So..I'm FANGIRLING I was just casually scrolling through Twitter and like not in a weird way I wanted to see like if me and @mydrunkkitchen have any like similar tv shows that we like other than Game of Thrones, because I was so excited about HER NEW TV SHOW!🙌🏻😍 anyway! so like I was scrolling through who she was following on Twitter and I see that she follows Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures crew….THAT’S MY FAVORITE TV SHOW!!!! MDK is my favorite show of like all time but I’ve watched ghost adventures since season one! Idk if she still watches it or not but I just felt like sharing😂😂😂



February 04, 2012.

Had a great adventure with otherhalf madelynn Harper and WIFEEY rhonda pascua + her sister and her boo! It was hella fun, got ready and got swooped up by them then headed to the trolley station. Yeah, 1st time riding it with them, we went to Horton Plaza shopped there for a while, got matching headbands and decided to wear it this week! :D Hm, then we were just roaming around. Next stop we went to SeaPort villiage! Smh, it was all dark and we just walked around! it was funn! then we went to get food! thanks to Rhonda’s sister and her boyfriend for being there with us! hahah! or else we would have been lost or something! :3 Hm, then we went home! Today was a fun day, experienced a lot of things & to top it all off, I was with the best people! & now i’m at home sitting down talking to baby. <3 (=