaned in close to your ear. “Don’t act all grossed out, I know you love it when-”

“ALRIGHT Tom. I get it. Not the time,” you cut him off and made your way to where the treadmills were. Tom threw his head back in laughter from your reaction then threw his gloves back on, resuming his workout.

It had only been a couple of minutes that you’d been running and your calves were already on fire. You tried to shift your mind to someplace else but that was of no help - all that you could think of what Tom said before, which only got you all stirred up.

Suddenly, you felt a tap on your shoulder. It was Tom.

“(Y/N), can you come with me for just a few?”

You practically jumped off the machine out of pure excitement. Thank goodness, you muttered under your breath. As long as you weren’t exercising, you were happy. Well, it depended, but, it was early Saturday morning and you’d much rather be in bed than exercising.

As he led you by the hand through the gym, you were unsure of what he was doing, yet intrigued at the same time. Eventually, you became familiar with the surrounding he brought you to - the locker room. After he lead you in, he closed the door shut with his foot and locked it. A smirk plastered across his rosy face.

“Tom,” you said in the form of a question rather than a statement.

“Yessss?” he responded, mocking your tone of voice.

“What are you do-” Before you could even finish what you were saying, all at once, Tom’s lips and body collided against yours as he pinned you up against the row of lockers.

“Tom. We’re in the locker room,” you reminded him. He scoffed at you, “Andddd?”

“And, we can get caught.”

“Pfft, don’t act like this isn’t turning you on,” he brought his hand up, rubbing his thumb against the bottom of your chin, “Look, no one will see us and we can have have a sneaky fuck again.”

He was right. Already from before, you were turned on from Tom’s little remark, and now this was just adding to your lust for him. Once you gave him a nod of approval, Tom brought his lips to your neck, grazing at the skin before making any further action. Just from that, a low moan escaped your mouth - so much for being “sneaky.”

“Enough with the teasing, just kiss me Tom,” you begged. Following your demand, Tom cupped your face between his hands before bringing your lips together, both of your tongues battling one another the moment they touched.

Tom brought his mouth close to your ear now, allowing you to feel his warm breath against the skin there.

“Do you feel how hard I am for you (Y/N)?” He spoke lowly, pressing his hips onto yours, making sure you aware of what you caused.

Your eyes widened, “Already?” Nodding his head, Tom then dropped his hands down low to give your ass a good squeeze.

“Can’t believe this ass is mine,” he remarked, giggling it in his hands then proceeded to give it a slap. Sliding your hands below, you wrapped your hand around his length and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Can’t believe this dick is mine,” you smirked, stroking it.

“And “this dick” can’t wait to be inside you,“ he said as he backed away, removing his grey tank, leaving him clad in sweats. Before you knew it, your clothes were off in a blink, with the help of Tom.

“Turn around and stick that ass out for me,” Tom ordered. Attempting to stifle your moans from his words, you bit down on your lip. As he wished, you turned around, with your underwear pooling at your ankles.

“I can guarantee you’re turned on enough but just to make sure,” he trailed off. Kneeling down, Tom took his hands and placed them on your ass, spreading them apart to gain better access to the thing he wanted most. His hot tongue licked up and down your slit, causing you to jolt a little. While he worked his tongue, Tom pushed a few fingers into you, the two actions overwhelming you with pleasure.

“Tom that feels so good,” you breathed. You struggled as you tried to keep quiet as he concentrated on your clit now, getting you wetter than ever. You whined as he stood back up, missing the contact.

“Don’t worry (Y/N), I’m gonna be right back,” he said, dropping his sweats along with his boxers to the ground. Once he made his way back to you, you immediately positioned yourself like how you were before, ready for him.

“Such a good girl,” he spoke in your ear. Slowly, he began rubbing his tip from your clit to your entrance. You couldn’t take the teasing anymore - you wanted Tom so badly it almost hurt.

“You’re so wet and ready for me darling,” he teased. Along with his actions, almost every word he said just edged you on even more, nearly making you come undone.

“Tom, fuck me already please.” You couldn’t believe how much he was teasing you, it was actually starting to piss you off.

Without saying anything, Tom filled himself inside you in one swift motion, causing you to throw your head back from the sensation. In no time, Tom already started to pick up the pace with his thrusts, the sound of skin slapping echoing throughout the room.

He groaned. “You feel so good around (Y/N).”

