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Touring the world with Tom and Harrison... (Headcanon)

Requested By: @dancing4girls

Could I request a headcanon about being best friends with Harrison and Tom ( but slightly younger than them) and traveling with them on the Spider-Man homecoming tour? Thanks!!

Side Note: Headcanons are so fun to write bc they’re so goofy and free to explore about, so thank you for requesting one :))) I really hope it turned out the way you wanted it! Enjoy :)

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- oKAY for starters these two boys are actual dorks

- you would NEVER believe they could ever be in a serious movie, let alone be serious for a long period of time

- you still wonder to this day how Tom could play Peter Parker in some scenes bc bOYYY was he always full of giggles on set

- bUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE .. there’s always more isn’t there??

- yes.

- they’re constantly messing around with each other whenever they can, and sometimes other people too if you’re unlucky


- “Y/N PLEASE JUST TRY THIS YOU’LL LOVE IT!” Tom would shout, chasing you around the hotel room you all were currently staying at.


- you became best friends with Tom and Harrison when you got casted in a movie together

- “Hi my name is Tom Holland and this is my best friend Harrison Osterfield.” Tom would introduce himself and Harrison, bright smiles on their faces.

- “I’m Y/N, Y/L/N.” You’d reply, smiling back at them, you instantly knew you’d get along great with them.

- and from that day forward you guys were “besties”, or how Tom liked to call it, The “Two Amigos and Amiga Squad.”

- “Y/N DON’T LISTEN TO TOM HE WANTS YOU TO DRINK THIS NASTY THING HE CREATED, DON’T DO IT, IT’S A TRAP!” Harrison would yell, running into the room, glaring at Tom while you stood there unsure of who to trust.

- “gUYS pLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO ME, I’M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS.” You’d dramatically place your hand on your chest, making fake sniffling sounds.

- this is where you were glad you were in the movie industry, acting came easy to you whenever you needed it

- “Y/N YOU’RE LIKE TWO YEARS YOUNGER THAN US.” Tom would laugh, making you smile and laugh along with him.

- “He does make a good point Y/N, as much as I hate to agree with him.” Harrison would add on, his arms crossed as he watched you with an amused smile.

- “Whoa, whoa, whoa, are you guys ganging up on me?” You’d question, looking between the two of the boys in front of you.

- Tom would smirk slightly, before laughing and waving the cup around in his hands

- “IT IS NOW THE TWO AMIGOS AGAINST THE AMIGA, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!” Tom would shout, before rushing towards you, along with Harrison.

- in an instant you were back to running around the hotel room, Tom AND Harrison chasing you this time, laughter’s filling the room.

- “ARE YOU EVEN AN AVENGER YET? DON’T YOU NEED TRAINING?” You’d shout, making Tom pause and fake gasp.

- “i’M SORRY WHAT.” Tom would squint at you playfully, Harrison stepping aside knowing this was now a personal match between the two of you.

- “YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT YOU HEARD ME.” You’d fire again, a confident smile on your face as you saw Tom start to shake his head, laughter leaving his lips.

- “You’re so drinking this now.” He’d grin, and needless to say, you did end up drinking it, and it was DISGUSTING.

- aside from spending times at hotels, traveling with the cast and your two best friends was one of the best experiences of your life

- you were able to visit so many different countries, explore different cultures, it overall was mind blowing

- your favorite stop however was when you all went to Rome, Italy

- you had always wanted to go there, and being able to see it for the first time with your best friends was a dream come true


- “Y/N can I have some of your food.” Harrison would ask, giving you a puppy face as he sat next to you.

- “bUT it’s my pasta, your food is literally almost here.” You’d whine, halfway covering your bowl of food.

- “Bro you know never to get in the way of a girl and her food, are you asking to get your arm ripped off?” Tom would question, laughing as Harrison would frown in response.

- “I learned the hard way, take it from me.” Tom would laugh, making your face heat up a bit, an embarrassed smile on your face.

- soon enough Harrison’s food was brought to him, along with everyone else’s

- “Hey, Harrison..” You’d nudge his arm with your elbow, a smirk on your face.

