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Hi! :D I was wondering if you could do a Clint Bartons daughter but dating Peter Parker headcanon?

 A/n: I love the idea of this. It has to be one of my favorite Marvel x reader AUs. So i’m glad i get the chance to write it! I’d so be glad to get more requests like this.

-When Clint finds out you’re dating he completely flips out. Not because you’re dating Peter, but just cause you’re dating anyone.

-To him you’ll always be too young to date. And it took a lot of convincing from his wife to actually let it go.

-Clint would be so overprotective.

“Where are you going? Are you going out with Peter? Because i won’t allow that. Not this late.”

“Dad, it’s 5 pm. And no, i’m not. Just going to a coffee shop.”

“Okay. But you better not go sneaking off to see him! I’ll know if you do.”

“Dad no.”

-And would have a really really long talk with Peter about if he ever lays a hand on you, upsets you in any way, or steps out of place once, he will personally kill him.

-Which really freaked Peter out.

“He hates me!”

“No he doesn’t, he does this with everyone. I’m just glad he didn’t give you a different kind of talk.”

-Let’s just say that every single time Peter sees Clint he freezes up and is overly cautious.

-( He’s legit scared of PDA a bit because he expects Clint to always be watching over you two )

-Almost always going over to his place instead of yours. It’s just safer that way.

-And if you stay over night for some reason, you wake up to around 100 texts asking if you’re OK.

-And when you two spend the day at your place, Peter always brings some sort of home made desert for Clint to try and get on his good side.

-( You bug Peter about it a lot, saying stuff like “I don’t get sweets! It’s almost like you’re in a relationship with my dad, not me!” )

-None of it really works though. Clint still gives him the death glare when you only hold hands. (God forbid the time you once pecked Peter on the lips in front of him. Clint looked like he actually might kill both of you.)

-You insist that if your dad gets in the way of anything you’ll deal with it yourself and make sure he backs off.

-Which eventually happens. He does too far and you tell him off in front of the whole team.

“I don’t think you get it, Dad! I love him, and you want this relationship to fail. If it doesn’t work out because of you i don’t even know how i could ever forgive you!”

“Honey, i’m sorry. I… I didn’t know it was that serious.”

-That happened to be the first time you actually say ‘i love you’. So high key Peter is just in panic mode.

-And in the middle of a very cute father Daughter forgiveness time Peter just ruins it all by saying ‘I love you too, Y/n’ like five minutes after you had admitted it.

-( The team would totally laugh at his awkwardness )

-Clint actually said sorry to Peter for scaring him so much. And invites him over to dinner with your family. Which is big, since Clint hadn’t done that ever. With anyone you knew.

-He would never ever ever admit it but, he’s very glad you picked someone as nice and sweet as Peter.

Askbox // Prompt Lists

Baby Girl

Imagine: Your Clints oldest daughter and Furry has sent you to Midtown High since he agreed to hide you and your family from the outside world.This happened after civil war 

“ So are you coming over to my house or am I finally gonna meet your family in person.”

“ Pete I told you already my house isn’t quite stable right now. My mom has been a mess since my dad passed……. Hey you think we can just video chat today my mom is gonna have all the kids today and well she just needs me right now.”

     “ Yea hey if you need someone I’m always here for you, you know that right.”

“Yea thanks Peter” Before you left you kissed Peters check and started heading home. You hated lying to Peter that you’re dad was dead but you couldn’t let anyone know who you’re dad  was or that would just ruin everything that Furry fixed up for you and your family.

3 Hour Later

  “So you have to subtract the opposite from the adjacent to find hypogynous?”

“Exactly see you’re not bad at math Y/N “

        “Whatever Parker”

“Are you talking to Peter?Can I talk to him?” You’re little brother Cooper asked popping his head out from the door frame

      “Sure as long as it’s ok with Peter”

“Yea it’s ok. Hey Cooper how’s the robot doing?”

       “ Bad he was on the fritz yesterday and Y/N had to put him out with the fire extinguisher”

“Yea you’re lucky mom wasn’t home she would have killed you”


“Oooo You’re in trouble mom only calls you by your full name when you did something wrong”

           “In my room mom”

“There you are sweety can you watch the kids for me while I go out?”

           “ Yea sure mom”

“Thank you sweetie, oh hi Peter how’s your aunt May?”

            “She’s good m’ama, how are you? If you don’t mind me asking”

“I-I’m doing better thank you for asking. Oh and sweetie thanks again for watching the kids again I’ll  be back tonight. Peter you are welcome to come over if you’d like.”

                “Well if you don’t mind m’ama I would love to come over.”

“Y/N and the kid will be here waiting.”

                  “Alright I’ll be there soon”

                ——————Call Ended——————


        “What Y/N. I think it’s about time Peter comes over don’t you think.”

“Yea but the whole dad thing”

                         You said while looking down closing your computer

“Honey it will be fine. Now I have to go alright.”

         “There aren’t any of dad’s stuff in the house is there?”

“No I moved everything to the room down the hall and it’s locked. Now I have to be going now I’m late.”

           “Ok ok mom I think I’m good now”

“Ok oh and one more thing no funny business when Peter is over.”



*Knock on the front door*

        “PETER’S HERE”

All you’re younger siblings yell as you feel your baby brother his milk.