With every thrust you bit down on your lip to conceal your moans, which was very hard to do. Tom was was fucking you so good, it didn’t take very long before you reaching your climax.

“Fuck, I love seeing from here,” he muttered under his breath as he took a fistful of your hair into his hands. As Tom could tell that you were getting close, he let go of your hair and reached down to rub your clit.

“Tom - fuck, I’m so so close,” you whimpered, biting down on your lip. His thrusts started to slow down in pace, about to reach his high.

“Me too babe,” he said, reaching for a fistful of your hair one last time. With one last thrust, Tom made your reach your high stronger than you’ve ever felt. Your whole body shook, as your high took control over you. Nearly seconds after you, Tom was twitching inside of you, filling you with his warmth, cursing sweet nothings while he did so. Once he slid himself out, the two of you stood there breathless as you attempted to recover from your climaxes.

Tom snickered. “So much for working out.”


Once again inspired by the amazing @anieekkjeeex so have this Boyfriend!Tom inspired by a certain colour

He had always loved blue, he seemed to gravitate towards it. Darker blues to keep him warm in the winter, bolder and brighter in the summer. So anytime you saw something blue, it made you think of him. You were on a hike, and as you reached the summit, you came across the beautiful view in front of you. The waterfall was a beautiful mix of purples and blues, mixing in harmony as they tumbled into the pool below. The way the water swirled and flowed, like two dancers in their own little world. The spray of the water raising up caught the setting sun perfectly, a soft golden glow above the water. It was breathtaking in every single way. You took a photo, sending it over to Tom. He’d love it, you were sure of it, as it reminded you entirely of him. It was calm and fast at the same time, different colours and moods mixing perfectly. It summed Tom up, the way he could twist and turn viciously and the next second calm and collected. It showed the good and the bad, the battle and victories you’ve gone through together. It was utterly perfect.

He responded a few hours later (you both hated the time difference) with his own picture. Out of the window of his hotel room, the sky outside a mix of purples and blues to match your own picture. It was moments like this when neither of you had to say a word to communicate just how much you missed each other. These were the moments that other people’s strived for, being on the same level, the same wavelength, as the person so important to you. Your two pictures, showing the mixing and merging of colours, the same way that the two of you fitted together so perfectly that it seemed like you were meant to be together, made to be. It was corny, you both knew that, but it was the truth.

He had a little art book he took around with him, he loved doodling. He wasn’t the best, far from it, and not many people knew he had it, but it helped calm his nerves. Some of the pages had hard lines done in a desperate attempt to control his feelings, others covered in soft swirls as he daydreamed, but most of them had quotes written on them, ones who reminded him of you. He’d always spill a bit of coffee on these pages, the smell reminding of you every time he turned back to these pages. These were his favourites, but these were his most sacred. No one could see them, not even you. Harrison had seen one once, and Tom had begged him not to tell you.

Daisies were your favourite flower, and whenever you went to go and see him, Tom would greet you off the plane with a bouquet of them, tied with a blue silk ribbon. It combined the two of you, you being represented by the delicate flowers, him by the soft fabric. After the flowers died, you’d take the ribbon and keep it close to you, sometimes tying them into your hair, other times having them wrapped around your wrists. You had quite a collection, a box on your dresser at home filled with them. And whenever you sent letters to Tom (yes, you sent each other letters, it was more personal), you would doodle a daisy in the corner. He kept these letters in his art book, pressed between the pages for him to read when he needed inspiration.

You didn’t mean to buy him so much blue, but you couldn’t help it. Half of his wardrobe now consisted of blue garments, but he loved them so much. He’s kept all of the clothes you gave him, some of the jumpers having holes worn into them. The longer you spent separated, the bluer Tom wore. It would start off with a jacket or a pair of socks or a blue hat but usually ended up with him wearing a whole outfit made of blue, including underwear. It took you a while to realise that he was doing this, but soon enough, you would send him more blue clothes, just to keep it interesting for the paparazzi.

mage-of-words  asked:

Hey there, I love love your work of tomco fanfic and if ur open for request I have one in mind. Tom has a cousin who he loathes him more than anyone in his diminsion because he's more devilishly handsome than Tom and he does everything better than Tom. He was curious that Tom is visiting earth a lot so he went there to visit his cousin and try to pry on why Tom like this earth so much...he got his answer when he met Marco, fell in love, & he want him all to himself.

