“I have stolen every treasure I can think of, and yet, you are the one who has stolen my heart, my little fluffy-kins. You thief…”

I’ve had these moth Oc’s for quite some time so I decided to develop their characters more. Taffy, the Tolype moth, is a thief. He steals anything thats shiny and he has stolen many hearts from lady moths, however, Lola, the Rosy Maple Moth, is the only girl who has stolen his heart instead! But will she fall for him? After stealing so many shiny things!!?

I am very attached to these two so expect more drawings of them…(also yes his eyelashes are meant to look like that…he had a fight with a bird and it ruined his eyelashes on his left eye…he’s also short sighted in that eye too…)

Please do not reuse, reprint or claim as your own. Lola and Taffy are © Jayneillustrator/Jayniemix