         “Or the pizza guy”

“Nope it’s Peter”

                Cooper brother said while closing the door

“Who told you could open the door”

           “Hey Y/N it’s cool it was only me “

“No Peter what if it wasn’t you”

        You’re eyes started to water while holding your baby brother closer to you

“You ok sis”

         Cooper asked while walking towards you.

“Yea I’m fine Coop, umm did you finish your homework?”

         “No “

“Cooper please go do your homework, you too Lila”

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        “Fine, but once I hear the words pizza i’m done doing homework”

Cooper and you’re baby sister(Lila) went upstairs to do there homework.

       *sigh*” umm sorry about that. Hi Pete.”

“Hey you alright princess?”

     “Yea it just I’ve got to protect these three you know and with my dad gone it’s *sigh* it’s just harder now “

“Hey Hey it’s ok , they’re ok you’re ok”

      “Sorry about that , so um I think I saw the headlights of the *whispers* pizza guys car wanna come with us.”

“Yea and I’ll take this little guy from you”  

                       ———Door Bell Rings——-

        “Hey Johnny $12.50 right”

“Hey Y/N and here’s you’re pepperoni and pineapple. Hey little dude(Nathaniel) you gonna eat all this pizza you’re self?”

          “Thanks John later”

“Hey Peter why don’t we switch I’ll take Nathaniel upstairs to change him and you take the pizza and set up the table”

        “Nah I think he would like it better if I changed him. Right little guy”

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*Nathaniel Giggles as a sign of yes*

         “Fine be careful with him alright Peter, his room is upstairs second door to the right.”

“I got this babe I have changed his diaper at my place before remember”

                ——————-After Dinner ——————–

            “Y/N can peter help me with my robot please.”

“I don’t know it’s pretty late now but if Peter says it’s ok I’ll let you guys go out to the porch too work on it.”

            “What do you say Peter”

“Maybe tomorrow Cooper it is pretty late too stay up”

             “Ok can you and Lila go up stairs and get ready for bed”

“Hey Cooper I’ll come up too say goodnight alright?”

          “Yea ok”


“Well thanks for the help Pete. I had fun even if we were babysitting.”

        “Yea I did to it was good too see Cooper and Lila in person and not behind a computer screen. Um you need help with putting Nat to bed.”

“Actual could you check on Cooper and Lila to make sure they are asleep”

          “ Yea sure”

*Thunder and rain*

          *Nathaniel crying in a distance*

“I know buddy I know. The rain is scary you wanna stay with me until mom gets home”

              *Nathaniel nodes his head*

“Hey Y/N I get if this is too forward….. But … um”

        “ Peter it’s not safe for you too go home right now, you can stay here tonight”

“Thanks babe. Do you have any blankets so i can stay on the couch?”

       “You’re are not staying on the couch Parker. You can stay in my room with me and Nathaniel.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel that I trying to push you to do anything, because you know I wouldn’t “

      *giggles* “ I know Peter plus Nat would love to have you by his side while he sleeps”

             ———————-The Next Morning———————–

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“I don’t like this Luara”

      “Come on Clint they look like a little family. And Y/N really likes Peter he is so sweet too her.”

  You heard people talking as you we’re trying to sleep you cuddled a bit closer to Peter as Nathaniel was asleep on Peter’s chest.

“ mmhm Mom……. Dad?”

     “Here honey go talk to you dad down stairs while I take Nathaniel form Peter “

“How are you old man”

     *sigh/laugh*” I could be better but don’t worry about me sweetie how are you, I see you brought you *clears throat* boyfriend home”

“He’s a really nice boy dad. H-he’s treating me right. And for your information mom invited him over and there was a storm last night. I couldn’t make him go home in the storm, so he stayed and he was a great help with Nat.”

      “I could see that but if he hurts my baby girl an arrow is going throw him”

*laughs*” I love you dad. And I miss you so much mom and I had to tell Peter you were dead.”

       “That’s fine sweetie just know I love you so much and I’m just a call away”

              You’re dad hands you a phone with only one contact in it

“ What’s this?”

      “Steve felt bad for everything and he thought it would be a good idea to give you some sort of contact with me. So I’ll just be a call away if you ever need this old man”

“Nathaniel…….Y/n……. Nathaniel where are you guys”

        “Now go up there and calm that boyfriend of yours down”

      Before you could say anything you’re dad brought you into a hug and kissed the top of your head goodbye and then he was gone

“Y/n……. Umm hey don’t panic but I can’t find Nathaniel”

        “He’s with my mom Pete she can into my room last night and took him”

“Oh okay thank gosh”

          “Hey Peter have I ever told you I Love You “

“Yea a couple of times why?”

      “Because last night I realized how much I Love You”

“ It can’t be as much as I Love You”

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Hope you guys like it and sorry if it dosnt make sence but i tried. Oh if oyu have any request dont be afrid t message / ask me . Love you lots .

okay but Peter was watching a video of HIMSELF taking down Giant Scott back in Civil War so this begs the question: which one of the Avengers had their phones out recording all of this?
i feel like natasha would find after the raft prison break that clint was texting her like ‘hey nat check this out’ and there was the video that he may or may not have been recording during the whole fight a few weeks earlier

If Dr. Strange’s Ancient one is played by a white man and not an Asian man, Mary Jane can be played by an African American female since the actor’s race doesn’t have to follow comics :) 

Being Clint's daughter would include...

