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Draco Malfoy and the Yule Ball Disaster

Draco Malfoy x reader

Warnings: None

A/N: I haven’t read Harry Potter in years, just some fan fictions, and I haven’t watched the movies in a bit either. Still, I did my best, I hope you all enjoy! Also, the photo? I mean, my skills are improving!

You look up just as Draco Malfoy confidently sits down beside you on the stone bench, and you send him a look with a frown. You’re trying to study, you’d chosen this specific bench because no one ever comes this far back; how did the annoying blond always have an uncanny ability to find you when you least want him too?

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Whatever You Want, Peter

Anon Request: Love your writing 👋🏻 could you do a fic where the reader and Peter are at a club as strangers and they start getting close and dancing ;) together??

Warnings: flirty Peter, saucy(?) dancing

Tags: @yourgayonlinemom, @broken-pieces, @bubblyanarocks3

The Fat Cat was a pretty popular night club in NYC that allowed people under eighteen in so long as they wore indicators that they weren’t allowed to be sold alcohol–normally in the form of a large stamp on their hands the shape of a cat. Since freshmen and sophomores weren’t allowed to go to prom unless invited by an upperclassman as their date, many of the underclassmen decided to meet up at the Fat Cat for a fun time. New to the school and thinking this would be the perfect opportunity to meet people her age, (Y/N) decided take up Flash Thompson’s offer to meet up at the club with a bunch of other kids from her new school. (Y/N) and Flash had been competitors since they were young, mostly for scholarships to the most prestigious schools and positions in once in a lifetime internship opportunities, but overall he had tried to integrate her into the school. He wasn’t necessarily a bad guy, but he also wasn’t her cup of tea. She could take him in doses, but too much flash lead to migraines and long arguments or debates between the two. Going to the Fat Cat would give her the opportunity to interact with her longtime acquaintance for a while and then slip off into a crowd of new potential friends when he got to be too much for her to handle.

(Y/N) hoped she hadn’t shown up too over or under dressed for the establishment. She came from a place that didn’t have ‘teen night clubs’ and was still kind of wary about the place when she arrived. Upon walking in the door, she was immediately stamped with the Fat Cat logo and sent on her way. The different colored flashing lights made it hard for her to see what exactly was  happening and who was where. Slowly, she made her way toward a group of people that looked to be around her age and slowly, Flash came into sight.

“Look who decided to show up,” he said in a sly, mocking tone as (Y/N) lingered along the outskirts of their group. “Boys, this is the little ‘protege’ I was telling you about,” he mocked again.

“You’re just going to take that?” one of the guys standing beside Flash asked the girl who just strode up on them.

“I prefer to let the scores speak for themselves,” she said in a sly, confident tone. The previous week, students interested in the decathlon team tested for their positions. (Y/N) hadn’t even known her new school had a decathlon team, but her history teacher was the teacher and had her take the entrance exam after class one day. Needless to say, (Y/N)’s scores soared above Flash’s as well as almost everyone else’s on the team.

“Whatever,” Flash grumbled at her put down.

“I wonder how Parker’s going to feel about that,” another one of Flash’s friends murmured.

“Parker doesn’t deserve to feel anyway about it because he ditched the team,” Flash snapped. “He’s been absent the past week; there’s no way Coach is going to let him test now.” Slowly, (Y/N) started to wonder whether she had ever heard this ‘Parker’ kid mentioned before.

“Who’s Parker?” she asked hesitantly.

“Like I said, (Y/N), it doesn’t matter,” Flash grumbled. “He even ditched us tonight because he’s wrapped around Liz’s finger, so don’t go getting any ideas that he’s some nice guy like everyone else in this school seems to think he is.” (Y/N) didn’t know who Flash was talking about or why he was so adamant on portraying him as a horrid human being, but his attitude was starting to rub her the wrong way. Her lips pursed as she backed away from the group and wandered around the club, waiting for some excuse to dance or leave, or at least get the irritating, sticky ink off her hands.

In frustration, she dropped herself into a seat and gazed out across the dance floor. Quickly, she noticed that most, if not everyone in the club was between the ages of fourteen and sixteen and realized Flash’s parents had more than likely rented the place out in hopes his money could gain him more popularity. (Y/N) huffed. She knew they were good people but there were very selfish things about Flash that she could never get over, and the way his friends agreed so blindly with everything he had to say about this kid named Parker only furthered her understanding that most of the kids at her new school weren’t any better than those who bullied her at her old one.

