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No, I’m not proud of you. You got the guy who successfully kept us all from murdering one another locked in a dungeon on Werewolf Demon Island, you almost started a civil war, and my favorite nephew is now calling me ‘Imperialist Bastard’ in all of his letters home.

- Maedhros, to Celegorm and Curufin, when asked his opinion of their Nargothrond exploits, the Silmarillion, Of Beren and Lúthien

Hi everybody !!!

I’m finally on holiday. This school year was particularly rough for me, I literally had no time to draw (as you did notice I guess haha…). I was in a sewing formation, I had my last exam yesterday, i’m now waiting for the results. I did not have much time for myself these past few months, and so I decided that maybe I will change a few things about my Tumblr accounts. Maybe it would be better to have only one account for all my drawings ? I’ll think about it during the summer. Anyway ! Have a pic of Sauron I just made today <3 

“Reign of Fear” is one of Apocalyptica’s Songs ;)