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Being Clint’s daughter would include… (Ft. Aunt Nat) *Requested*

[A/n: one of these days, i’m going to write an imagine where the reader and Peter are going out but the avengers see (y/n) as a daughter/younger sister figure. ]


  • Nat being more excited than Clint to see you
  • Wearing a little hawkeye costume on halloween
  • Taking an interest in archery from a young age
  • “Dad, I hit the target!”
  • Nat being like a second mom
  • “Look at my baby, Looking all grown up”
  • “Nat she’s not yours,”
  • Nat crying on your first day of school
  • You’re friends being excited on bring your parent to school day
  • Being spoiled by Nat

[Age: 10-20]

  • “Aunt nat, it’ll be okay,”
  • “Don’t worry about her kid, she was like this on your first day of preschool”
  • Nat crying on your first day of secondary school
  • Going through the rebellious stage
  • “There is no way you’re leaving the house in that,”
  • “Aunt Nat, you literally have no say in what i wear,”
  • You’re literally wearing sweatpants and a tee shirt
  • You’re like a female version of your father, you never miss
  • Him never getting mad at you for getting in trouble at school
  • “She did what!?”
  • “Yes, she did…”
  • “Good job, Champ!”
  • “Mr. Barton!”
  • Nat being more worried about the boys you bring home
  • Having full on interrogations at your dinner table
  • “Chill out Nat, My baby never misses,”
  • “Who the flying Flipping Fu-”
  • “Nat chill out,”
  • “This spider-boy, spider-man, he needs to learn that (Y/n) is not toy-”
  • “If he knows what’s good for him he won’t hurt her, right kid?”
  • “Y-Yeah, totally, can you put that arrow down please…”
  • Steve telling Nat every choice you make is probably a phase

[Age: 20]

  • Steve really needs to stop telling people it’s a phase
  • Clint literally being the only Avenger other than Cap that’s okay with you dating/marrying peter
  • Nat still crying
  • Clint crying for once
  • “Dad, i’m never going to let you live this one down,”
  • “That’s okay, I’m just happy you’re happy with him,”
  • “I never miss,” 
  • Nat still doesn’t approve of peter
  • “(Y/n), i think you’re aunt’s scaring your husband away”
  • “Nat!”
  • “Steve said it’d be a phase!” 
  • “I’ve really gotta stop telling people that,”

I may not frequently update this, but as of 11/22/2016 this is completely up to date with all of my writings. I take requests for all of the characters/actors listed below (no smut). Enjoy, I hope it’s useful!

* means over 200 notes
** means over 300 notes
*** means it is my most popular one shot (at the time of update)


It’s Going to Work! 
   -Movie night with the Avengers (Inspired by the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

Bruce Banner
You’re an Idiot
   -Bruce is shy about his feelings for you

Bucky Barnes
I Can’t Touch You**
   -While on a mission, Bucky becomes the Winter Solider
   -Your son gets kidnapped by HYDRA (Inspired by Home from the play version of Beauty and the Beast)
Wrong Number
   -You call Bucky instead of Natasha on accident
•Paralysis Doesn’t Change You
   -A mission goes bad, leaving you in the hospital

Clint Barton
Handcuffs and Broken Thumbs 
   -You and Natasha get kidnapped

Peter Parker
My Hero*
   -You are saved one night by Spiderman 
Prom Night
   -The school jerk asks you to prom as a prank and leaves you heartbroken in Peter’s arms (Based off a scene in Never Been Kissed)
   -Peter paints your nails for you
Who Is Petra?
   -You lie to your dad, Tony Stark, about who you hang out with all the time

Pietro Maximoff
   -Pietro falls for you at a Stark party

Steve Rogers
•The Symbolic Meaning of Flowers 
   -You are receiving flowers from a secret admirer
Lady In Red 
   -Steve dances with you at one of Tony’s parties (Based off Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh and Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen)
Selfless (Pre Serum!Steve)
   -Steve has liked you for a while, but will not talk to you because he fears that you do not like him (Inspired by Uptown Girl by Billy Joel)

Tony Stark
   -As a childhood friend of tony’s, you’re the only one allowed to call him by his full name

Chris Evans
Never Been Kissed *
   -Your best-selling book is being made into a movie and Chris is the lead male (Loosely based upon the movie Never Been Kissed)
Nineteen Years Later
   -You were supposed to go to prom with Chris in high school and meet him again years later
The Sister 
   -You visit your brother, Tom, on set
•The Patriots VS. the 49ers
   -Your relationship is built off football
•The Director 
   -Chris wants to direct the movie adaptation of your book
Don’t Wanna Be All By Myself* 
   -Chris gets drunk one night and announces your relationship to the public

Sebastian Stan
   -Sebastian is your costar in a movie (Based off Mamma Mia! The Movie)
Scottish Folds 
   -Sebastian loves your Scottish Fold, although he’s allergic
Why 1982 Is the Best Year 
   -Sebastian overhears an argument between you and your friend
Difficult Dodger 
   -Sebastian dogsits Dodger for Chris

Tom Holland
Handstand Kisses
   -Tom wants to try a handstand kiss with you
I Dare You (AU) * 
   -You grew up with Tom (Based off Mary’s Song by Taylor Swift)
•Best Friends’ Brother** 
   -You are best friends with Tom’s twin brothers, Sam and Harry
•Thinking Out Loud 
   -Tom learns the dance to Thinking Out Loud for you because you were the dancer in Ed Sheeran’s music video
K-I-S-S-I-N-G ***
   -You are Tom’s costar in Spiderman: Homecoming and have never been kissed
You’re the One That I Want**
   -Harrison sets you and Tom up on Halloween (Halloween one shot; Inspired by the movie Grease)
Un-Break My Heart*
   -You and Tom broke up months ago, but both of you are suffering from the heartache.