- “You wanna.. you know.. give me some of your food?” You’d question, eyebrows raised as you watched Harrison’s eyes widen before squinting at you.

- “ha hA HA, VERY FUNNY Y/N.” Harrison would fake laugh, waving his fork at you making you and Tom laugh in response.

- needless to say, Italy had a lot of good memories, and was definitely one of your favorite places you had traveled on the tour so far



- “OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD THOMAS HOLAND WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!” You’d shout, laughter erupting from your mouth as you looked at him.

- “Y/N SHUT UP I HAVE TO DO THIS, DO YOU HONESTLY THINK I WANT THIS THING ON MY FACE.” Tom would shout back in a whiny voice, making you laugh even harder.

- “YOU LOOK LIKE YOU HAVE A SQUIRRLE ON YOUR FACE.” You’d laugh even harder, your cheeks and stomach starting to hurt.

- “Oh god what did you do now Tom? She was finally calm and quiet and look what you did.” Harrison would scold, gesturing to your body laying on the floor still erupting with laughter.

- “IT’S NOT MY FAULT HARRISON SHE’S MAKING FUN OF MY MUSTACHE.” Tom would defend himself, only making you laugh even louder.

- “THIS REMINDS ME OF THAT EPISODE OF ICARLY!” You’d somehow shout out, your eyes now watering from laughing so hard.

- “Y/N what are you even talking about?” Harrison would laugh, now sitting on the floor with you while Tom stood there pouting.

- “On those episodes of ICarly where Carly thought Sam’s mustache was a squirrel and kept petting it.” You’d manage to get out, now taking deep breaths.


- he now understood where you were coming from, thus making Tom even more annoyed

- “gUYS PLEASEEEEE.” Tom would beg, but that would only make you guys laugh more

- eventually Tom gave in, laughing with you guys

- however, there were many more laughs in the future due to his mustache

- “Hey Tom?” You’d question one day walking into his room, his suspicion already growing.

- “Yessss?” He’d reply while glancing at Harrison who was also curious to see what you were up to.

- “I mustache you a question.” You’d wiggle your eyebrows, raising your index finger and placing it under your nose to show the tiny mustache you had drawn.

- Tom and Harrison would stare at you blankly while you died of laughter once again

- “Sometimes I wonder why were best friends with you Y/N, I really wonder.” Tom would laugh, shaking his head while Harrison watched you in amusement.

- “You guys love meeeeee.” You’d smile, giving them both a hug before leaving the room, hearing them shout a ‘maybe’ in response making you laugh once more.

- “It does look like a squirrel though Tom.” You’d hear Harrison say as you were walking down the hallway.

- “Shut up Haz.” Tom would mutter, making you giggle quietly.

- “Can I pet it?” You’d hear Harrison question, laughter erupting moments later

- “nO HAZ YOU CAN’T PET MY MUSTACHE.” Tom would shout, making you laugh even harder

- you loved these boys so much asdkfjdsfk


- during traveling you’d also hang out with Zendaya and Jacob, depending on where they were traveling to with you guys

- this was one of your favorite times, you loved hanging out with them, sometimes you just needed to get away from Tom and Harrison

- i mean they’re basically like your older brothers sooo?????

- “ZENDAYA WHERE IS Y/N.” Harrison and Tom would shout, Jacob following behind them.

- “hIDE ME PLEASE.” You’d whisper shout, making Zendaya laugh, but she did indeed hide you.

- “I don’t know, haven’t seen her??” Zendaya would shrug, making them huff in annoyance.

- they would reply with ‘mhms’ ‘sure okay’ 'i bet she’s hiding’ >:)


- sometimes you just need GIRL TIME YANNO

- bUT if we’re being real here, the Spider-Man Homecoming Tour was one of your best trips you’d ever been on and you were so thankful to have been able to join them

- you wouldn’t have wanted to experience touring the world with anyone else, as much as they annoyed you, you loved your dorky brotherly best friends :))))))))

You + Tom + Harrison = The Two Amigos and Amiga Squad !!