(Y/N)’s eyes dried to her feet as they poked out from under her dark denim jeans. Determined, she rose from her spot and made her way onto the dance floor. A new school meant a new opportunity; she could start over and didn’t have to wallow in her own self-pity. The DJ at the club had also been paid off by Flash’s parents to make the occasion sort of like a school dance, which made the night a bit cheesy in (Y/N)’s opinion, but she didn’t waste any time thinking too much into the choice of music being played. Once the popular hip hop/pop music faded into what was now considered an old classic, ‘The Cupid Shuffle,’ (Y/N) faded into the swaying crowd of dancers.

The dance floor was too small for the amount of people trying to congregate around it, and (Y/N) was stuck near the middle. She didn’t mind how close her peers were to her so long as no one stomped on her foot, that was until someone in the line beside her turned the wrong direction. A pair of sneakers met toe to toe with her white converse and she lifted her eyes to the person in front of her. From his sneakers, she trailed the rest of the person’s attire: dark denim jeans that hung slightly loose around his legs and a regular black t-shirt with the words “The Physics is Theoretical, but the Fun is Real” written through an atom. She laughed at his choice of shirt for a fun night out and then quickly judged her own shirt that read “HOLDEN CAULFIELD THINKS YOU’RE A PHONY.” As they each continued their individual movements of ‘The Cupid Shuffle,’ she couldn’t help laughing at the floppy haired, brown-eyed boy in front of her. As the lyrics flooded into the ‘walk it by yourself’ portion of the dance sequence, he offered her his hand. Without thinking, she took it and he spun her around before quickly jumping into her line and swaying his hips to the music alongside her.

With each step in the directions given, her hips swayed in small half circles causing her butt to pop back in an intriguing motion for teenage boys. The one beside her was no exception. It wasn’t exactly her intention to draw attention to herself while dancing; she just wanted to have fun and couldn’t help the fact that her hips happened to be wider than the idealized sophomore preppy girl. As the line traveled left, she couldn’t help looking beside her at the boy who had just jumped in line beside her. His hips swayed methodically and his legs and arms flowed as if music was a river in his veins.

As the lyrics signaled for them to turn in line again, (Y/N) swayed her hips back and forth as she lowered herself closer to the ground and then rose. Upon putting the boy behind her and swaying her hips up from her squatted position, she felt a foreign entity pressed against her backside. Immediately realizing what was happening, her heart jumped a beat. Rather than freaking out and pulling herself way from the stranger, she went with it. Looking down, she watched his sneakers and paired her strides with his, shaking her ass along the front of his pants with each step of the dance and allowing him to grind himself against her with the denim of their jeans being the only thing separating the obvious sexual attraction he had toward her.

(Y/N) bit her lip seductively as the music indicated it was time for them to turn and be shoulder to shoulder with one another. Instantly, she turned her head over her shoulder and winked at the boy who immediately realized what he had done. The music faded into ‘Shape of You’ and he took her hands in his and spun her into a sweetheart before pulling her out of the spin and pressing her body against his. His left hand dug into her lower back, pressing her hips against his, making sure she could feel every step he took and hoping she’d follow. (Y/N)’s right hand rested on the back of the boy’s neck as he stared down between the pair’s bodies. Unsure of if he was watching their feet or her breasts, she puffed her chest out as he pushed her out from him and then spun her around twice, bringing her back in toward his body.

They entered a swing-dance like pattern of steps, their bodies so close together they could feel the pounding in each other’s hearts. He wanted nothing more than to lift her, to swing out of the club with her arms wrapped around him just as they are now, but they had attracted quite the crowd and too many eyes were on them. Growing more embarrassed by the second, he quickly spun her off the dance floor and around the stand the DJ stood on, away from the attention of others.

“What’s the matter?” (Y/N) quickly asked with a wink, “can’t handle the heat?”

“You’re new to Midtown High, aren’t you?” he asked, not even slightly out of breath. (Y/N) nodded with a smile.

“Yeah, I transferred about a week ago,” she said through her grin, “I’m (Y/N).”

“Hi, I’m Peter,” he said, flashing her an irresistible grin. “So, um, (Y/N), what are you doing the rest of the night?”

“Whatever you want, Peter,” she smirked. The smile on his face widened as he took her hand and ran up to the rooftop, prepared to take the newest Midtown high student on a proper tour of the city, in a way only he could deliver.

imagine kissing Peter Parker

Placing his firm hands on your waist, he pulled you towards him, closing the gap between the both of you. Your heart thumped against your chest and you felt your breathing hitch. Was this really happening ? Peter gingerly placed his thumb under your Chin, lifting your face up so that your eyes meet. You gazed into those chocolate brown eyes of his before studying his features, a knot formed in your stomach. Peter couldn’t take his eyes off your lips. He yearned for a taste. “May I ?” He said as he pulled your face closer till your lips were barely an inch apart. “Yes” you snapped , almost desperately, as you leaned up towards him and placed his cheeks between your hands. He pressed his lips onto yours. You tasted his warm, slightly chapped lips against your skin, creating a tingly sensation in your stomach. His grip on your waist was firmer as he lifted you onto a table nearby, stroking your inner thigh, causing you to let out a small moan. You playfully bite his bottom lip and your hands travel to his hair, placing your fingers between his soft, loose locks of hair. You couldn’t help but smile, breaking the kiss. “That was incredible ” He let out a breathy laugh. “Yeah”.