The Mission (Part 4)

So here is part 4 of the mission. Aunt May is my spirit animal, I totally believe she would react like this if Peter had a date. xD Things are starting to get twisted. Both Peter and Y/N are keeping secrets from one another, how will their story continue? I think that part 5 will contain some twist, not sure yet though, but for now enjoy Peter Parker wearing a cooking apron.xD




“You are very observant” I laugh a little, “is it an issue?”

“Uhh…N-no, no problem at all” spiderboy replies nervously. Silence followed, very awkward silence.

“Very, well. So let’s get some business done. Shall we?” Tony Stark tried to break the ice.

Stark asked me questions about every imaginable thing, like from where I came from to my name and what I was doing here. I explained that I was from New York, but grew up under Tibetan influence and was taught the ancient art of sorcery. My name was Master Lhamo, named by the ancient one’s brother, Khar, who turned to the evil side. (Lhamo is known to be the goddess of time and fate in Tibet.) I told them about Khar’s past and how he has been trying to unleash what we call “the darkness”. Khar took most of the monks with him, joining the dark side leaving me being the only one left to have enough power to stop him, I took it as my destiny to prevent the world from this tremendous doom. He has been activating different portals all around the city. New York symbolizes the heart of our universe with the parallel ones, which meant that if the portals of the other dimensions were aligned to ours and the last portal of our universe were activated at the right time, darkness would swallow the world as we know it, killing every living thing.

During the entire interrogation I kept my face hidden under the huge hood, feeling protected. They couldn’t know my identity, not now and ever. But they did not seem to be bothered by it instead they listened to me carefully.

“However, why should we trust you?” spiderguy asked suspiciously

A grin spread on my face “I saved ‘your butt’ today, didn’t I?” The others laugh in response

“Listen, I know there is no reason to trust me, but you’ve seen what these guys are capable of and that was nothing. I came here today to help you guys out. It doesn’t matter how many you are, but if you don’t have anyone that knows how this sort of magic works, you are never going to win. I am here because I need your help too. I want to stop Khar, while I could be doing this alone I don’t think that I could be able to save all the people. At the end I’ll have to be the one ending Khar. Sorcery can only be destroyed by sorcery itself and every time two sorcerers fight with so called holly weapons only one will come alive and nothing else will kill them. Khar and I both are in possession of such a weapon. And I will end him, even, if it means that I die.”

Silence follows. No one says a word. Captain America gets up and so do I.

“We will help you, Lhamo. You can count on us.” He takes my hand and makes me a promise. My heart twists a little. I nod in response.

Soon I left the avenger’s tower and make my way home. As soon as I get to the next building I open a portal and land in my room. Taking my cape off, I’m left wearing my fighting gear. I open another portal that leads me to the temple. A figure is standing there with his back to me. I kneel on one knee.

“mission report” the man said

“they believed every single word” a smirk spreads on my face.


Peter’s POV


Well that was a real life plot twist I’d say. I never thought that the mystery guy would turn out to be a girl. Lying in my bed I thought about my day. I couldn’t fall asleep. My mind kept thinking and thinking. Eventually, thinking about Y/N is the last thing I remember and I drift off.

The sun light coming through the window woke me up. I open my eyes and check the time.


I overslept. I got up and put some clothes on. I ran to the coffee shop around the corner and there she was sitting on a table studying something. She had that little wrinkle on her forehead we she was concentrated, which was kind of cute. I stood there like a total creep for a few seconds starring at her. My heart soon racing. She felt my gaze and looks up, a smile spreading on her beautiful face. My heart skips a beat. Shit. What am I feeling…



Peter as always was late, but soon he arrived and we studied together. We had a blast, but something seemed off today. There was something in the way he looked at me that I felt all weird in my stomach. Must be the sandwich I ate yesterday. Anyway, after everything that happened yesterday, I was exhausted, but hanging out with Peter was just the thing I needed.

“What are you going to do later?”

“Actually, I have no plans for today”

“W-would you like to come over and watch a movie and maybe have some dinner…with me…?” he asks fidgeting

A slow smile spreads on my face. “Peter Parker, are you asking me to hang out as a friend or is this more like a date?” he blushes, his cheeks turning into an intense red. I giggle. He stammers.

“I’d love to come over, Peter” I smile warmly holding his hand. He stares at me in disbelief, which makes me laugh again. “Stop looking at me like that” this time it’s my turn to blush and he chuckles.

“Great, how about you come over at seven?”

