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9, 12, 14, 24, 41, 45 x

9. What should I be doing right now? - Probably more job applications, seeing if I can make my CV better, or working on my proper music blog so I can put actual meaningful good stuff on it. 

12. Are you mad at someone right now? - I don’t think I am, so nope.

14. What makes you laugh no matter what? - The 40-Year Old Virgin, which I could do with watching this evening probably.

24. What are you looking forward to? - Payday week because I get to go to Edinburgh to meet a production team and I get to go to Glasgow for 2 days for drunken and merry times with my friends in my favourite (UK) city. I cannot wait to see everyone and just enjoy myself! Including you, lovely!

41. What is your all-time favourite romance movie? - Serendipity. No question. Best.

45. Your thoughts on long distance relationships? - I don’t have experience to speak of but I think the right ones work and are worth the effort. But if one or the other isn’t invested as they should be then they shouldn’t put the other through it, as with all relationships really. Distance is a motherfucker, speaking as to being far from friends and people I like though. I know that feel.

Thank you lovely!

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ooooh have a lovely night he sounds very nice!

Thank you! And he totally is, I don’t think I’ve ever considered him this way but apparently I’m not in control anymore because I was very much going along with all our chat tonight at work. It takes 2 and all that. I’m so confused about my own self.

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stick on a dvd n light some muthafukin candles

Amy, that is a plan! I should probably hide my signed Andy photo that sits by bed too aye?

toloveamodernleper replied to your post: I do just want to get drunk at Christmas. But…

i start at 7 in the morning on boxing day n my aunts bought like 6 bottles of wine a bottle of champagne a bottle of vodka and a crate of beer. let’s die on boxing day together susie

We only have masses of beer and Blue WKD. Admittedly two/three WKDs fast enough will get me drunk but there’s 18 odd people coming over and we only have 10 bottles of that and I don’t drink beer. Actual woe. 

Can I crash your Christmas instead? :P

I should plan a January Glasgow trip for the sole purpose of getting drunk. Would you be up for that?

toloveamodernleper replied to your post: Enjoy tonight! Hope it’s best xxxx


Just replying to this now: YES A MILLION TIMES OVER!

We’ll just add ourselves to their luggage, they won’t mind and then they’ll get so used to us being all awesome at all the gigs that after a while that they’ll let us have seats on the planes/buses/vans they get and have a grand old time with them. And this is when you and Scott will fall in love and get married. Obviously. 


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THE LYRICS SUFFICED, THEY SUFFICCEEEEEDDDDDDDDD. thank you very much for the card, it was my first one. the one and only. taking pride of my place in my room, right next to a picture of tim robbins xxx

:D :D :D :D

My card getting to sit next to a picture of Tim Robbins is BEST news. So glad you liked it!

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im really worried incase we run out actually cos theres a bottle of gin n a bottle of vodka in the cupboard that i drank ages ago n just filled back up with water. fuck that. yeah actually that sounds gr8,i’ll keep money by for it.when u thinking?

Hahahaha, you don’t want to drink the water. That’s brilliant you just refilled it though, life hero.

Erm, I get paid on the 25th and that’s my big paycheck (should be abouts double). I could come for 2 days even and make it a mini weekend of drunkenness on the Thursday and Friday. Presuming people would actually hang about with me. Yes, it sounds like a plan. (And hilariously would be back in Glasgow on Feb 5th then Feb 8th. Heh.)

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6, 16, 26, 70, 73 x

6. What are you excited for? - Gremlins and mulled wine (if my mum will take me!). Also FRabbit’s new album and the tour. :D

16. Do you think you’ll change in the next 3 months? - I’m already changing but I really hope so. I want to be more outgoing and actually start going out and meeting new people, etc. But in Glasgow. So need to be there too.

26. Is your current hair color your natural hair color? - Yes it is.

70. Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing? - Never thought about it that way but probably writing or music. Or both.

73.  Have you ever cried because you were so happy? - Probably. A whole host emotions at the FR Belfast gig in September, a lot of them happy for instance almost got the better of me for the entire second half.

Thanks lovely!

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since you're on a bit of a carl sagan/science kick the now have you listened to symphony of science stuff? i'm assuming you have but JUST INCASE cos they're dyno xxxxxxxx

Ohhhhh, no I don’t think I have. But science is the bestest so science + music can only be good. Four for you for giving me the heads up. I can be awful slow.

Oh wait, now listening to one. I think I’ve heard some/one of them at least before but who cares? I can lose my night to this now.

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11, 27, 44, 46, 29 (l-o-l)

11. Put Your iTunes on shuffle, the first 20 songs that come up:

1. Good Arms Vs Bad Arms (live at Metro Chicago 2010) - Frightened Rabbit
2. Fast Blood (live at Rickshaw Stop 2010) - Frightened Rabbit
3. Rise - The Frames
4. If I Were a Carpenter - Bobby Darin
5. Zorbing - Stornoway
6. Hounds of Love - The Futureheads
7. Old Days - Chicago
8. Aminals - The Darien Venture
9. Peacemaker - Green Day
10. An Audience with the Pope - Elbow
11. Ships With Holes Will Sink (live at the Mill) - We Were Promised Jetpacks
12. After Hours (live at Leeds Met) - We Are Scientists
13. Red Lips and Fingertips - The Come Ons
14. Write Back - Miniature Dinosaurs
15. Run - Ben Lee
16. The Future (BTTF II soundtrack) - Alan Silvestri 
17. Twisted Mile (Live at the Mill) - Woodenbox
18. Blood - Editors
19. The Loneliness and the Scream (live at Rickshaw Stop 2010) - Frightened Rabbit
20. A Design For Life - Manic Street Preachers 

27. Five favourite ballads - Do I even listen to ballads?
God Only Knows by The Beach Boys and Dust in the Rain by Kansas. Also Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon and any Bryan Adams song. 

44. The most important thing music has ever given to me is friendship. Whether that be the bands themselves (although it probably couldn’t be considered friendship with all of them but shut up) or with the fans who are always, always amazing. 

46. Finish this sentence “One thing I can’t stand, is when a band”….becomes NME’s next best thing and then get to become huge with hardly any effort on their part. It’s not fucking fair to all the other bands who work their asses for years. This is a rant about NME and not so much about bands. I hope that’s allowed.

29. Do you consider yourself a “diehard fan” in some cases?

I shouldn’t answer this myself. I have been called both a groupie and no.1 of FRabbits by other people. I’d rather they speak for me. I just say I’m dedicated and I know my dedication is appreciated by the band so I like that.

9 - My Christmas list is lots and lots of DVDs that I don’t own yet, some stuff I got in America that was put away (clothes really) and all the new FRabbit merch. Yeah boi!

18. Quote you live by - “If you’re dumb, surround yourself with smart people. If you’re smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you” - Isaac Jaffee, Sports Night. Sorkin leads my life. That is among others like from Ferris Bueller and Dwayne from Little Miss Sunshine.