This was so much fun to write! I hope you like the story! I worked really hard on this one and I hope it’s what you wanted! Let me know what you think and if you like how it turned out! Thanks for the request and thank you for saying such nice things! You are too sweet!


Tom huffed a bit and shoved his hands into his pockets. His father just kept talking to his aunt and uncle about him like he wasn’t even there. Like he didn’t hear all the horrible things they spat at him. “I just think don’t think Tom is the right kind of demon for the job. He hardly fits the role of a royal.” His aunt spoke.

“Have you thought of Saint Ogal’s for princes?” His uncle asked. Tom shrunk away and his father shot him a look.

“Yes we have, and if you recall correctly he broke out… twice.” His father hissed. Tom swallowed hard and looked away. “Perhaps Dave would be… better. But the people have come to expect Tom as their next king. I don’t think it wise to change that.” His father admitted. Tom sighed and looked away. Just as a voice spoke up Tom felt anger boil up.

“Uncle Lucifer, we all know I’m the better choice to inherit the kingdom. I know he’s your son but, Tom has done nothing but mess up ever since he was just a child.” His older cousin spoke up. Dave was only Tom’s elder by a year, but he acted like he was the supreme overlord and ruler of his entire life. Tom couldn’t breath without Dave doing it better.

“I’m not arguing that.” Lucifer assured. Tom mumbled to himself. Even his dad openly admitted that Dave was better and Tom was nothing. “Just give him some time to shape up. Trust me, I don’t tolerate failure.” He warned, glaring at Tom. The littler demon gulped and straightened himself out, worried he was doing something wrong. But he was just standing there, still, Lucifer looked at him with disdain.

Lucifer dismissed the children so he could speak with Tom’s aunt and uncle alone. They acted like their gossip was some sort of secret meeting, but they just liked to judge others. Tom bowed his head and made his way out of the room quickly, followed by Dave. “You know it’s only a matter of time before they kick you out, right?” He asked. Tom just looked away. “Everybody knows I should be the heir! Why your dad kept you around for so long is beyond any of us, not even he wants you.” Dave told him. Tom clenched his teeth.

“Did your daddy tell you that?” Tom hissed. “It wouldn’t kill you to have an opinion of your own.” He growled. Dave narrowed his eyes at his cousin.

“You always have to talk back, why can’t you ever learn to keep your mouth shut? It might help you later on. You wouldn’t get yourself into so much trouble.” Dave mumbled. “No wonder your dad treats you the way he does, you deserve it.” He hissed.

Tom wanted to fall back from that comment, but he just thought very hard. Marco told him that wasn’t true. And Marco would never lie about something like that. “No, I don’t.” Tom turned around and Dave stopped. “I don’t deserve the crap you guys throw at me, especially my dad, you’re all just ignorant and can’t accept me because I’m not what YOU want me to be! But it doesn’t matter because I can be better!” Tom screamed at him. He turned around but Dave grabbed him by the shoulder. “Don’t touch me!” Tom hissed.

“Who told you that?” Dave demanded. “The guards say you’ve been sneaking off at night, going to Earth? And one day I show up and all the sudden you’re talking back and acting like you’re worth it all! What’s gotten into you?” He asked again. Tom huffed and turned away.

“Screw you.” Tom muttered, and teleported away.


“He acts like he knows everything.” Tom grumbled. Marco leaned against the demon and held his hand.

“Well he sounds like he knows nothing.” Marco promised. Tom smiled down at the human and Marco gave him a little kiss on the nose. “I’m sorry they treat you so poorly, I really am. But I’m so proud of you for standing up for yourself.” Marco beamed. Tom smiled and closed his eyes and buried his face in Marco’s hoodie.

“Thanks Marco… I was worried it would backfire. It probably will, my dad’ll have my head for yelling at Dave like that, and then running off to earth.” Tom explained. “The guards apparently caught me, so I’m in for it when I get back.” Marco bit his lip and felt anxiety flood up in his gut. He reached over and pulled Tom closer.

“M-maybe you should stay then.” Marco offered shyly. “I mean… it’s safer for you here and people love you and treat you nice.” Marco was almost begging. Tom looked up and gave him a kiss on the head.

“We’ve talked about this, I can’t just run away.” Tom told him. “But don’t worry about me, anytime I feel unsafe I PROMISE, I’ll come here.” Tom swore. Marco smiled and took the demon’s face, feeling his hair and ears.