Tom Holland x Osterfield!Reader ‖ Headcanons

Request: Heyoooo can I request a Tom Holland (x reader) HC but the reader is Harrison’s younger sister and it has ProtectiveBrother!Harrison (anonymous)

Warnings: swearing, bad writing, mentions of smut

A/N: This is super duper late and I truly apologize I’ve been going thru writers block lately :( But I am gonna post that “Tom on Halloween” HC’s on Halloween so watch out for that and follow (lmao shameless plug)

  • Being Harrison Osterfield’s little twin sister had its perks
  • i.e becoming friends with the Holland family
  • specifically Tom ;)

  • You and Tom were never anything more than friends until that one night in LA
  • You, Harrison, Tom, Harry, and Sam were playing truth or dare, though only the three of you were allowed to drink
  • You learned your lesson never to play that game ever again😂
  • Sam ended up with a hickey on his arm, Harry with a drawn on mustache, Tom wearing underwear over his pants, and Haz extremely tipsy
  • only you emerged unscathed thank the Lord
  • So after you laid your brother’s drunkass on the couch, you went over to the balcony with Tom
  • You stood next to him, looking out over the Los Angeles skyline
  • It was just the two of you, just friends hanging out
  • It took you a moment to realize Tom was staring

Y: “Tom? You good?”

T: “Yeah um- you know we never finished truth or dare”

Y: “Oh, I guess you’re right, ask me anything.”

T:“So, truth or dare?”


T: “Okay… have you ever considered us dating?”

  • This took you completely by surprise
  • In all honesty, you’ve that about it quite a bit but you usually dismissed it as silly thoughts

Y: “That is not what I meant by anything.”

Tom nervously laughed, but you knew he wanted to hear your answer

Y: “Fine, yeah I’ve thought about it. There’s my dirty little secret.”

You both stayed quiet for a while after that

Y: “Alright let’s finish this. Truth or dare?”

T: “Dare.”

  • It took you some time to come up with a good dare, what with Tom rushing you every damn second

T: “C'mon just think of one it’s not that hard!”
Y: “Oh really? Fine then just… just… I don’t know, kiss me!”

  • Tom was s h o o k
  • But he did as you said
  • Looked pretty fuckin pleased with himself, too
  • “If you say so, darling”
  • And with that, he pressed his fine lips against yours, savoring the moment before it ended
  • It was you who deepened the kiss, pretty surprised with yourself afterwards
  • The moment ended short after a couple more minutes when Harrison made his presence clear

H: “What’re you two doing, mate?” *hiccup*

  • You and Tom looked at each other, both not knowing what to say

T: “Um, we’re playing Checkers, Haz. W-wanna join?”

  • Harrison wanted to, but his drunk stomach urged him not to

H: “N-never mind I’ll just stay here”

  • Then he passed out again😂
  • You punched Tom as he started to laugh

  • After that kiss, it didn’t take long for your friendship to snowball into a relationship
  • It started small: holding hands, cheek kisses, the like
  • Until one day while you were out and about with the Holland Bros, Paddy asked the obvious

P: “Wait wait wait, are you two dating?”

  • He’d point between you and Tom and narrow his eyes
  • You and Tom stared at each other from across the table, when Tom started to laugh
  • You put your hand to your forehead, realizing you were dating a dork
  • You explained you were dating to the brothers

H: “Whoa really? I thought Tom would’ve dated Harrison before he started dating you.”

  • cue Tom punching Harry

S: “Speaking of Harrison, who’s gonna tell him?”


  • Though Tom was highkey very happy his fam knew you two were dating
    • His parents ADORED you ngl
  • He’d lay his arm around you and lovingly smile while he peppered kisses onto your face
  • *The rest of the Holland’s figuratively puking of the cuteness*

  • But anyways, pretty much everyone you knew knew about your secret relationship
  • Poor Haz 
  • Whenever you and Tom were alone, you two could actually act like a real couple
  • Y'all couldn’t risk the paparazzi knowing, they would make both your lives a living hell
  • And you couldn’t risk your older brother knowing, he was worse
  • So that meant keeping the relationship private until you both knew Harrison wouldn’t freak out
  • Of course, you and Tom would still be around Haz, so you just kept it lowkey then
  • There were multiple cases when you had to duct tape Tom’s mouth shut 

  • exhibit a: that time Tom was tipsy as shit
  • Homeboy had his hands aLL OVER YOU
  • You literally had to shove Tom off you at least 15 times that night
  • And I won’t lie - Tom almost gave out the secret
  • You, Tom, and Haz were the ones left after a pretty lit party
  • Tom and Haz were sitting their drunkasses down by the TV
  • You were in the backroom grabbing duct tape to fix the TV remote when you overheard Tom and Haz’s conversation

T: “Haz, what do you think of Y/N?”

