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Gurl are you in love with Daredevil as much as I am? Pls Advise.


It was good. Myes. So good. Worth the binge watch. But at the same time, toward the end I was so over Matt being a downer. I was just like… come on dude we get it, you’re sick of the corruption and the villains getting one up on you every time you think you have a victory. But dude. Dude. Light the frig up.

Also, contrary to my present fandoms, I’m not actually that big of a superhero nerd?!?!?!?! So, for me, there was kind of a disappointing lack of lawyering. They gave us a tasty little morsel of badass lawyer Matt (&FOGGY) in the beginning and then the rest was Broody Fight Scenes. 

Not enough Claire either imho. I got really disappointed when Rosario’s name didn’t appear in the credits. And while we’re on Claire, I get the distinct feeling that Matt x Claire is done for good. It’s never a good sign when couples hook up that early in a series. And that last scene they shared kind of had a note of finality to it. I think they are permanently splitsville. Which is sad, because HOW HOT WAS THAT KISS MY GOD. 

BUT, all that said, the direction was really good and I actually kind of REALLY LOVED the friendship between Fisk and Wesley. I read the episode synopses ahead of time so when I saw that Fisk was going to “deal with a loss” or whatever, I automatically assumed Vanessa was going to get fridged. BUT SHE DIDN’T AND I WAS SO GLAD. Everyone’s acting is on point. The music was incredible, the fight choreography was amazing. It was just a dadgum good show. Is. Season 2 baby! 

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I am such a huge fan of this comic! Its beautifully written and I sincerely love the development of the story! I certainly hope that when it's finished, you'll publish it, because I'll be first in line for a copy!

Thank you, Tolkeinovertwilight! I’m undecided about whether or not I’d like to do a print edition. It’s been such a learning exercise for me, I worry it isn’t consistent enough to merit book form… but I’m giving it some thought!

Vampire Diaries Season 1 Finale

It all comes down to Founder’s Day. Never saw that coming…

Yes Damon you are the “better, hotter, superior choice.”

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“What eye thing?” Oh you mean ‘the smolder’?

I like how the Uncle wasn’t worried about testing the device before letting a bunch of vampires into a crowd of children. Good thing it worked, sheesh.

WTF IS HAPPENING TO TYLER????!!!! Why can he hear the noise?

External image

Ooo, the mayor is a vamp?

That bastard Uncle staked Anna!

External image

…And set the rest on fire…

External image

“What are you doing here?” “I’m a vampire, what’s your excuse?” hehehe

I wonder what the mayor is…oh wait that vampire just broke his neck.

And Tyler has weird eyes…

He drank the blood. Stupid stupid kid. And now some pills to wash it down.

Oooo Bonnie the Witch is getting bamf.


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External image

Those fingers were gross.


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Hope Valley will certainly grow on me! Made no sense to keep it Coal Valley when there is no coal! I am not too bothered by the updated hair and costumes. Can’t comment on favored season… yet. Any comment on the reunion between J&E? :)

Yeah, coal isn’t a huge resource in the NW anyway so a lumber town makes much more sense.  That line of work is dangerous too though so I wonder if we’ll have any accidents once the mill gets up and running.  I hadn’t considered that until now.

As far as the Jack and Elizabeth reunion goes… spoilers ahead!

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Hey Lost! This is for you and your job!Anon. Getting hired sucks. Like... really sucks. You work and work and plan, then all you get is a handshake and a forced "We'll be in touch." Stay with it Nonny! It took me three years, but I'm finally employed! Don't give up! Also Lost, I love these answered asks, it's better than Dear Abby.

Anon, darling, this is for you.

Tolkien, thank you sweetie.  It’s important to me to try and help people if I can.

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Prompt: Breakfast.

It’s the morning after and Jefferson is manic. At first you think it might just be typical post-mind-blowing-sex behavior when you hear him whistling something from The King and I and clattering around the kitchen, the smell of bacon and eggs wafting up the stairs and into the bedroom where you are still laying naked in his magnificent four poster.

But what he’s doing far exceeds typical post-mind-blowing-sex euphoria, you decide upon seeing the veritable feast he is preparing. Every surface in the kitchen is covered in mixing bowls, plates, cutting boards, and one large griddle - each food item at a different stage of completion. 

“Hey, what are you doing up?” He asks, spotting you finally. He’s wearing an apron and there’s a splotch of what you can only guess is pancake batter on his cheek. He abandons the melon he’d just been slicing into quarters and comes right up to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and giving you a good morning kiss that shouldn’t make you quiver, but does. “I was going to make you breakfast in bed,” he explains with a gesture to the mess behind him. “I didn’t know what you liked, so I just made everything.”

His eyes are wild and his grin a touch too excited. Oh, Swan, you think to yourself. What have you gotten yourself into?

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I can understand your frustration with the writers stating the obvious. But have you seen some of the stuff people are saying? Some don't understand the jumping timeline, others don't know that Belle DIDNT DIE in FTL, even though we see her in Storybrooke. They say things like that for those kinds of people.

This is true. I think part of it is that people just aren’t paying enough attention maybe? I mean…why would they think Belle died in FTL if we saw her in Storybrooke after the fact?

See, for the most part I don’t read commentary from others about the show. I read the IGN review after I’ve watched it just for fun, but only a couple times have I scrolled down to read the comments there. The couple times that I did go to read the comments, they were filled with such inanity that I just stopped. One time some commenter was confused about how Kathryn had died because at the end of the episode when she lives her prince drives up. Another commenter basically called that person an idiot and was like “you realize the prince was freed in the FAIRY TALE WORLD. Things that happen there are SEPARATE from things in Storybrooke”. It’s like, people are so adamant about what they believe, even though it’s so wrong! They episode DID end with the same actor who played the prince playing some dude in a car driving up to Kathryn’s car. Sigh. 

This comment, from the review on the episode with Red Riding Hood/Wolf, particularly cracked me up. I had read it after watching Heart of Darkness [which is the episode where the DNA is revealed]. I wonder if that person felt like a real fool for being so rude and WRONG:

Well, Amy (the reviewer), I think I can’t read your reviews anymore.  I have finally determined why I think this show is failing, and it’s because people like you aren’t smart enough to put two and two together.  You believe that the heart they found was Katherine’s?  It’s abundantly obvious that it’s the heart the Evil Queen stole in Fairytale world….David’s.  Hell, Emma even mentions they won’t be sure until results get back…results which will confirm the glaringly obvious.  

This is the second time you’ve missed OBVIOUS plot points.  The other was that the “Mystery Man” in Storybrooke is the writer of Henry’s book.  I don’t mean to come off as rude, but if the reason they are getting away with these slowly worsening stories and predictable plot points is because fans like you are blind to them, then I fear for our society.

Emphasis mine. That part was particularly hilarious. I try stay out of fandoms, and I think that’s a wise decision for me.

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OMG I NEED THE SOURCE YOUR ROOMMATE GOT THAT FROM!! How's college, bb? Start classes yet?


And college is going great, thanks! Yep, classes started last week. I really like tuesdays and thursdays, ‘cause I don’t have class 'till 11:00. HOORAY FOR THE LITTLE THINGS!

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The video plays for 3 seconds for me then it goes to a white screen with a red camera of death.

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Since the update I just get a black screen and the audio. :/ Its really irritating.

ugh oh god i dont know which of these is worse but i have that first one, so i don’t even get audio its killing me