tom and loki doll

Thor the Matchmaker

TITLE: Thor the Matchmaker


AUTHOR: kookiefics

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:  Imagine Thor telling you Loki has feelings for you. When you don’t believe him, he tries to prove his theory. Thor overly flirts with you while Loki is around. Loki gets extremely jealous and avoids you and Thor altogether. When you confront him about it, he admits his feelings towards you.


NOTES/WARNINGS: The fic is not precise to the imagine, I hope the submitter (That’s a word, right?) won’t mind! (y/n) means “your name”, for people who don’t know. Enjoy!

You remember when Frigga adopted you to be one of her hard working students. You were the youngest she had ever taken on.

You remember when she introduced you to her two sons.

“Thor, Loki, this is (y/n),” she said. “You will be seeing a lot of her. Essentially you will be growing up with her.”

The boys had not met many people younger than them, least of all a girl, and Thor expressed his astonishment freely.

“How old are you?” Thor asked, gaping down at you.

“About the same as you and Loki.” Frigga said.

“But you’re so small!” Thor exclaimed. He turned to his mother. “She isn’t even as high as my shoulder!”

“Because she’s a girl, Thor,” Frigga said, exasperated. “That’s normal.”

Suddenly, Thor picked you threw you over his shoulder. He paraded around Frigga and Loki.

“She’s so little and light,” Thor laughed. “Like a doll.”

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