H: “She’s my lil’ sister, I love her to death, but she can be annoying mate”

T: “I think she’s super pretty, hbu”

H: “I mean… if I said that that’d be incest, so no???”

T: “Yeah, she’s gorgeous, and she’s got a nice ass too-”


  • That’s when you darted into the room and stripped a piece of duct tape onto Tom’s mouth so he couldn’t reveal anything
  • Luckily, both of them weren’t all that sober
  • When you ripped the piece off Tom’s mouth, his drunk ass just laughed

T: “What was that for, angel?”

Y: “You almost told Haz you asshat”

T: “Oh…….oops?”

  • This ended up in a tickle fight
    • highkey y'all tried not to laugh too hard cuz Haz was fighting off a major hangover in the next room

  • exhibit b: that time y'all were at a family baby shower and Tom bet you he wouldn’t tell the secret.
  • You made him put on duct tape for good measure
  • You were Tom’s translator that day
  • The alibi was that Marvel let Tom in on an Infinity War secret (ha yeet) and everyone knew he wouldn’t keep it
  • bro Tom wanted to scream that you two were dating
  • You congratulated the mother-to-be, though she did ask some questions

“What’s Tom saying?”

*Tom screaming into the tape* “I’M DATING Y/N Y/M/N OSTERFIELD”

Y: “Oh he just wants to congratulate you as well”

  • hehe
  • Tom was lowkey pissed he couldn’t do anything, but he loved you too much to complain
  • So that night ended up with makeup sex
  • Tom ended up with scratch marks on his back, props to you, but he was always proud of them after ;)
  • You can imagine what Harrison thought the next day at the pool
  • H: “Was it from a cat or a one night stand??”
  • T: “Oh, a one night stand like you couldn’t believe.”
  • cue you punching Tom in the arm
  • Tom was pretty brave that day at the pool
  • like he’d grab your bum and “feel” you underwater if ya know what I mean
  • Harrison was p r e t t y suspicious that day
  • Tom just couldn’t get enough of you
  • He pulled you underwater for an underwater kiss
    • brb crying i’m emo
  • what a dork :)

  • The day came when you and Tom decided to tell Harrison you two were dating
  • So when Tom was chillin with Haz at a restaurant he popped the question
  • T: “What would you do if I dated Y/N?”
  • H: “Well, don’t get me wrong Tom you’re my best mate, but she’s way out of your league.”
  • T: “I can accept that- wAIT HEY”
  • Tom immediately became really fidgety and quiet
  • H: “wait…. are you dating my sis?????”
  • T: “Yes… I mean no… I mean maybe??”
  • H: “Oh fuck you Holland.”
  • Tom never you Haz knew oop
  • So a week later, when you decided to meet up with your brother, it came as no surprise

Y: “Harrison, you know I love you, but uh, we have something to tell you.”

You looped your hand with Tom’s while Harrison continued eating chips

Y: “We’re dating!”

H: “Oh, ok.”

Y: “??? No ‘wtf Y/N I didn’t give you permission’?”

H: “I-um, I already knew.”


