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The Velvet Underground’s 2nd album was released on 30 January 1968.

Following the poor sales of their first record, the band parted with both Andy Warhol and Nico, and recorded White Light/White Heat in 2 days (produced by Tom Wilson). It didn’t help the sales any, but once again, the music proved to be highly influential.

The commercial failure of the album heightened tensions between John Cale and Lou Reed. Cale wanted the music to continue in even more experimental ways, while Reed wanted to achieve popular success. In the fall of 1968, Reed held a band meeting without Cale and announced that either Cale had to go or the band would be dissolved. Cale was fired.


R.I.P. Joe Alaskey (1952-2016)… The voice of Bugs Bunny &  Daffy Duck passed away yesterday of cancer.

He was also the voice of Duck Dodgers,Tweety, SylvesterMarvin the Martian, K-9, Droopy (on Tom & Jerry), Grandpa Lou Pickles (on Rugrats) and many more Warner Bros and many other characters… 

Thank you for providing your immortal voice….You legend… WE SHALL NEVER FORGET YOU… 

Location, Location, Location

Not any real theme, just songs about places (sort of). This is from early 2002

1. “Istanbul, Not Constantinople” by They Might Be Giants

2. “Brazil” by Kate Bush

3. “L.A.Woman” by the Doors

4. “I Love L.A.” by Randy Newman

5. “NYC Man” by Lou Reed

6. “First We Take Manhattan” by R.E.M.

7. “The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy): by Simon & Garfunkel

8. “Skid Row” from the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack

9. “No Place Like London” from the Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street cast recording

10. “Sights and Sounds of London Town” by Richard Thompson

11. “London Calling” by The Clash

12. “(I Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea” by Elvis Costello

13. “Big in Japan” by Tom Waits

14. “I Love Paris” by Les Negresses Vertes

15. “Graceland” by Paul Simon

16. “Malibu” by Hole

17. “Anchorage” by Michelle Shocked

18. “Viva Las Vegas” by the Dead Kennedys

19. “Leaving Las Vegas” by Sheryl Crow


tomandlux: Happy Father’s Day xxx


Tonight was great! The event was amazing, funny, insightful and relatable and Benedict and Louise were brilliant. So were the others reading the letters, a cellist who played a piece written from a music student for a fellow student he was crushing on, and Tom Odell. I saw Ben entering before the event (no decent pics- damn!!) and Louise and the others leaving after. For some reason Moffat was there- talking about Sherlock to Ben and Loo in the intermission and before?!?!?!?!?!
I was lucky enough to get a picture with the wonderful Louise Brealey. She was so lovely, it took her about 15 minutes to get to her car as she signed all autographs and took a bunch of photos and when she got past everyone I was by her car. I said ‘Louise! Thank you.’ She came over and hugged me!