“Anytime?” Marco asked

“I’m here now aren’t I?” Tom asked. Marco giggled and climbed up on Tom and began covering him in kisses. Tom giggled but Marco cut the noise off with a kiss on the mouth. Tom melted in the human’s embrace and they stayed there for a long while, kissing and pulling each other as close as possible.


Marco smiled when he saw Tom was curled up at the foot of his bed like a cat, fast asleep. Marco giggled and pet Tom behind the ears. “I thought you went home.” He laughed lightly. He enjoyed it when Tom stayed. Marco got up carefully and went downstairs to make the two of them some breakfast. When he got to the kitchen, there was already a visitor waiting for him, seated at the counter.

“Marco, I’ve been waiting for you to wake up.” Dave admitted. Marco looked at the new arrival curiously and tilted his head. “You’re confused. I’m Dave, and You’re the humna my little cousin has taken such a fascination in. I was curious as to why he snuck off to earth so often but I think I got my answer.” He smiled.

“You’re Tom’s older cousin?” Marco asked. Dave nodded and Marco made an angry or disgusted face.

“I see you’ve heard of me?” He asked, laughing a bit.

“Oh Tom has told me ALL about you.” Marco assured. “And the door is over there so you can show yourself out.” Marco told him.

“You hurt me, I’m a guest in your home.” Dave corrected. Marco made a fake shocked face.

“Oh goodness me! Where are my manners?” Marco’s voice was dripping with sarcasm. “Allow me to show you to the door!” Marco offered. His fake demeanor dropped and he stamped his foot. “Now leave!” Marco demanded. “Tom is happy here, he’s safe here, and I don’t want you to ruin it.” He told the demon.

“Tom isn’t safe no matter where he goes, there are some things you can’t protect him from. We all suffer from that reality, now please Marco I came to have a chat with you.” Dave motioned to the chair. “If you will?” He asked. Marco seethed, but took a seat, watching the demon intently. “I have to admit when I first saw you I didn’t see the appeal. I followed Tom here thinking he spent his time messing around with some human gangs and such, and was seriously disappointed when I saw you.” He added. “But then I saw more Marco, I kept listening and watching, you really are wise for a human of your years. You understand things.” Dave explained. “You understand Tom and, even I can’t understand him!”

“What are you saying?” Marco asked. Dave moved over to stand next to the human.

“I;m saying you are a fascinating creature! Wiser than most humans, more capable, understanding, smart; you have an aura about you.” Dave continued. Marco didn’t fall for the flattery, his compliments meant nothing to him.

“I don’t care what you think of me, I still think of you as dirt.” Marco bit. Dave chuckled and sat back down across from Marco.

“Strong of will as well. I like it.” He added. “Tell me, what is such an exquisite creature as yourself, doing with my little cousin? Surely you can find yourself one better that Tom!” Dave laughed like their relationship was a joke.

“I LOVE him!” Marco hissed.

“And I love bread, but I wouldn’t date it over Brad Pitt, darling.” Dave told Marco. “Tom is… He’s a complete screw up!” Dave insisted. “All I’m saying is, Marco, I’m not. I’m better than him, you’re better than him… for the love of god, ANYTHING is better than him!” Dave seemed annoyed. “I’ve fallen for you marco Diaz, in the short time I’ve known you, come with me, leave the mistake you made settle for something better.” Dave put his hand out.

Marco stared at the demon for a very, VERY, long time. He was absolutely shock and appalled. How this guy had the nerve to come into HIS house, talk down the love of his life, and expect to earn his heart? Marco stood up very slowly and looked at Dave in the eyes. The older demon was smiling smugly. Without much more thought Marco slapped him across the face.

“Leave.” Marco told him in a calm voice. Dave shot up, he seemed angered by Marco’s actions.

“How dare you-” Dave was cut off when Marco slapped him again.

“Get out of my house!” Marco yelled this time. “This is MY home! Tom is MY DEMON! And he is PERFECT!” Marco growled. “He’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever come across, talk down to him again and I will find you! I will find you and I will END YOU! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?!” Marco screamed. Dave backed away, with fear in his eyes. “If my Tommy ever, EVER comes here again, frightened or sad because of YOU, AGAIN– YOU ARE GOING TO GET A DATE WITH ME ALRIGHT! A DATE WITH MY FIST AND YOUR JAW!” Marco screamed. Dave scrambled to his feet and Marco stood there, watching him intently. “Now get out of here.” Marco demanded, much quieter, but the threatening tone stayed.

