A Window Into Magical Art Painted With Aerosol Spray By Tom Baker

On festive seasons, windows have been turned into artwork reflecting the magic and spirit of the holiday season. Tom Baker, a Britain based artist, takes his snow spray and a dry paintbrush and adorns the windows of homes and stores with enchanting Christmas tales.

Baker refers to his creations as Snow Windows, and draws soft and delicate scenes of Christmas using aerosol sprays. Just like snow, subtle and mysterious, his artwork delights and mesmerises children and adults equally. His spellbinding displays dusted in white recreates a sense of vintage Christmas storytelling which are timeless during the festivities.

Velvety snow drifting down as a delicate curtain, the roads and homes illuminated in the white beauty and a peaceful landscape of empty sidewalks, neighbourhoods and streets with a few magical Christmas elements subtly placed into the scenery makes passers-by not look through the windows in a shopping frenzy, but at them in wonder. Baker successfully uses the glass frames to distract people away from the holiday rush and help them take a moment to be grateful for the true unhidden joys of special occasion.

In fact, Tom Baker’s work has been appreciated by institutions like Royal Berkshire Hospital children’s wing, Toni & Guy, Body & Soul, Jason Charles Jewellery, Sweet Times and has graced the panes of many other notable events, parties and homes.