tom and fan

Beach date with Tom
  • The day would start off with definitely over packing the essentials.
  • I mean, two of you going to the beach surely wouldn’t require 4 beach towels, 2 tubes of sun lotion, 5 bottles of water, 2 bluetooth speakers, a beach umbrella, and a mountain of snacks
  • But nevertheless here you are
  • Tom had packed it all
    • and he was so proud of himself
    • Alright babe I think we’ve got everything!”
    • And you turn the corner to see the pile that he had collected.
    • “Uh….. Good job”
  • Lets be real, Tom would insist on carrying absolutely everything, being the gentleman he is. 
    • And also would refuse to make a second trip
    • Meaning he looked like a damn pack horse lugging everything on his arms and hands. 
      • Lets not deny here that his arms would look hella good carrying all that junk. Flexed biceps are my weakness
  • But somehow with only dropping minimal things, everything was packed and ready for your adventure.
  • As soon as the two of you got to the beach, instantly sand was thrown and tossed everywhere just from walking through it
  • And trying to lay down towels flat was a mission and a half
  • Lets not forget the struggle that was sticking the beach umbrella into the sand study enough so it would stay upright
    • only for the wind to pick up 5 minutes later and blow it away again
    • Honestly watching Tom chase down a beach umbrella as it tumbled across the sand was an amusing sight to see.
    • Because even though the dude is athletic af, he still manages to trip over his own feet
  • Once everything was set up though, and you were well invested into your favourite book, Tom would think its the perfect time to annoy you
    • Cold hands digging into your sides, the tickle you made you jolt and wriggle in an attempt to get away
    • And he would stop…. only to pick you up with ease, and throw you over his shoulder
    • He would then run as fast as he could to the water while you continued to kick and scream as he carried you
  • He would without a doubt throw you into the water, playfully tossing you from over his shoulder and into the ocean
  • But afterwards he would be all “sorry babe, but I couldn’t resist, you just looked too hot out there” accompanied with a wink
    • But then he’d hug you and really ask if you were okay
      • and you’d splash his with water and push him over
        • and he’d get pushed around by a wave that came at the perfect time while you doubled over in laughter
      • this would continue for a while, chasing after each other and splashing water, making a lot of noise from squealing and laughing
      • But you wouldn’t care about the other people looking at you because you were having a damn good time
  • Tom would get sunburnt for sure
    • He would be so worried about putting sun lotion on you that he forgot about himself
      • Literally every 10 minutes, “do you want me to put lotion on your back love?”, and you’d comply, but you knew it was because Tom was worried about you 
      • and also he wanted to put his hands all over you to show off in front of everyone at the beach that you were with him. 
      • You were okay with it  because it also meant that everyone knew that he was yours
  • He’d wince at the feeling of you spreading aloe gel on his shoulders
    • But he’d sit in front of you nevertheless because you assured him it would help
    • And you didn’t mind helping him because you wouldn’t want to rub their hands all over Tom’s shirtless back and shoulders and arms and chest and torso help me
  • It’d be an early night to bed for the two of you because being in the sun all day really drains him and gosh this is just such a mood how much do I have to pay for this to happen



I loved the new Thor movie so much! But all I can think about besides that story about Loki turning into a snake is how Stephen Strange sent Thor and Loki to find Odin specifically to get Loki off earth and now Thor’s on his way to earth with a whole bunch of Asgardians… 

of course, with that mid-credit scene who knows if they’ll actually get there…


Tom Holland serving looks in this outfit™.