Harrison pointed to Tom, who sheepishly grinned at you

You started poking Tom for not telling you


T: “But I’m your asshat”

H: “That’s great guys woohoo but can y'all move away from the TV”

  • Harrison’s salty ass lmaoooo

  • Even though Haz already knew about you two, it felt no different
  • Harrison made sure Tom’s stayed above the equator if ya know what I mean
  • Which meant no lovey dovey in front of him
  • And definitely no kissing
    • Nah jk Harrison was pretty chill though he could be overprotective  

  • Tom ended up with two very special Osterflied’s in his life
  • but you were his favorite
    • don’t tell Haz :)

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|| likewise ||

seeing tom with his mustache and slight beard gave me major ceo!peter parker feels :’) this is a [[ten year later]] fic but have no fear, this is all fluff and totally safe!

alternate title: peter parker suffers through shitty pick up lines brought upon him by his secretary

story specific tag: @hufflepuffholland

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Eyyy so I’m ‘speaks’ on FFnet and AO3. (Double Entendre, Empty Spaces, Cross the River, etc.) It’s been a long while since I was interactively involved with a fandom but I am finally caving for M:LB&CN. I want to wallow with my fellow sinners. Here’s a random-ass love square fic to say hello with. Cheers!

There’s A Boy

Tom was leaning over the oven to put in the latest batch of cookies when Sabine wandered into the room with an odd look on her face. The sound of Alya’s voice carried into the room with her, pouring at a hundred miles a minute from the speaker on her phone. “Tom?” she fretted.

Her husband wiped a lingering splotch of dough from his oven mitts onto his apron and kicked the oven door shut with his foot. “Yes, dear?” He eyed Sabine’s phone, trying to make sense of Alya’s babbling monologue.

Something, something, “meant to be.” Something, something, “matter of time.” Then Nino’s voice. “Alya, calm down. You can’t scream into the mic, dude, you’re triggering a feedback loop.”

“What happened?” he chuckled, but then stopped mid-laugh when he finally noticed the uncertain expression on his wife’s face. She’d only stepped out of the kitchen for a minute or two to check in on Alya’s Ladyblog podcast. What could possibly have happened in so short a time?

Sabine backed out of the podcast, realizing that nothing more that Alya said would be understandable. It was alright. She’d heard enough already to understand what had happened.

“What?” Tom worried. “Fill me in, hon. I’m starting to get anxious, here.”

Leaning against the counter with a sigh, Sabine couldn’t decide whether she wanted to smile or pout. “Some pedestrian caught Ladybug and Chat Noir kissing behind a billboard a few minutes ago. The picture is already plastered on every website and news station.”

Those words filtered through the air between them and settled on Tom like a layer of flour. “Ah,” he said. “I see.” His mustache twitched.

Sabine toyed with the rolling pin on the counter where she was leaning, rolling it back and forth beneath one flat palm. “I think maybe it’s time we talk to her about all this.”

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Springtime Connection - Chapter 16

[A/N: Better late than never I suppose ^^;. Also I might be late with updates for the next month due to me participating in fluff month.] 

Marinette climbed down the stairs into the family’s kitchen before sneaking into the bakery’s main oven room. Tom happily worked at the counter, kneading some dough, while humming a familiar pop song. Marinette giggled at the funny way her dad swayed side to side when he worked. She always thought it made him look like a Disney character.

“Hey Papa,” she said with a grin and a mock wave.

Tom turned around, a smile curving his mustache. “Oh hey, what’s up? Isn’t your friend coming over today?”

Marinette nodded. “Yeah, he’s upstairs. I just need some cardboard for a project.”

“Oh, of course. There’s some behind the front counter.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Marinette said before giving her dad a quick hug, making sure to avoid his flour-covered apron. She ran into the hall and snuck into the storefront to retrieve the thin sheets of cardboard used to make boxes for sweets. Sabine didn’t so much as look at her as she helped another customer. Marinette left the shop and proceeded back into the common living area with two unfolded box underneath her arm. She didn’t want to waste time getting back to her guest.

Tikki held her breath as Adrien and Plagg looked at each other in utter confusion.

“Was that you?” Adrien said in a hush. Plagg frantically shook his head. His ears drooped behind his head as he thought about the minute squeak. One possibility came to his mind, and he didn’t know what to do about it. It couldn’t have been Tikki, could it? Had his other half really been this close this entire time? He floated in the vague direction of the sound. Tikki’s breath hitched in her throat as Plagg floated precariously close to her her fortress of pink cushions.

Plagg’s eyes grew big as he approached the pile of pillows and spied a pair of terrified blue eyes. “You have got to be kidding me,” Plagg said under his breath. He stopped in the air and covered his mouth. What was Tikki doing there?

