Hayatın bütün acıları, insanın hayvani şahsiyete sahip olmasından değil, belki bu şahsiyetin gerçek hayat olarak kabul edilmesinden ileri gelmektedir.

Elemler ve ıstıraplar insana ancak vicdani ihtiyaçlarının üstünü örtmek ve onları gizlemek için nefse ait ihtiyaçları arttırma ve kuvvetlendirme hususunda aklın araç kabul edilebildiği zaman vuku bulur.
—  Tolstoy, Hayat üzerine düşünceler
¿Por qué tomamos sustancias para embrutecernos? León Tolstoi en un argumento memorable | Pijamasurf

para Tolstoi, nuestra conciencia es asimétrica, tiende abruptamente hacia caminos (esperados) pero incomprensibles. Podemos ir tanto hacia en bienestar como hacia los ‘vicios’. 

Nuestras prioridades de la vida son salir de la rutina, romper con los hábitos, hallarnos en lugares donde no nos encontramos cotidianamente, y en cierta medida es una aspiración colectiva.

queenofdelilah asked:

hello, i was kinda melting over your blog and i wanted to ask you about book recommendations or movie actually or tv series? anything really 🙈

hey thanks!! and yes here are some recs:

fav books:

  • the secret history by donna tartt
  • the death of ivan ilyich by leo tolstoy
  • a separate peace by john knowles
  • the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald
  • the stranger by albert camus
  • the bell jar by sylvia plath
  • les faux monnayeurs by andré gide

fav movies:

  • au revoir les enfants (1987)
  • the fall (2008)
  • inside llewyn davis (2013)
  • hamlet (2000)
  • romeo + juliet (1996)
  • inception (2011)
  • interstellar (2014)
  • stoker (2013)

fav tv shows:

  • band of brothers (2001)
  • generation kill (2008)
  • daredevil (2015)
  • the pacific (2010)
  • firefly (2002)

hope this is helpful!! (also thank u for asking, this was fun to write out :)

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Name: Kyle
Time and Date: August 31st, 15:52
Average Hours of Sleep: 10 hours
Thing You Googled: “Harry Potter derp”
Birthday: January 22nd
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: ET Phone homo (aka gay as all hell)
Favorite Color: Any shade of blue
One Place That Makes Me Happy: Whole Foods (lol) What I’m Wearing Right Now: Homer Simpson boxers and a shirt with Nicolas Cage making a weird face that says “I’m a Winner!” (I got it from SD Comic Con last year)
Last Book I Read: Family Values by Tolstoy
Most Used Phrase: “That smells”
Favorite Beverage: Non-alcoholic piña coladas
Favorite Food: Spinach
Last Movie I Watched: Guardians of the Galaxy
Dream Vacation: Ireland!
Dream Wedding: I don’t care, as long as I’m marrying someone I love who loves me.
Dream Pets: An albino python, tortoises, frogs, various boas, a king snake, and lots of fish (black moores and koi).

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Book questions

I was tagged by tessalivesandbreathesbooks. Thank you for always tagging me dear! <3

1. Book/series that got you into reading?

I remember as a child I was fascinated with the worlds Jules Verne created and I think his books got me into reading. But HP and the Prisonier of Azkaban really really got me into reading!

2. A book you despised?

I can’t say despised, I don’t think I ever despised a book, but Anna Karenina by Lev Tolstoi was soo boring to me that I put it down after the first volume and I couldn’t finished it.

3. A book you NEED to reread?

The Book Thief is clreadly on my to re-read list if there can be such a list haha. I really enjoyed it. Also Aristotle and Dante is on that list too. It fascinated me to no-end! <3

4. A book you want your Mom/Dad/Guardian to read?

I want my dad to read Game of Thrones because when I first read Harry Potter we used to take turns to finish the same book and I just know he would love it! He likes fantasy too and I love him for that! <3

5. Favourite modern classic?

I don’t really know, but I think I will REALLY like Throne of Glass. I just feel it, hahaha! Is it a classic?

6. A genre you don’t reach for?

I don’t like horror, neither in books nor in movies.

7. The book you want to pick up next?

A Court of Thorns and Roses COME TO ME! xD

8. Two characters from different books that would be perfect together

Wow I never thought about shipping characters from different books so this is a thinker. Let’s see… um.. I’ve seriously thought for like 10 minutes and all I can come up is Dante and Liesel( I didn’t analyse it that well as I never thought of this subject so feel free to disagree haha)

9. Favourite book you read in school?

Ultima noapte de dragoste, intaia noapte de razboi by Camil Petrescu. Roughly translated “The last night of love, the first night of war” :D

10. Have you read any translated books? If so which ones?

Um almost all the books I’ve read are translated because I didn’t use to be so good with English (I still don’t but I’m a little better) so instead of struggling with the language I chose to actually understand the book as soon as I read it. But now I want to start reading more in English. :D

11. An unknown book/series you want me to read?

Have you read Eragon, Tess? It’s really awesome and I’ve never heard that many people talking about it :D

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i am just very attracted to boys who are 6ft or taller and have messy hair and a dark voice and look like a drug addict but in a good way and have tattoos and maybe a lip piercing and look like they haven’t slept for weeks and are kind of bad boys but as soon as you get to know them they read puschkin and tolstoi and poe and write poems and play an instrument or two and send you messages at 2am asking you to go for a road trip and watch the stars with you

There can be only one permanent revolution — a moral one; the regeneration of the inner man.
How is this revolution to take place? Nobody knows how it will take place in humanity, but every man feels it clearly in himself. And yet in our world everybody thinks of changing humanity, and nobody thinks of changing himself.
—  Leo Tolstoy, Three Methods of Reform