something special // tom holland

Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: just SO much fluff… all of the fluff
Summary: you’ve had a rough week and tom plans something special just for you
Prompt: “I don’t think I’ll ever understand what I did to deserve you.”
A/N: ooooof hey y’all. here’s a piece i did for @spideymood and @tomsfireheart‘s writing challenge. i finished this a while ago, and have been waiting to post it. it’s raining today and i could use some fluff so here it is. i like this one quite a bit, so i hope you do too! feedback would be greatly appreciated :)


Your week had been absolutely terrible, and Tom was painfully aware of this. Work was kicking your ass, and you had a big project coming up, forcing you to spend a whole lot of extra time working on it. People at work weren’t always the nicest to you either, which just added to how shitty you were feeling. While you tried your best to keep your work life and home life separate, the week had been too much to handle, and you ended up taking it out on Tom. You hadn’t meant to, of course, but coming home to a pile of dishes in the sink, or Tom standing over your shoulder as you tried to work, only made you more crabby. You’d snapped at him more than once out of frustration throughout the week. By the time Friday night rolled around, you were beyond ready for a break. Tom knew this, and planned a relaxing evening for the two of you to spend together.

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Hitting On You | tom holland

summary: out of your anger you punch a stranger straight in the face - but hey, what if that stranger is really really cute?

words: 1594

a/n: tadaa! finally, another one-shot! I hope you like it, I’m so happy how it turned out! :) love you x

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Poof! Po - poof!

You punched the bag repeatedly, sweat running down your forehead. Your arms were getting tired but you were not about to give up. You were too angry for that.

The clock above the entrance to the small gym showed 1 am. You had been here for two hours, and you were not about to stop.

It had been a hard and long day. You had to get early to your job because your boss had a few meetings he wanted to talk about with you.

You had been your boss’ assistant for two years now and you were desperately hoping for a promotion to be a writer. But for two years, you were constantly bringing him coffee and listen to him talking about his issues at home. And today was just the same: You ran through London to get him everything he wanted and when you walked back to his office, you picked up the following conversation between your boss and the president of the company:

„Are there any promotions coming up?“

You held your breath, needing to hear your boss’ answer. „Yes, there is one coming up - a young guy named Adam who just started his job half a year ago has been very successful.“

When he said that sentence, you completely lost it. You knew better not to run into the office and make a scene in front of the office, holding back your anger until you could confront your boss, alone.

The president left half an hour ago later and when he was out of sight, you got up and marched into your boss’ office, closing the door behind you. He raised his eyebrows at your sudden arrival.

„Can I help you, Ms Y/L/N?“

You walked towards his desk, trying to find the right words.

„Yes, actually you can. I want a promotion.“

„Since when are you the one to decide that?“

You smiled, used to his stubbornness. But you continued, „I’ve been working for you for two years now, don’t you think it would be time?“

Your boss shook his head, a little smile appeared on his face that you hated. „I’m not gonna do that.“

Your words rushed out and you didn’t regret them. This job was leading to nowhere and if you continued, you would never achieve your dream.

„Alright, then I quit.“

And with these words, you walked out, packed all your stuff and left the building.


And now here you were, in the small gym that was in your apartment complex. After you had left work, you ran home and immediately went down here, trying to get your anger out of your body. You had always kept it inside of you, but today was the day to finally let it go and take a step towards your dreams. Even though you were unemployed.

You hit the punching bag again and again and your muscles were burning, but the loud music in your eyes was tempting to go even further. Some rock singer was screaming into your ear, telling you that his heart was broken but you ignored the lyrics, only focusing on the music.

Suddenly there was a tap on your shoulder. You were in such a rush that you didn’t see something like this coming so you turned around and lunged at the person that was behind you. In the first moment, you didn’t even realise what you had done. But when you saw the young guy on the ground, holding his nose, you noticed that you just hit a stranger, straight in the face without any reason.

„Oh my god, I’m so sorry!“

You crouched down in front of the boy, feeling helpless. The boy looked up at you but he was still holding his nose in pain. You couldn’t see any blood so that was good, but when the nose is broken, does it bleed??

The boy sat up and slowly put his hand from his nose. It didn’t look like it was broken but you had punched him pretty hard. „I - it’s fine. It was pretty stupid from me to just sneak up behind you while you couldn’t even hear me. You’ve got a good punch though.“

He smiled at you but you still felt bad. Even though it was somehow his own fault. When you looked at his face, he seemed familiar to you. And then it clicked: He also lived in this complex and you had seen him a few minutes when you left or came back, but you had never talked to each other. A neighbour had told you that his first name was Tom, but that’s the only thing you really knew about him. He looked really good and always send you a cute smile but you just knocked him to the ground, your chances were very slim.

„You’re Tom right? Why did you even tap me on the shoulder when you saw that I was really into it?“ Toms face got red and he finally got himself up to standing. „Uhm.. yes I’m Tom, how do you even know that? I just saw you in there two hours ago when I left the building and when I just came back you were still punching the bag like a maniac, and I just wanted to know if you’re okay and if you wanna talk about it, because no one is going that hard for only a fitter body.“

You smiled at him, happy that he noticed that and wanted to check on you, even if it ended pretty badly. „A neighbour told me once. I’ve just quitted my job actually and I was so angry at my shitty boss I just needed a distraction. So I’ve just been punching this bag for four hours, thinking that this bag is my boss.“

Tom laughed and nodded, completely understanding your decision.

„Do you wanna talk about it?“


When you had packed all your stuff together, the two of you moved to your apartment that was just one floor higher than Toms. You changed into some comfy clothes and brought Tom a cool pack to cool off his swelling nose.