“What is it, Plagg?” Adrien said cautiously as he took a few hesitant steps towards his kwami. His heart was in his throat as Plagg looked up to him with wide eyes and his tail flicking side to side. He stopped as Plagg’s eyes zipped between the pile of pillows and Adrien.

Plagg took a deep breath. This was always hard. He wasn’t even sure if it was the right time to reveal who Ladybug was yet. Plagg shook his head. Tikki was right to hide. The two of them weren’t ready and Adrien didn’t need another thing on his mind. “I - It’s nothing, kid. I just thought about a world without my beautiful camembert,” he said with a comical grimace.

Adrien’s lips straightened into a line. He knew it was a lie. It couldn’t be anything but a lie. He wondered what in the hell could be so important for the aloof Plagg to lie about. His eyes wandered over to the mountain of pillows.

Plagg quickly flew to between Adrien’s eyes. “A-anyways, kid, shouldn’t you be getting back to your seat?”

Adrien sighed. It was no use. He plopped back into the office chair. He managed to steal several glances at the pillows but he couldn’t discern anything unusual about them. Was he just imagining it all?

Marinette climbed the steps in a hurry. She stuck the flattened boxes beneath her arm as she unlatched the door. Plagg jumped before diving into Adrien’s shirt. Adrien helped Marinette into the room by holding the door open. A faint pink flashed over her cheeks. He seemed awfully Chat-like as he gently held her wrist.

“Thanks,” she said with a small smile. He smiled back. Marinette swore that she could see some of her partner in the way that his smile pulled to one side more than the other.

“No problem,” Adrien said as he returned to his seat. Marinette sat across from him and set the thin cardboard onto the floor.

“Right, we should probably get started,” Marinette said as she picked up a needle and white thread. Adrien threaded his own needle, surprising Marinette. “You know how to sew?”

Adrien shrugged. “A little,” he said. “My mom taught me. She said it was a useful skill to have.”

Marinette’s expression faltered as a pit formed in her stomach. Right, his mother was missing. Only Ladybug knew that though. Marinette took a small breath as she collected herself. “Oh really?” Marinette said, not quite knowing what else to say. A quiet moment passed. Adrien’s expression fell despite his smile. Marinette wanted to beat her head against the wall for this whole predicament. Why did she have to bring up such a painful memory for him? She thought back to Chat crying at the Tower. It broke her heart to see him like that. She wanted him to be happy. She wanted him to feel like he belonged, no matter how empty his home life was. She wanted to connect with him as Marinette, as a dear friend.

Adrien nodded. “Yeah, she would teach me things here and there between lessons.” Adrien thought about his mother as he stared at the needle and thread between his fingers. “I guess her little lessons are finally coming handy, huh?” he said with a forced chuckle.

Marinette laughed at the poor joke, but no joy filled her heart. She knew that he could do better and that his eyes were far to unfocused for him to be happy. He usually had this sparkle in his green eyes, but it was all gone. “Yeah,” Marinette said in a desperate attempt to change the topic. Talking about his mother (or either parent in fact) would only make Adrien more depressed. “It’ll surely help right now as we sew on all these flowers.” Marinette said with a flourish of her hand. She reached over Adrien to grab her sketch before moving her sewing machine to the floor. Adrien almost got up to help, but was stopped when Marinette raised her hand. She unfolded the dress so that the bottom laid flat on the tabletop.

Adrien watched as she took a chalk pencil and drew a curved line onto the skirt. She drew with such ease that Adrien wondered just how many times she had done this. He guessed that a lot of hard work and determination had gone into her hobby. “Just sew the flowers along this line, but not perfectly in line. Sort of like they’re falling and this line is just a breeze that picked them up. Do you know what I mean?” she said with a nervous tone.

Adrien nodded. It seemed simple enough. He just hoped that his limited artistic ability wouldn’t disappoint Marinette.