“You’re making a mistake with this, I hope you know that.” Dave growled. Marco shoved him hard and Dave put hi hands up, backing out. “Goodbye Marco, I guess I was wrong about you. You are just as stupid as everyone else on this planet.”

Dave slammed the door and Marco just stood there, raging. He was claimed when he heard light footsteps descend the stairs. He looked up and saw Tom had just left his room and was walking down stairs, rubbing his eyes.

“Marco? Were you shouting?” Tom asked, concerned. He came down the rest of the stairs quicker and Marco smiled warmly at him. He walked over and wrapped Tom up in a warm hug, covering his face in kisses.

“Don’t worry Tommy, he… it was nothing important.”

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Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Tomarry/Harrymort

Tags: Polygamy, Polyamory, Drama, Humor, Petty!Harry, No I’m not back in the fandom much right now

“I understand that you are independent, but you will be dead if you do not learn to take care of yourself,” said Tom, jaw set firmly in his Disapproving Pose™.

Harry glared up at his lover and in order to avoid the accusations in light blue eyes, he rolled over, taking the duvet with him. He even made sure to cover his entire head. A bold declaration that Tom was in deep shite and that Harry wouldn’t bother giving him any attention. Harry loudly sniffed up the mucus for good measure.

He was fine. Nothing a Pepper Up Potion couldn’t fix.

Except… it tasted gross and was too far away for him to bother to get. Using magic when one was ill was asking for trouble.

The Slytherin Heir huffed and plopped - yes, Tom actually plopped - down on the bed beside Harry’s thighs. “You know that I’m right and if you don’t take your potions, I’ll have to take you to St. Mungo’s.”

Dread, like a stone in his stomach, practically pinned him to the bed. Hospitals were not his thing. 

Stubbornly, he refused to make any sort of remark.

Please, Harry?” asked Tom, voice smooth and calm.

It almost worked. Almost. But then he realized that Tom was using that stupidly attractive voice of his to try to influence Harry’s emotions and physical reactions. Who needed an Imperius when they were capable of such manipulations?

He buried himself deeper in the bedding in response.

A sigh.

One moment, Harry was pressed against a wonderfully soft bed, and the next, he was being levitated, still cocooned in his green duvet.

“Voldemort will wring my neck if he learns that I allowed you to remain ill,” Tom stated simply. “I am not about to deal with his pompous attitude and find myself ont he end of his wand just because you are stubborn. So we are doing this the difficult way, my dear Harry.”

He pouted, put out that Tom hadn’t even bothered to play along a little more.

His attempt to reprimand the man was cut off by the itch in his throat taking over. Coughing felt like razors being taking to his throat. The Cruciatus would have been more preferable to this hell.

A miserable groan ended up being his reply.

“That’s what I thought.” Tom damn near sniggered. Harry wanted to kick him in the stupidly attractive shins.

His annoyance was cut short by a feeling that built in his stomach. Then his mouth watered. Oh dear.

“Tom,” he rasped, voice rough and throat hurting from daring to speak. “Come here. Please?”

When the man was near enough, Harry promptly turned his head and unrepentant vomited on Tom’s perfectly shined shoes. Served the other right for levitating and swaying a physically ill man back and forth and thinking nothing would happen because of it.

So returned the stiff jaw as Tom gritted out, “You are so very fortunate that I favour you over everyone else.”

Contented with his revenge, Harry settled back and allowed himself to be taken wherever Tom intended to go.

Some time during the journey, he fell asleep.

A/N: I don’t think Tom would beg as in literally begging, so I changed that part.

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Imagine Tom’s reaction when the interviewer asks about you and Harrison

“How did you and the best friend/assistant, Harrison?” The interviewer questions, Tom smirks and takes a side glance at you while you blush slightly at the mention of him.

“We…” You take a moment, trying to put into words how you and the blonde got along. You think about the awkward waves on set to the long talks in your trailer, the high fives to the embraces, and the blushing stares to the kisses. “We managed.”

“Ha!” Tom snorts and leans over while laughing. You hit his arm and try to not blush. “Managed is a bit of an understatement.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say that I need to knock when entering any room they’re alone in now.” He blabbers, your eyes widen and you face turns bright red.

“Thomas!” You scold.

“What?” He holds his hands up in defense. “Oh.” He realizes what he said. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean they’re having sex or anything, I just mean they’re just intensely making out.