After Peter left the café I went home to study a little more. The last few days have been hell with the whole mission thing and recruiting people for Khar all around the world. I haven’t been able to find some time for myself and school, so that’s why I had to catch up with some stuff. However, I didn’t seem to be able to concentrate long. My thoughts kept drifting back to Peter… Lately, we’ve been weird. We are friends, but I’ve been thinking if there might be more between us than just good old friendship and after he ‘kinda’ asked me out today I noticed that he might feel the same thing… Honestly, I do not want to have hope or anything maybe I’m just interpreting too much in it, since I’ve never really had a real friend, which means also no relationship. I’m sure of something though, I do not want to lose Peter… He means too much to me as a person and as a friend. I smile to myself. But when the time comes will I be able to follow Khar blindly, which means leaving Peter behind…My smile vanishes. But I push those thoughts away, it’s a question for my future self…

I start getting ready for my ‘date’. I decided to put a cute dress on since it’s summer and I wanted to make a good impression. Peter has never seen me in a dress before and I haven’t met his aunt yet either. So a dress seems a good choice it makes me look more presentable I guess… It’s in moments like these that I do wish my mom still lived or that I at least had a girlfriend. Anyway, I think that a white dress is really pretty for an occasion like this. I put some make up on and I’m almost done. I decide to put my mom’s necklace on… I’m standing in front of the mirror, but I do not seem to recognize myself. I touch my reflection but never leaving my eyes. I am a different person. I’ve never considered myself as pretty or beautiful, nevertheless, it’s the only word that comes into my mind by looking at myself right now. I smile weakly, what are you doing to me Peter Parker.

I packed by bag and was right about leave my apartment, when a portal opened revealing Khar.

“What the hell…!?”

“Going somewhere Y/N?” he eyes me

“Yes, why?” I stare back at him

“I have a mission for you. We need to recruit someone…tonight”

“I can’t, I am busy. Do it yourself Khar.” I turn around ready to leave him in the hallway, but he moves making no sound and takes my arm. It’s a warning. His grip is firm, almost dangerous.

He laughs in maniacal way. “What are you up to Y/N. You’ve been very distracted recently. Even incompetent. What’s the matter? You know you can talk to me… is it a guy?” an evil grin spreads on his face. Dark eyes meeting mine, I shiver. “we don’t want that something would happen to lover boy right?” he snarls. He lets go of my arm and leaves a bruise there. He opens up a portal and turns around… “I might pay a visit to this boy later, if you won’t cooperate. What’s his name again?… Something with P right?”

My blood freezes I form a fist with my right hand. He knows.

“P… Is it Peter?” He turns slightly to where I am standing and grins.

I want to punch a wall right now. This is not fair. Rage is boiling in me; I can feel how my stomach twists. I inhale deeply, but instead of making my way to Peter’s I turn around and follow Khar through the portal. Tears form in my eyes. I hate my life right now.

“I’ll do whatever you want, Khar. BUT you leave him out of this. Don’t you dare to touch him. You know that I am capable of a lot of nasty stuff and we do not want to meet that side of Y/N, right?”

he frowns slightly and smiles.

I take my phone out and text Peter:

Hey Peter,

I am so sorry, but I can’t come tonight. There was an emergency and I’ll be out of the city for a day or two. I hope you can forgive me. I was really looking forward for tonight. I’m sorry…

My heart breaks slightly while writing the message. Is this the way my life will always be? Is Khar going to control me forever. There is something that tells me that it is, but somehow I do have hope. Hope for a better future for me. Anyway, I need to push these thoughts away. Because there is nothing more dangerous than mixing Y/N’s and Lhamo’s lives up… That’s how I can handle this life. I keep these two persons apart. It’s the only way I can live with what I do for Khar. As Lhamo I only take orders, never question Khar, I just do what I have to do. However, lately I’ve been questioning a lot and Khar has taken notice. My life and Peter’s is in great danger now because of that. I don’t really care about my life, but I do care for Peter. He will not die under my watch, never. I am doing this to keep him safe. Because he will have a future, maybe not with me by his side, but he will live no matter what the cost.


Peter’s POV

I’ve been nervous for the ENTIRE day. As soon as I got home I started preparing everything for tonight. I cleaned the apartment and went for the groceries. Aunt May came home from work and was shocked to see the place clean and that I was trying to cook something.

“Why does it smell like burnt salad in here?”

“ha ha, aunt may, instead of standing there watching me struggle, you could help me out!”

I reply standing in the kitchen wearing a pink cooking apron with hearts. I look R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S.

Aunt May looks like she’s going to faint.

“peter, what are you doing!? Do you have a fever aren’t you feeling well honey?”

She comes into the kitchen checking my forehead and takes a good look at me as if I was a new discovered species.

“Y/N is coming over tonight” I explained looking away.

“YOU ASKED THE GIRL ON A DATE?! OH GOODNESS GREACIOUS! My little boy is getting older!” She leaped of joy. “You know what I’ll cook for you Peter, don’t you worry. She is going to love it! You go and do something else…” she hushed me out of the kitchen.

“But before you take that apron off…” I turn around, a flash blinds me for a second. “You look adorable in that, you should totally try to cook more or just in general wear that apron. Pink is totally your colour”.

“This is embarrassing.” I stated.