Marinette demonstrated how to sew on the simple flowers, a skill that Adrien quickly picked up, before heading to the floor where the cardboard was. She made quick work to cut out the two circles for the brim and build the top portion of the hat out of the thin cardboard. Adrien worked as quickly as he could while Marinette glued black fabric to the various pieces. Marinette smoothed out her bangs as she returned to her seat. Her eyes widened as she looked at Adrien’s handiwork. She wasn’t expecting mastery of any kind, but it looked quite nice.

“Damn, you weren’t kidding,” Marinette said.

Adrien looked away. “Thanks, I surprised myself too,” he said. Marinette picked up her own needle and began to thread flowers as the glue dried. Adrien felt like he should say something. Anything. “You’re amazing, Marinette.”

Marinette stopped threading the flower together. “W-What?”

“Ah, I was just saying that you’re amazing, Marinette. I mean, look at all this,” Adrien said, motioning to everything in her room, most which she had modified. “Not just anyone could do all of this. You know that, right?”

Marinette blushed as Adrien’s words sunk in. “Oh, umm it’s nothing special. I just like to make things.” She played with one of her pigtails as her ears turned pink.

The two engaged in light conversation while working on the costume pieces. A few hours passed and the two managed to finish both projects by dinnertime. Sabine came climbing up the stairs as Marinette sewed on the final flower. “Hey are you two kids ready for dinner? Are you staying over tonight, Adrien?”

Adrien took a look at his phone to find a text from Nathalie that it was time to go. It was ten minutes ago, meaning that she would be there any second. With a sigh, he said, “Thank you for the offer ma’am, but my ride is coming.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Sabine said, “Marinette, why don’t you walk him out?”

Marinette nodded before snipping off the final thread. Tom waved goodbye as the teens went out through the back entrance and waited by the curb for the Gorilla to show.

The brisk spring night sent a breeze that whistled through the tree branches. “Hey,” Marinette said, “is something bothering you?” She knew there was. There were a lot of things, but she wanted to be able to support him as Marinette the civilian, not just as Ladybug.

“What makes you say that?”

“Call it intuition, I guess,” she said, “Well, I might be wrong. But if there’s something that’s bothering you and want someone to talk to, I’m always free to listen.”

Adrien turned so that he faced her instead of the road. His heart was in his throat and he didn’t know quite what to say. He did what he thought was right. Adrien smiled and gave her a light hug. “Thank you, Marinette.”

Marinette squeaked but eventually hugged him back. No other words were exchanged after they let go of each other.

As the Gorilla rolled up, Plagg peeked from behind Adrien’s over-shirt with big eyes. This was Ladybug. That was the only explanation for Tikki to be there. He couldn’t believe that the awkward girl from Adrien’s house was his Ladybug. Sure, Ladybugs weren’t ever some sort of perfect goddess, but this girl was a special kind of klutz.

He needed to talk to Tikki.

Miraculous Ladybug - Love Square Week - Day 1: Senses

Hello, hello, hello!

This is my first time ever participating in a fandom week!

So, this is a bit exciting for me.

I also haven’t written in an incredibly long time, but I hope it isn’t too rusty.

Pairing(s): Marichat

Rating: General Audience

Warning(s): Food


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This Goofy Fish Poops Out White-Sand Beaches

“Ah, Hawaii. The resplendent luaus and awe-inspiring volcanoes. Tom Selleck and his mustache running around private-investigating stuff. The beautiful white-sand beaches made of fish poop.

Oh, that’s right. Your precious Hawaiian beach vacation was actually a frolic through epic amounts of doody. Specifically, the doody from a very special kind of critter…”

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Stiles/Derek + mustaches

Hoechlin’s new mustache + lingeringfears and I discussing said mustache on twitter + me throwing fic at her on twitter last night + it being the middle of the night when it happened = this. I said I’d write something longer, so here it is.

It’s a Monday when Stiles first sees it.

He walks into the mechanic shop and stops in his tracks, taking Derek in.

“What the hell is that?” Stiles blurts out, quickly bringing a hand up to cover his mouth and tries not to laugh.

Derek raises an eyebrow pointedly. “It’s a mustache, Stiles,” he says, and it’s like he’s been saying it all day long. He sounds tired, and just a little bit irritated. 

“Oh my god,” Stiles says, and quickly leaves, chuckling all the way to his jeep.

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