“Well, I mean there was that one time.” He sighs.

“Tom, stop.” You beg.

“I’m sorry but you guys are just too cute!” He exclaims. “The way you two cuddle on the couch while watching tele is heartwarming. How you already memorized how to make his favorite tea.

“Oh! I remember walking out of my room that the apartment we were staying at while filming and seeing you sitting on the counter with Harrison standing between your legs. You had your arms on his shoulders and his just bit your nose.” He smiles, lazily staring off.

“Not in a violent way, no, no.” He clarifies, waving his finger around. “Like in that cute couple, disgusting way.” He rambles on, you kind of liking him talking and the interviewer imagining the headlines. “And don’t mention that time when I walked into your trailer and you were cuddling–” He lets out a fangirlish squeal.

“You’re a big supporter of their relationship, I see.” The interviewer chuckles.

“110%!” Tom claps his hands, drawing out each syllable. “Usually when your best girl mate and your best guy mate get together, it’s all drama and awkwardness but with them, it’s not. I’m really happy that they’re happy and that they aren’t rubbing their love in my face.” He crosses his arms over his knees and takes a glance at you. Tom laughs at your face is beet red.

You turn your lips up into a smile and wrap an arm around his shoulders, pulling him in for a side hug, showing your appreciation for his support. Tom smiles and leans his head against yours.

“You know what’s funny though?” The interviewer questions.


“You play Tom’s love interest but you fell in love with his best friend.” He points out, you laugh.

“I mean, he’s beautiful can you blame me?” You shrug.

Groupchat: Tom Holland x Black Reader

Another one inspired by @starcoleworld 😂. After Tom begs you to joins his groupchat he made with his brothers and Haz you accidentally send something not meant for them😂

You reluctantly joined their group chat after Tom begged you. “It’ll be funny. We don’t talk about anything really!” That was a lie, every second your notifications would go off. You already had a group chat with your best friends and that was already enough for you to handle. You opened up the group chat and saw that Paddy had made an A in school. You sent him a thumbs up and went back to your BFF’s group chat. You got a mention in the other chat from Tom. 

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Tom having a sleep over with Marco and they both end up playing truth or dare, and Marco being bold dares Tom to kiss him

Ahhhhhhh! This is such a cute idea I loved reading this! It was so cute! I wasn’t sure if this was just an idea or you wanted a fic, so I wrote a fic anyway because the ide was just so cute!! I hope you love it! Sorry it’s a little short, enjoy!


“Truth or dare?” Marco asked. Tom laughed a bit and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t you think this game is kind of childish?” Tom asked, leaning against the couch. Marco laughed and nudged him, causing the demon to blush.

“Oh lighten up!” Marco teased. He then scooted closer. Tom blushed deeper, Marco was rarely this forward, but it seemed like he was really pushing this silly game. Tom rubbed his neck and Marco poked him playfully. “Truth or dare?” He asked again.

“Okay, okay, okay.” Tom agreed. “Truth.” He answered. Marco giggled, hoping he would pick that one.

“Do you have a crush on anybody?” Marco asked. Tom burst out laughing.

“What are you a middle school girl?” he asked. “Do I have a crush on anybody? This is the type of question they ask in teen romance movies.” He teased Marco mercilessly and Marco laughed, pushing him over playfully.

“Answer the question!” Marco demanded. Tom giggled and sat up, he was blushing again.

“Okay… yes I do.” he admitted, his blush was deepening. Marco grinned very big and scooted even closer. Tom blushed deeper when Marco sat so near.

“Truth or dare?” Marco asked again. Tom tilted his head.

“Aren’t I supposed to ask you now?” Tom asked. Marco shook his head and scooted closer still, eager for the answer. “Truth.” Tom said again, blushing deeper. He now understood Marco’s game and why he was acting so bold. Marco grinned.

“Who do you have a crush on?” Marco asked. Tom’s face was burning red and Marco was practically on top of the poor demon. Tom was so flustered he felt like he was going to burn the house down. “You have to answer.” Marco added.

“I-I um…” Tom trialed off. “I think you know…” He mumbled. Marco giggled and moved closer, putting his hands on Tom’s shoulders. “I don’t want to play this game anymore.” Tom said, looking away. He was becoming so embarrassed! How did Marco know? Marco smiled and pulled Tom in a little bit.

“One more.” Marco begged. Tom bit his lip, but nodded. “Truth or dare?” Marco asked. Tom gulped, hoping this would be what he was hoping for.

