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Tom Barrett Gets Slapped In Face By Physical Manifestation of the Invisible Hand of the Market

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, best known for his actions to remove collective bargaining rights for public-sector jobs, beat democratic challenger Tom Barrett in the gubernatorial recall election last night. 

A female supporter slapped Barret in the face after he conceded the election to Gov. Walker. This woman was clearly overtaken by the spirit of the invisible hand of the marketplace.

This is clearly a sign that the Invisible Hand approves of Gov. Walker’s work to remove collective bargaining rights and lower wages across the board.

The Invisible Hand is similar to the Holy Ghost, except more efficient. The Invisible Hand does that same work as the Holy Ghost for a fraction of its ethereal limbs.
Walker's Education Madness

The world of politics has grown so partisan to a point where it is frankly disgusting and pathetic. This recall election is the only the third of its kind in US history. Although I’m currently going to school in Chicago, I’m from Milwaukee so the entire Walker-Barret recall election is close to my heart and basically tugs on my conscience. I’ve made a clear point of how important education is to me in my past posts, so this is why Scott Walker pisses me off.

The Milwaukee Public School system is not necessarily one that has bragging rights, so I don’t think cutting state funding by $800 million is going to help. In turn cutting the budget means laying off good teachers, which means bigger classes sizes, fewer supplies and an even greater shortage on a good education. Why exactly are our future generations paying the consequences? To make it worse he revised the cap on the amount of funds a school district can collect reducing this funding by $1.6 billion, which makes it that much harder for them to make up for loss money. In a addition to the impacts listed above, the shortage will cause some schools to get rid of particular classes like art and music. Apparently being a well-rounded individual is not something we want our children to be.

It doesn’t stop there, don’t worry. If you’re a college student in the UW system, you’ll most likely see an increase in your tuition, since he cut a little more than $300 million and if you’re going to a technical college, which is actually made up of a large part of a working force that’s trying to enter new fields, you’ll see the same fate because he cut $72 million in funding. The increase in tuition will only making it that much harder for lower class students to further their education.

If you’re going to a private school because you’re blessed enough to afford it, Walker did increase your funding by $20 million. I’m glad he took an interest in some form of education, too bad it impacts the smallest group of people.

This is not a post about a Democratic or Republican stance. This is a post about our education system and the children in it. This is a post about how 10 Milwaukee schools closed this year and 10 more are expected to. 

When did education lose its place as a priority in the Wisconsin state government? Oh yeah, when he realized he had to make up for the tax breaks he gave businesses. 

That last comment leaned Democrat. I should’ve made it a little more obvious by adding extravagant rhetoric and calling Scott Walker a vulgar name.