Going back into my room I change my clothes and try to relax a little. Y/N would be here soon. I honestly didn’t think she would agree. I wanted to hang with her like a casual hang out, she said it was a date, right? I’m thinking too much again. Shit. I lie down and check my phone. A new message from Y/N.

Hey Peter,

I am so sorry, but I can’t come tonight. There was an emergency and I’ll be out of the city for a day or two. I hope you can forgive me. I was really looking forward for tonight. I’m sorry…

I stare at it for a few minutes. My heart twists a little. She isn’t coming. I kind of like expected it. Maybe she thought about the whole date thing and freaked out… I take my phone and decide to reply.

Hey, I hope everything’s okay… *deletes message*

Hi, it’s okay *deletes message*

I make various attempts to write the right thing, but it’s hopeless everything sounds like shit. I finally decide to just write. A plain and simple “okay”. I press send.

Opening the door of my room I hear aunt May cooking and chanting along some song.

“Aunt May, you don’t need to cook for us anymore. She isn’t coming over.”

She turned around with worried eyes. “What? Why?” she replied worriedly. I showed her the text and lie on the couch. Exhausted and sad.

“I am so naïve. Why would anyone want to date someone like Peter Parker? I am a failure.” I sighed

“That is not true! Stop saying such stupid things!” she interjected, “Maybe it has something to do with a family member or friend… to me she seems genuinely sorry, peter. You should call her”

I look at aunt May, could she be right? Is Y/N in some sort of trouble, maybe something happened and she needs me.

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lol this gif fits perfect to how peter feels in this part of the story. 


Our favourite two killer assassins…..

Clintasha = Brotp

Too excited

A/N: oh my god, i’ve been wanting to write this for so long but i just couldn’t find the time. I had a lot of fun writing it, my love for cw Peter only growing. I hope you liked it and sorry if it took too long! Requests are open!

Request: Could you do a Peter Parker ( cw ) x reader where Peter is new to the avengers and the reader is assigned to be his trainer? ( extra if the team ships them )

Warnings: swearing, boner mentions (?)


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You couldn’t believe that he would be your first student. Peter fucking Parker. It’s not that you didn’t like him or anything, you had only met him once, but after Germany you knew he needed a lot of work. And that he was chatty. Really, really chatty. You were headed to the training room, where you hoped Peter was already waiting for you. The one thing you didn’t need today was for him to be late. You knew you were assigned to be his trainer only because the team thought it’d be funny. The eighteen year old training the sixteen year old who had a crush on her. According to Tony, Peter wouldn’t shut up about you. He was cute, sure, but you didn’t need a talking flirty boy to be your student.

As you arrived at the gym you could see Peter and Tony chatting. Oh god, here we go. Peter was wearing gym clothes while Tony almost looked like he was going to a gala. Spider boy saw you and waved, excited to see you again. Tony said something in his ear and left, winking as he passed you.

“Hey Y/N, you look great, how are you doing?” He was smiling, trying really hard to look at your eyes while talking to you. It was hard though, you were wearing a gym top and pants, everything so perfectly tight to your body. You smirked at him, maybe this was going to be fun.

“I’m pretty good kid. Now let’s get started, I don’t have all day you know?” with your hands on your hips you turned around leading the way to one of the sparing mats. “Let’s start with some stretches.”

You showed him what to do. You started with he neck and arms, the easy ones. Looking at him as he tried hard to do exactly what you were doing was cute. He was cute. You then pulled your leg touching you feet on you butt, turning so Peter could see what you were doing. He looked for a little too long and his cheeks turned bright red when he realized what he was doing, turning away. He copied you, keeping his gaze to the floor. After a few more exercises you were ready for the last one, and the one that’d be the most fun.

“okay, now pay attention on what I’m going to do so you can do it after.” He nodded and you smiled, oh the fun you’d have now. “So you’re going to get to the floor like you’re doing a push up, but you put your legs on the floor and stretch your back, touching your hips to the floor. Stay like that for 30 seconds and then you’re going to salute the sun.” You looked up at him, his look directed to your breasts. “Eyes up kid.” He blushed once again, looking at your eyes. You rolled yours, it was funny to see him flushed like this, but c’mon he wasn’t even trying to pay attention. “okay, then you’ll slide your hip up, staying like this for one minute.” You could literally feel his eyes on you ass, and this time you couldn’t blame him. You smiled at how easy it was to get his attention. “Eyes off ass Parker.”

“I- uhm sorry- I’m…” He was giving you his back. He turned his head to look through you. “Shirt, i- oh god- I’m sorry, I have to go.” You were standing up  only to see him running out of the gym. Shit, maybe you took it too far.  

Peter didn’t show up for dinner and you took that it was probably your fault. Your questions were answered when Tony walked into the room.

“What did you do to the kid Y/N? He doesn’t want to come out of the lab. He’s a kid, they always want to eat.” He was looking at you like you tore a limb out of Peter. You put your sandwich down, thinking about how much you’d share.

“I saw you playing with the kid through the cameras.” Clint walked into the kitchen, entering the conversation like he was there the whole time.  

“What? What do you mean you played with him?” Tony’s eyes were open wide. What a dirty little guy he was, already jumping to conclusions.

