me and a friend of mine were talking about stuff the other day and we came to a the thought that one way to end the Starco/Jarco conundrum is for Marco to simply end up with neither of them (and go with tom…or die or something). So I imagined this scenario that would make things more “dramatic” as compared to Marco just kind of talking things out like a regular human being.

consumed by guilt, Marco asks Tom, the only other magical being he knows to cast a spell on both Jackie and Star to make them forget he exists.

there we go…no more ship war =D

Matt: M-me!? What n-no I don- 

Tom: Oh, Right so who is she, Matt?!

Matt: N-no I- Tom I don’t! It’s not-

Tom: You so do!? You have to tell me you sneaky bastard! 

Matt: T-Tom, please!

Matt: I’m not surprised really- they used to have a thing before Edd got his powers. 



American Airlines Boeing 737-800 at LAX (N962AN) by wilco737
Via Flickr:
American Airlines departing runway 25R with many airplanes parked at TBIT (Tom Bradley International Terminal). An Asiana A380 can barely be seen at the left corner, then a Korean Air A380, Philippines A340 and a Qantas A380. Additionally an American Airlines Airbus with the new livery is taxiing out as well.