A young Morwen Eledhwen, in a happy state, because the Valar know she deserves that!

In my headcanon the Bëorian lords and ladies, being the closest in appearance and temperament to the Noldor, would favour intricate hairstyles and rich clothing, and Tolkien’s mention of Noldorin women favouring hairnets/tressures and intricate braided updos always makes me think of Rennaissance styles and King Landing-style do’s, so here’s Morwen with a pompadour'ed style because why not  I also picture Morwen with very thick hair veering on the coarse range of the hair texture spectrum, so she should be able to pull this off xD

-Media: Charcoal
-References: Inspiration for the features and expression from the cover of this Roxana edition (the book by Danie Defoe):…. And yes, she inspired the pompadour xD

Other Tolkien women sketches in this ‘series’:
-Lúthien Tinúviel

“Fall of Gondolin”

“[…] As recounted in The Silmarillion, the Vala Ulmo, the Lord of Waters, revealed the location of the Vale of Tumladen to the Noldorin Lord Turgon in a dream around the year FA 50. Under this divine guidance, Turgon travelled from his kingdom inNevrast and found the vale in FA 53. Within the Encircling Mountains just west of Dorthonion and east of the river Sirion, lay a round level plain with sheer walls on all sides and a ravine and tunnel leading out to the southwest known as the Hidden Way. In the middle of the vale there was a steep hill which was called Amon Gwareth. There Turgon decided to found a great city that would be protected by the mountains and hidden from the Dark Lord Morgoth.

For nearly seventy-five years, Turgon and his people built Gondolin in secret. After it was completed inFA 116, he took with him to dwell in the hidden city his entire people in Nevrast — almost a third of the Ñoldor — as well as nearly three quarters of the northern Sindar. The city stood for nearly 400 years until it was betrayed to Morgoth by Maeglin, Turgon’s nephew, and sacked shortly thereafter by the Dark Lord’s forces. 

Gondolin was described as this - “Now the streets of Gondolin were paved with stone and wide, kerbed with marble, and fair houses and courts amid gardens of bright flowers were set about the ways, and many towers of great slenderness and beauty builded of white marble and carved most marvellously rose to the heaven. Squares there were lit with fountains and the home of birds that sang amid the branches of their aged trees, but of all these the greatest was that place where stood the King’s palace, and the tower thereof was the loftiest in the city, and the fountains that played before the doors shot twenty fathoms and seven in the air and fell in a singing rain of crystal; therein did the sun glitter splendidly by day, and the moon most magically shimmered by night. The birds that dwelt there were of the whiteness of snow and their voices sweeter than a lullaby of music.” […]”

Music by Elffor

(This song is called Ancient Rebirth taken from their third album’s alternate version as bonus track. Originally the album was independently released in August, 2004 but it was re-released by Northern Silence Productions on the 28th of November, 2008.

Elffor is an atmospheric/epic black metal with an influences of amibent, medieval music, symphonic black metal, misanthropy, landscapes, darkness. The band is coming from Biscay, Spain. It was found in 1995 by Eöl [all instruments and vocals | see also: Numen, ex-Suffering Down etc.].)

Artwork by Juliane Völker



Listen up, elves and art lovers from around the world!!

This post is very important to me because it concerns a really close friend of mine who is one of the most amazing persons ever. 

My friend Christina ( @elbenherzart ) is a brilliant and really talented artist (she does great cosplays too!!) who creates beautiful illustrations of elves and other things. She had a blog called Elbenherz before on tumblr but then something rather annoying happened. 

As you might have heard, some people had a few problems with tumblr wanting to verify their e-mail address again. Many people, however, created their blogs ages ago and don’t have access to their old e-mail addresses anymore. Tumblr did not give any user the chance to verify the ownership of these blogs any other way or to simply add a second e-mail address to verify the blog. Many artists and other people suffered from this, and so did Elbenherz. For a freelance artist this is quite a bitter thing since you’re dependent on followers who might promote, buy or commission your art work. 

Good news is that she finally created a new blog called Elbenherzart and you will find all of her great stuff on there with more artwork to come!! I know how much you all love elves and Tolkien, so you better give it a go and check her art! Reblog, follow and spread the word if you like what you see! She’s a lovely person, too so drop her a message if you feel like it!!

Thanks for helping a friend and fellow Tolkien lover out!