“It’s nothing like that Tony,  I just thought I’d have a little fun with our situation.” Clint laughed. Well, actually he was laughing so hard he was screaming. You and Tony looked at him. Why was he laughing so hard, you didn’t do nothing much.

“oh, I’m sorry, Y/N, that’s the understatement of the year. You were having a lot of fun, can’t blame the guy for being that excited.” Tony’s eyes shot up wide as he took in the words. Clint started laughing again but you didn’t understand. Yeah you played around with Peter, but what’s wrong with that?

“What? I don’t…” You trailed off, not sure on what to say. You were pretty sure you’d made him uncomfortable and not excited. Oh. Shit. As your own eyes shot up Clint’s laugh became a roar. Oh my god what have you done. He must be so embarrassed. You buried your face in your hands, too embarrassed to look at the two men in front of you.

“C'mon Y/N, you can’t blame the kid, you were teasing him.” Clint put his hand on your shoulder, probably trying to show sympathy, but it didn’t work. You were flattered of course, but she just wanted to have a little fun, not that much fun.  

“I didn’t mean for that to happen, I just wanted to have little fun. You guys made sure to tell me how huge his crush was, I just.. I don’t know, it feel cruel to say I wanted to have a little fun, but I was just really uncomfortable.”  You rested your face in the counter, the cold rock feeling good against your burning cheek.

“You like him too!” Tony yelled. He was pointing a finger at you like he was in six grade and you couldn’t help but laugh a little. Yes you found Peter cute, but that didn’t mean you liked him right?

“What is going on here?” Fuck. At the door stood Natasha, Steve, Bucky and Thor.  This just got serious, they’d never leave you alone.

“Nothing, everything’s fine, is great.” You gave Tony and Clint a death glare, but apparently you had to work on it because next thing you know they told the team about everything. Thor, Natasha and Bucky bursted into laughter while Steve blushed trying to hide a smile, always being the gentleman. Your face was burning now. They were not even paying attention to you, asking Clint for details after you ignored them. You slipped out of the kitchen, finding Peter’s room. You weren’t sure you should know, he probably didn’t want to talk to you. You considered slipping a note apologizing through the door. It would be kind of a dick move but you didn’t think you could consider facing him now. The door opened while you were thinking, scaring you into the floor.

“Shit” Peter helped you up. You made the mistake of looking in his eyes, making him blush and back away. You stood in front of each other in the middle of the corridor, both looking down at the floor. “So, what are you doing here?” It wasn’t more than a whisper but you heard it.

“How did you-”

“I saw the shadow of your feet. I didn’t know it was you. I just saw the shadow and I thought I’d check it out because it wouldn’t go away.” He entered his room, leaving the door open. You entered and closed it behind you. No one else needed to witness this, it was embarrassing enough with just the two of you. He sat on his bed and you stood there, thinking about what to say. This boy really made you nervous.

“So… I just- I wanted to apologize about how I acted in training today. I should’ve been more professional. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.” You looked at him, his cheeks blushing. You knew you had to comment about everybody knowing about his friend, but you couldn’t bring yourself to say anything, it’d be too much. He looked at you, holding a confused expression.

“Why are you uncomfortable? I’m so embarrassed I can’t believe I’m actually able to look at you right now.” I couldn’t help but smile, damn what a cute guy. “I actually got hard only by watching you. I’m really sorry, but shit, you’re just so hot.” The expression on your face made him blush again. Your eyes were wide by his confession, you didn’t think he would ever bring that up. “I just erm- I didn’t, you know… touch, uhm, you know, I just took a shower. A really long cold shower.” His sheepish smile made your heart melt. As weird as it sounds, that was the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard. He respected you enough to no jerk off to the thought of you.  

You couldn’t help it. You walked up to him, pulling him by the collar of his shirt, smacking your lips together. He was shocked at first, his hands high like as to say he did nothing wrong. When he realized what was happening he brought his hands to the back of your legs, pulling you to sit on his lap. Your tongues moved like you’d done this a million times, it felt like home. His hands moved to you hips, going up, settling on your lower back, under your shirt. His touch made you let a slight moan, you pulled back, feeling the need to breath.  

You rested your forehead in his, both breathing heavily. He smiled widely, looking into your eyes. You smiled back, feeling your cheeks burning a bit from your sudden burst of confidence.

“Wow.” You laughed at him. He was too cute, you just couldn’t handle. You gave him a peck in the lips, pulling back quickly and resting your head in his shoulder. “I knew you liked me too.” You could hear the grin in his tone. You slapped his arm, laughing. Apparently you did like him back.

“At least I don’t go around showing it in the middle of training. By the way, everyone knows.” You kissed his neck softly, trying to make him feel a little better with the news.  



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Misery loves Mischief

Here, take a Loki series! This part kind of sucks because it was written a long ass time ago but i figured why not?!

-Third person-

“Are you proud of me AllFather, have I not made an honorable King?” Loki jeered at Odin who now sat in the same containment cell Loki did.

“Loki, my son, you have made yourself King but you are far from honorable. You lack honor.” Odin said weakly slumped into the wooden chair. Loki turned on him again with an air of fury about him.

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The Mission

Hey guys! so this a new short story. I will post the first part today. I hope you’ll like it. Pairing Peter Parker x reader. Let me know what you think ;)

Short description: 

Y/N and Peter aren’t that different form each other. Peter has two lives, so does Y/N. However, they both keep it secret and try to live their mundane life as normal as possible. But will they be able to keep their professional life and their private life apart form one another?