„It’s not that bad, I promise you.“ You just handed him the pack and sat down next to him.

„Just take it.“

„So why did you quit today?“ He asked you with a raised eyebrow, curious about your day. You sighed and leaned back, closing your eyes.

„I’ve been working for my boss for two years now as an assistant and I always wanted to be a writer in his company. I took the job two years ago because the company told me that there was a big chance that I would be promoted in a short amount of time. But all I’m doing is bringing my boss coffee and filling his calendar but that’s not my potential, you know? I studied so hard and I love writing but this ass just used me.“

Tom nodded at you, completely understanding. He may not have had the same way as you, but he knew the feeling. It was never nice when somebody told you that you would get something but then there’s was nothing. It was a horrible feeling.

„Hey, it’s gonna be fine. You’re gonna find a much better job where you are not hitting people in the nose!“ You giggled and hit his shoulder, happy that there was someone to talk to. All your anger had vanished just by talking and not punching til you were completely exhausted.

The two of you chatted all night, you were in your own bubble full of light and laughter and you felt so happy like you hadn’t in a very long time. When the sun started to rise, Tom stood up.

„I actually have to go to work a bit later, so I better catch some sleep before I head off.“ You nodded and smiled, knowing that you could just lay in bed all day and not worry about a damn thing. Just the curly haired boy.

„But I still owe you something for that blue nose though. Do you maybe wanna grab dinner this weekend?“ Tom literally beamed at you. He was so excited that you had asked him, he was way too shy around girls to make the first move. „Yes, of course! I will just drop by this afternoon and tell you a time?“

You nodded and then you stood at the door, two people who started the night off as strangers and ended it of as friends. Maybe even friends who wanted to be more?

You stared at your shoes, not knowing if you should just wave him off or hug him but Tom surprised you when he pressed a cheeky kiss on the corner of your mouth. Your eyes widened but he was too quick to catch the kiss. Tom stepped back, waving at you.

„See you, Tom.“

„See you, Darling. And by the way, you looked really sexy when you punched that bag.“


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Just Pretend - Chapter 2

Summary: Y/N and Tom have been best friends since the beginning. But one day, their friendship is tested in more ways than one when he asks her to be his fake date to a wedding.

Word Count: 2070

Characters: Bestfriend!Tom x reader, reader’s dad

Warnings: Angst, sexual assault (not described), language

A/N: Please be mindful of the warnings. It’s not graphic, but I put a lot of energy into the reaction of the scenario. FEEDBACK ROCKS!

Check out more of my stuff HERE



“Tom, are you alright?” Y/N asked. She had already sprinted down the stairs and started the car. “Where are you? I’m on my way.”

“I’m” He let out a shaky breath. “I’m ok. Don’t worry. Just please come. Corner of Freemont and Fourth. Thank you.” He hung up before Y/N could ask any more questions. She sped through stop signs and swerved passed any lonely cars blocking the road, endless bad scenarios racing through her mind.

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Blurb weekend?

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Okay, I know it only Thrursady (Australia dates) but I really want something to do this weekend! So send in as many blurbs and requests as possible! Any boy (and even some girls if you want? 😉)Any subject! I’m also thinking of doing some female requests if you have them! I’m trying to branch out with my writing so send them in!

(Plus feel free to remind me of any fics that I have to do whops)

Some categories you may like to (but don’t have to) chose from are:

  1. Sub!
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  6. Assistant!
  7. Roommates!
  8. Bad boy!
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  14. Prince/King!
  15. Princess/ Queen!
  16. Nervous!
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  19. Fluff!
  20. Smut!
  21. Stressed!
  22. Uhh breakups?
  23. You get the point I’ll be writing for anything and everything. As per usual you DON’T have to choose from this list these are just some ideas.

I won’t be looking at theses request until Saturday 22 September 2018

(Little disclaimer, if you do send in reader x female stuff there may be some requests I won’t answer as I’m just learning to write for reader x female. If this offends you I’m sorry but as a writer I want my work to be good and have knowledge behind it. I want my blurbs/ fics fo appeal to everyone but something I can’t write about just yet, as I am new to this sort of thing. I would prefer to be cautious at this pint in time as I don’t want to offend people or make a mistake in how I write this type of thing, I hope you can understand that ☺️🖤)

Tom Holland looked pretty good today.

I didn’t see him but I know he looked good.


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Guess the Avenger - Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Title: Guess the Avenger

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: During a game in an interview where you show just how well you know your costars and friends, you and Tom prove that you know each other like the back of your hands and are the soulmates everyone believes you are. However, when things about your life get revealed, the fans go crazy and the shipping of you two has no end.

“Do you- do you always carry a pair of spoons with you wherever you go?” Jimmy asked with a smile once the audience stopped cheering.

“What? Oh yes, always! Always.” he nodded his head as you all wiped out your answers from the small white-board and got your own rewards for getting the answer right, a bonsai tree. You were currently playing a game where you had to guess which person out of the five of you had done any of the things that Jimmy asked. You were sitting in the first row, between Scarlet and Danai, while the boys, Tom and Mark, were in the back.

“I think the real question should be: Is there anything this man cannot do?” you exclaimed “I’ll dare you to try and find an answer to that one!” you grinned as the audience cheered and you friends and Jimmy all laughed. You felt a hand on your shoulder and looked back to give him a small wink as you gave his hand a squeeze.

“We’re gonna spend too many hours in here and we won’t come up with anything, that I know.” he chuckled, looking down at his cards for the next question.

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