“D-dare.” Tom responded. Marco smiled very big and pulled Tom in a little bit more so they were only inches away. Tom was flaring up and praying that he didn’t burn Marco and ruin this moment, but he was lucky enough that he didn’t for now.

“Do you know what I’m going to dare you to do?” Marco asked. Tom gulped and nodded a little bit, unable to form words.

“I-I think I h-have a f-feeling.” Tom stuttered. He then smiled a tiny bit. “But you have to say it or the dare doesn’t count.” He made the rule up, this made Marco giggle a little bit and lean closer still. Tom blushed even more, but giggled.

“Okay then.” Marco smiled. “I dare you to kiss me.” Marco beamed. He leaned in and Tom smiled, meeting him halfway. The boys closed their eyes and Tom kissed Marco very gently on the lips. The two of them thought they’d both be too nervous and pull away fast, but they stayed. It was a light kiss, but it was deep and kind.

Tom pulled away and saw Marco looking at him with stars in his eyes. Tom smiled and giggled yet again, he just felt so giddy. He couldn’t stop smiling and giggling whenever he saw Marco looking at him. Marco grinned as well and had the same reaction as the demon. He leaned in again and Tom wrapped his arms around the human, pulling him close to be able to cuddle with him by the couch.

“Truth or dare?” Tom asked. Marco laughed lightly at how Tom turned the tables on him and changed up his little game. He smiled and thought about it for a moment, playing with Tom’s hair.

“Both.” He smiled. Tom pressed his head against Marco’s and thought for a moment.

“Did you start this game just so you could get a kiss out of me?” Tom asked in a very teasing tone. Marco giggled and nuzzled closer to Tom.

“Maybe.” He snickered. Marco the burried his face in Tom’s shirt and whispered. “Yes.” Tom smiled and hugged him again.

“And for your dare… I dare you to give me a kiss.” Tom said, matching Marco’s earlier tone. Marco smiled and gushed at the cute demon. He moved in and cupped his face, giving him a sweet kiss. He pulled away and smiled at Tom’s blushing face. Marco giggled and gave the demon another kiss on the nose. He didn’t want this to end, so he looked at the demon and smiled cutely.

“Truth or dare?”

Movie Night- SW TomEdd

Tom sat on the couch, scrolling through his phone. Edd was in the kitchen, making some popcorn to aid them with the movie he was playing. He, of course, did not trust said movie, seeing as Tord had given them the movie to borrow. A sigh escaped Tom. It was the same movie the four had been watching for weeks on end.

Even Matt had bailed out, and he loved movie nights.

Maybe it wasn’t too late. He could fake a sickness and just head back to his room. Tom looked up at the taller figure who had suddenly appeared in front of him. Alright. Now it was too late. Tom looked up at him with a deadpan expression.

“Why are you so excited to watch this movie? We’ve watched it, like, 12 times already.”

Edd gave him a confused look. “Who said I’m excited about the movie?” he snorted. Without staring at the CD or CD Player, he popped the disk into the player. Almost immediately, the movie began to play. Two girls showed up on the screen. Huh. He didn’t remember this part. Interesting (A/N: insert lenny face here)

That’s when it hit him.

Tord had played them. This wasn’t what they had been expecting to be watching. It was something completely different.

“Wait Edd. This isn’t-”

A moan came from the screen, the two of them instantly tensing up. Tom flinched slowly looking at the screen. Exactly what he thought it was.

Tom looked over at Edd, Edd’s mouth agape. He was frozen in his state, Tom immediately rushing up to find the remote to put an end to the Adult Movie playing. Shifting from place to place to find wherever the remote was located, another moan escaped from the television. A groan escaped Tom, finally deciding to put an end to the movie by unplugging the Television. It would take forever to reboot back up, but he felt as if he hadn’t done something to put an end to it, Edd might had passed out.

Tom plopped down beside Edd, creating a vibrating noise in between his lips. “You okay, Edd?” He said, cocking his eyebrows upwards. Edd slowly shook his head, hands shaking a bit as he looked back over at Tom. Creating eye contact, a swirling tense feeling formed in his gut. He had gorgeous green eyes, really muscular, with nice soft lips. He wondered what would happen if he…

Before Tom could continue his thoughts, the two were already leaning in, attacking each other’s lips with great determination. Edd swiped his tongue on Tom’s bottom lip, requesting for access. Tom gladly accepted the request, as he parted his lips he ran a hand through his brown locks, the strands tickling against his fingers. Edd pulled away, tracing his lips against the base of his neck, a string of moans escaping the shorter, submissive man. Exploring just about every inch of his skin, he nipped at the skin every so often, the pale blue marks covering his skin. Tom bit down on his lip, mindlessly thrusting his hips against the other. The two moaned together in sync, thrusts getting rougher as their arousal became stronger. Edd’s lips trailed down the length of Tom’s body, moans coming out shakily.