After losing everything that mattered in my life, I had no purpose anymore. Until I met Master Khar, who picked me up and trained me to become one of the great masters that were able to control dimensions and time. Eventually, I became his best student and his most important partner, all by the age of 19. My main objective until now was to help master Khar to defeat Doctor Strange, who worked with the Avengers, who were therefore indirect enemies of ours. However, my life wasn’t all about being one of the masters, I also had a private life. Hard to believe, but you need some sort of balance. Making use of the dark power was dangerous and only if you had a certain balance you were able to not become insane like Khar and the others… So I’m actually an architecture student at NYU.

Y/N POV present

It seemed to be a normal day like every other. I woke up and was on my way to college, when I got a call from Khar. „Y/N, where are you? You are needed.“ were the first words that sounded through my phone.

„Geez, somebody is grumpy today. I was about to grab a coffee and go to school, but I guess I’m about to change my plans, am I right?“

„Come to the temple, now. There is a new mission“, those were khar’s only words a second later he hung up. I was in the middle of the street, so I first had to get out of here to open a portal, I decided to open the portal in an empty classroom since I was halfway there. I was rushing through the hallway when somebody crushed into me.

„I’m so sorry, I’m a bit in a rush“ I apologized sincerely.

His backpack was half open and a few of his books fell out and a mysterious object that was glowing. „No, I am terribly sorry..“ he said while packing his stuff, you tried to help him. „You don’t have to help me nor apologize“ he answered nervously and took his weird object with him. He hadn’t seen you until then that’s when he started rambling. I didn’t listen, even though I wanted to, but he was kind of cute and his flushed cheeks distracted me.

„I need to go, sorry“ the only words that left my lips and I abandoned the handsome stranger in the hallway. As soon as I entered the next classroom I opened the portal.

„What took you so long.“

„I’m here now, what’s the emergency“

„Our infinity stone was stolen“

„What?! How!?“

„The avengers. Well let’s say some of the avengers and master strange were able to break your spell, located the stone and came for it.“

I clenched my fist. Nobody was strong enough to break my spells.

„tell me what to do“

Peter’s POV

„Spiderling you found your way home“, Mr. Stark’s first words as soon as I entered the apartment. „ I’m truly sorry, Mr.Stark, I got held up after the fight“ I answered. After my encounter with the mysterious girl today, I couldn’t find a way to shut my thoughts and stop thinking about her. I don’t think that I ever saw her around NYU. I wonder if I’ll ever see her again, she seemed pretty stressed herself.

„Well, let’s hope it doesn’t happen again. Where should I put the infinity stone?“ I took it out of the backpack.

„First of all, did somebody follow you or see that you had the stone with you?“

„No, nobody saw the stone.“

„Very good Parker.“ Mr. Stark took the stone and put it into a high tech case.

„Mr. Stark who were those people that we fought today. One of them mentioned a few things about Doctor Strange. It seemed like they knew each other… Am I even allowed to ask?“

„Listen Kiddo, it’s complicated… Strange used to be one of them, but he went his own way and joined us. The Cult masters of whatever, are divided. there are the ones that are like Strange, the ones who only use “the right“ source of power and the ones who use also the dark power, which is a pretty nasty thing to do. Anyway, don’t think too much about it. You did a great job today.“

„So am I right to assume that this wasn’t the last time we’ll see those people…“

„nope, I think we’ll even see them pretty soon. They need our little gem“

Mr.Stark walked out of the office, I followed soon and made my way to the living room to do my homework. Time passed fast, but I didn’t seem to be productive. My mind kept drifting to the mystery girl that I had met today. She was really attractive… Sometimes I do ask myself how my private life will develop. It’s hard to live a double life. Especially, if you are a superhero. I don’t think that I’ll ever have a so called love life. Who wanted to deal with all of this shit. Honestly, this was pure madness.

„overthinking again, Parker?“ Cap entered the room

„yeah, kinda.“

„School? or today’s mission?“


Cap sat next to me. That’s when we heard an explosion and felt the ground shaking. „What the hell..!“

„Go put your suit on, Parker. We have some guests“

We ran out of the building. Chaos erupted in the city. People screaming and fleeing from the buildings. My spider senses were tingling. Our enemy had to be near. „They are close, I can feel the..“, I informed the others. That’s when the weird shit got started. Buildings turning upside down and really messed up things happening with our surroundings. all of a sudden hooded people appeared from every corner and their leader coming down the main street right in front of us.

“Okay, is this the Tibetan version of Matrix?” I asked.

“Sort of” Stark replied.

I didn’t know if they were actually shaping our reality or if they were doing some kind of psychic voodoo like the Scarlet Witch does. Anyway the weird monks were coming closer, they were all wearing some sort of yellowish hoods. To be honest they did look pretty bad ass.

Mr. Stark started shooting at them but they were able to stop every single one of them. So high-tech didn’t impress them much. Therefore, there was only one thing left to do. One on one fighting.

Stark, Cap and I were doing the best we could, but there were too many. We were trapped. Even if I fought three, four or five at the same time, we wouldn’t stand a chance.

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