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While her brothers receive the new, glossy books of Gilderoy Lockhart, Ginny herself is thrown old, discarded books that symbolically embed a very dangerous diary. It is in this diary that Ginny pours her rage, her disembodied voice, that disrupts the school and conjures the immortal boy Tom Riddle, the boy who is really the dark lord himself.

Ginny’s writing communicates things the aboveground world silences. When we discover that Ginny’s writing has transgressed the boundaries of the diary, appearing in blood on the very walls of the school, we realize that the target of a victim’s rage grows. The diary is, like the chamber, a very old vehicle for unleashing repressed feelings, also for Tom Riddle, the abandoned boy haunting Hogwarts. 

Together, the parseltongue of Ginny and Tom runs riot in the school.

             -    Holly Blackford, The Myth of Persephone in Girls’ Fantasy Literature


Slytherins of the Marauders era. [Fancast part 1]

Louis Garrel as Severus Snape

Skandar Keynes as Regulus Black

Gaspard Ulliel as Rodolphus Lestrange

Tom Hughes as Rabastan Lestrange

Boyd Holbrook as Lucius Malfoy

Gabriella Wilde as Roxanne Malfoy (perhaps she didn’t exist but whatever)

Sarah Gadon as Narcissa Black

Anne Hathaway as Andrómeda Black

Eva Green as Bellatrix Black

Natalie Dormer as Rita Skeeter


A/N: Hi guys! Here’s the third part of the imagine, hope you enjoy it!
I’m still undecided about who should I choose as Theo Morgan (male version of Tess Morgan) I don’t know if I should choose Tom Hiddleston or Josh Hartnett, what do you think? 

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-How much do you know about speedsters? – asks Harry

- With my partner, we create a particle accelerator two years ago,  didn’t explode but it had a leak of dark matter which when we were able to repair it had already been too late, then ‘The metas’ were created , obviously we have The Flash to protect the city and we are training him good enough to stop the evil metas back on Earth 21
– the portal began to vibrate – oh, here he comes - a man appeared – he’s Theo Morgan, my partner and husband

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Mergana AU:
Prince Merlin of Avalon escapes from His Kingdom to ask help to His uncle Gaius and the new crowned Queen Morgana Pendragon in Camelot for protect the Holy Grail. Merlin arrives in Camelot in disguise as Gaius new assistant, Morgana is strangely attracted by him and she tries to become close to Gaius’s ward and questioned him about His past, discovered about the Grail she helps him to protect it with the aid of Morgana sister Elaine.


Can we please teach our children this? Love isn’t someone telling you you’re pretty, it’s nice to hear but not being pretty doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to love just as much. You don’t need to be deemed beautiful to be deemed lovable. There are many far more important things.

Extract taken from Eva Ibbotson’s The Secret Countess/The Countess Below Stairs.

Yes, hello, I am an animator at Fresh TV! Here's the cast:

1: Gwen
2: Courtney
3: Tom
4: Jasmine
5: Eva (She has two eyebrows now, not a fan of that design change)
6: Sadie (Not Katie!! Her plot is about her coping with not having her friend)
7: Sammy
8: A new character named “WiFi” who likes exercise
9: Chef the cat
10: Ezekiel’s rotting corpse
11: Monokuma
12: The Cat in the Hat
13: Chris McLean in a fur suit
14: Duncan
15: The entire cast of Grojband
16: Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus
17: Dave’s skeleton
18: My mom
19: ICUP
20: Geoff