tom hiddleston



Adult Cast:

1) Finn Wolfhard - Simon Helberg

2) Sophia Lillis - Amy Adams

3) Jaeden Lieberher - Colin Hanks

4) Jack Dylan Grazer - James Franco

5) Wyatt Oleff - Tom Hiddleston 

6) Chosen Jacobs - Donald Glover

7) Jeremy Ray Taylor - Jake Gyllenhaal

8) Megan Charpentier - Marion Cotillard

9) Jackson Robert Scott - Leonardo DiCaprio

10) Nicholas Hamilton - Tom Hardy

Do you Like “IT” ?

Can we talk about how Thor actually tried to do what Natasha did….I mean look at him he’s smiling so much…it’s been two years since he met his friends…he’s fighting Bruce but yet when he sees him he’s so happy….There is no person whose more positive than Thor…he’s just a cute space Labrador who we do not deserve


Thanos promises Loki to use the powers of the Tesseract to bring you back to life if he brings it to him. Loki never cared about anything, he never loved anyone as much as he loved you. And since you’ve been dead, his heart has endlessly yearned for you, to see you and hold you again. He knows that this will put a definite end to his relationship with Thor, might even cause his death, but he cares not; he’ll do anything just to bring you back.

theory: taika waititi had multiple takes of the grandmaster winking at loki, and was planning on using one of the good, natural ones, but marvel caught on to taika’s gay plans and forced him to leave in the worst take, where we can’t even tell if jeff goldblum is winking or not. luckily you can’t fool us gays and we got the hint anyway.