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Have you seen James's new video filmed in a Harods store in London? He apparently said something about Kiwi (a few comments quoted him) - it being about impregnating a woman and her not wanting anything to do with him. I just wonder, is Ben behind that? Because he's a writer for the show and it just keeps happening, these comments thrown in in random videos of the show

Here, at 2:00, is James selling Kiwi at Harrod’s:

There’s no question Ben Winston and James Corden are promoting Harry. He got a whole week in LA, and then a night in London. I’m not complaining– I loved it. First, they’re all friends, and of course you promote your friends. Second, it’s clear that Harry is getting the special treatment. A Kiwi mention is the least of it.

What I had only briefly thought about before (and dismissed as silly), but was made abundantly clear in the video, is that the “kiwi” of the title refers to a testicle (by the way James holds the kiwis as he talks about impregnating a woman). As James’s friend, Harry might have shared some insider info with him?

Styles named a song “bollocks.” Reflect on that.

Or “balls” in American.

They have two different connotations. The British “bollocks” connotes bullshit. Babygate is bullshit. The whole thing is bullshit.

“Balls” connotes chutzpah, an impudent audacity or nerve, the nerve to do something extraordinary. Babygate is so beyond reasonable, it takes nerve to carry it this far, even in the face of its incredulous stupidity, its farcical improbability.

In any case, the singer of Kiwi is a testicle, isn’t he? A sperm donor. He’s “kinda into” this whole gig, but then he finds out… he was just there for his sperm. She’s having your baby; it’s none of your business. He’s paying and paying for it, in so many ways. The baby is for other purposes– you’re only there for your sperm, so the baby can be linked to you, so the whole baby-having thing has nothing to do with love or affection, only biology. But IS IT your sperm? Sure would be nice to know with a DNA test.

What’s interesting is not James’s referring to Harry, but this hidden, covert reference to Louis, which wouldn’t be picked up by the GP.

During Katy Perry’s “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts segment,” this happened:

James shaded The Wanted so mercilessly.

In case we forgot, Louis engaged in this epic Twitter battle with The Wanted’s Max George and Tom Parker in 2013, where Tom tried to out Louis AS AN INSULT:

Nothing is more satisfying to a 1D fan than to see Louis verbally vivisect an idiot. Read about how Tom calls Louis, “She looks beautiful,” how they proposed a physical fighting match because they thought 1D were pansies. Nothing offers greater satisfaction than knowing 1D went on hiatus as the world’s most profitable band, and The Wanted disbanded in 2014.

So was it a coincidence that James referred to The Wanted, who broke up in 2014? They’re deader than dead. Why bring them up? Was it a subtle reference to Louis?

[No pressure, but Louis would kill a week’s worth of LLS for his album promo, I’m just saying]