“Just a moment, love.”

As his lips trailed down to his pelvic region, he left tiny nips around the area, pulling away to sit up. Edd threw the shirt over to the side, it landing in an area on the floor Edd didn’t bother to care about. They could worry about that later, right now there were more important things to worry about. Tom followed his actions, the shirt also disappearing to a random area. The two took a moment to admire the other’s body, Edd tracing a hand down Tom’s chest. Tom hummed at the contact, bucking his hips upwards as if to tell him “Let’s continue.” Edd smirked, continuing to bite and suck at little sensitive areas just to hear the curses he’d call out under his breathe. Edd pulled away, leaving a trail of saliva down his chest. Pulling away, he unbuckled his jeans, adding it to the several articles of clothing that had been tucked to the side. Tom fidgeted with his pants as well, following the actions of his partner. Edd looked down at his partner, cocking an eyebrow. “You sure you want to do this?” Without a verbal response, he shook his head in agreement, biting gruffly down on his lower lip. Edd smirked, working the two out of their boxers. Edd scanned his length, a smirk playing against his lips. Edd put two fingers to his mouth, both of them way too aroused to find the lube. Edd rubbed against his hole, gruffly pushing inside after a moment. A moan escaped Tom, the smirk already on the taller figure widening. Slowly allowing him to adjust to the feeling, he slowly began to scissor in. Tom knew things were escalating fast. And it was wrong, dear god it was wrong. But he wanted to continue, see where he was going with this. He wanted to feel Edd inside him. Feel himself getting pummeled into the couch. Tom took in a sharp breath as he slammed another finger inside of him, desperately scissoring his hole in an attempt to loosen the other up. A whine escaped Tom once the fingers once inside him were removed, looking back up at him needingly. “Last chance to back out, Tom.” Tom jerked his head back, a lewd moan filled with silent curses escaping. Smirking, he began to push inside of Tom, him gasping at the contact. Each thrust was in perfect sync, each moan in tandem with the other. Another moan as Edd repeatedly pushed inside of him. Small curses escaped as he searched every inch inside of him for his prostate. Finally he had found the spongey area, each thrust he had produced directly hitting the area with brutal force. Tom loved it. His tongue lolled out as he felt his orgasm build up inside his stomach. The same feeling was overcoming Edd, Tom practically begging for him to finish inside of him. Edd grunted, curling his hand around Tom’s length and using his free hand to have Tom repeat the action. The thrusts had become faster as the two rubbed their hands up and down each other’s cocks. Edd’s thumbed swiped over his thick shaft, their moans released in harmony. A shudder escaped Tom as he released onto the two’s stomach. Edd continued to trash into his weak spot until he two came. Slowly pulling out, he plopped onto Tom, pressing his forehead against the other’s. They pressed their lips to each other’s, panting at the rough sex they just previously had. Moments later, he picked Tom, who had recently fell asleep, in a bridal fashion, carrying him back to his room. They had to talk tomorrow, he knew that. But for right now, he just wanted to savor the moment. He curled up next to the warmth of his body, cuddling up next to him. Maybe accidentally watching your best friend’s stash of hentai wasn’t as shitty as he thought.

(( You know what would be something pretty cool for s3 if they wanted to do a tomco route?

Tom, after finding out about the confession, starts getting upset and angry and Marco thinks this is about the fact that Star wants to date him instead of Tom and he knows how Tom doesn’t want that.

But then it turns out Tom wasn’t upset that Star likes Marco, he was upset because she confessed to him before he did, and now he’s afraid that he’s going to lose his only real friend to his ex.

And if you consider that Star may have been ignorant to Tom’s emotions when they dated….

The gal Tom used to beg to have back might end up being the person Tom ends up hating the most.))

((Just an idea))

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lots of crying and screaming begging tom to take it slowly hitting that spot but tom is an sshole so hes gonna go fucking sonic on the poor boys prostate