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UnExpected : Bob Saginowski x Nadia Fan Fic (The Drop)


hi! I have a request for a one shot. It’s about a girl who doesn’t want to get married despite all this Tom propose to her. She says no (not because she doesnt love him), After that there is a a big fight, they dont speak to each other… A week later he asks her to marry him again, cause he doesnt want to live without her, alos makes a big speech about how they love each other and stuff. She cries, (probably he too) and says yes. They share a romantic kiss after that there’s sex…. That’s pretty much the story, but can you make a longer version than mine? It can involve Rocco the dog in it, as a pet the adopted together. Thank you inn advance!

Since I don’t write Real Person, in this case Tom Hardy himself, at the Anon’s consent, this is amended to be the characters from The Drop; Bob Saginowski and Nadia


The game announcer droned in the background over the creaky whirring of the bar dishwasher as he plied the white cloth up and down the long counter.   Picking up a lone glass, he tossed the ice cube remnants into the sink and added the tumbler to the wash.  One eye flickered from the basketball game on the television set to the gray dog laying down upon the floor chewing an old shoe he had dragged from the lost and found.

“Hey Rocco… whatcha got there?”  

Throwing the cloth upon the counter, Bob shuffled over to the medium sized pit bull, who sensing his advance turned his body in attempt to hide his prize.  

“Listen, listen Rocco, you don’t wanna be eating shoes like that.  All tough hide and dirty laces and who knows what on the bottoms.”  

Brow wrinkled, Bob knelt down to reach for the shoe and a tug of war between man and beast ensued, Rocco holding the shoe between his white paws and strong jaw.   Given the breed in question, man invariably lost the battle. Rocco trotted off to another corner, the prize held secure, while Bob silently gazed down on the broken bit of shoe lace in his hand.  Lips compressed while his  hand scratched just under his cheek, and eyes following the dog.

“Hey Rocco, these ain’t safe, you know.  You should know better by now.   You’re not a puppy no more… I can’t always be watchin you.”

The dog had turned to look at the sound of his name, but having nothing of greater interest than the shoe offered, with a grumpy groan returned to his chewing.   Bob threw his hands up in defeat and disgust.   Mumbling at the dog in a slow, deep gravelly voice while he walked back to the bar.  

The next few minutes he busied himself clearing the bar of liquor bottles, and glasses; before the final chore of putting money in the safe.    For a brief moment he leaned against the edge of the bar, staring blankly ahead while one finger rubbed lazily against an eye.   A wetness shining in the corners that refused to give up its hold and slip free.   With a sigh he turned and grabbed the cash from the drawer and bent to open the safe.   The lock clicked free and he pulled open the door revealing stacks of cash and several other items… including a velvet covered jewelry box.   Bob placed the stack of cash beside the others and touched the deep purple box briefly before pushing it back and shutting the safe door with a slam.   Rocco barked from his corner.   He then collected the garbage to go in the trash bin at the back of the bar.   Pulling a gun from beneath the bar and tucking it in the back of his pants, he slowly walked through the bar to the back door.  A silent withering glance at Rocco when he passed by.    A few steps later he whistled and Rocco jumped up to follow, leaving his hard won chew toy behind.  

“Come on Rocco, hurry up, I don’t got all night to wait for you to decide where to pee.  What’s so hard to decide, just lift your leg and go boy.”

In truth there was no great hurry to be anywhere.  Just home to an empty house.   A home that felt even emptier since the fight with his girlfriend Nadia.   His mind drifted back to the covered box in the safe while the dog took his sweet time sniffing every leaf that moved or scrap of garbage on the ground.   Finally the dog chose his spot and lifted his leg.  The same spot along the fence he always chose and Bob loosed a weary sigh.   The two ambled back into the bar and having nothing better to do, or occupy his mind, he reopened the safe and taking out the velvet box, set it upon the bar.   Leaning elbows on the bar, he opened the lid and stared at the beautiful shining diamond ring inside with a blank, unblinking expression.   The only sign of troubled thoughts was how one finger continually rubbed an eye, and one finger tapped upon the diamond setting.

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I’M DYING ahahahahah

I hope you like it!
I’m sorry if there’ll be some language mistakes, i did that in a really super short time ;_;