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All Glory Ends in Night - spirithorse - Tales of Zestiria [Archive of Our Own]
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Rating: E
Pairing: Sormik
Fandom: Tales of Zestiria
Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, major character death, A/B/O dynamics, mating cycles/in heat, knotting, mpreg.
Summary: The world and its people drown in malevolence.

Sorey struggles with the weight and the sins of a broken empire that enslaves the seraphim. Mikleo is the remaining survivor of an attack that left him manifesting as a drake.

When we made the pact I asked you to make me king. Do that and let’s bring peace to the world with a benevolent hand, or destroy it trying.”

Notes: This is all Nami (@shamingcows​) fault. She was talking ABO on twitter and then tossed me this intriguing bone. And then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. There are also some references to Tales of Berseria but no major plot spoilers. Title taken from J.R.R. Tolkien.

I’m going to be doing this fic a little differently simply because 1) it’s become a monster and 2) I’m working on a MA full time while writing this. As such, I will be updating this fic once a week on Tuesdays and will be posting it in two parts. This is part one, part two will follow as soon as I have written and edited it. I can’t give you a firm time on that because it all depends on what life throws at me, but I promise that I have no intention of giving up on this fic.

hi i’m tolkien here are my ocs. i call them Elves (not elfs!!! if you call them elfs i will block you) they look like humans but they’re tall, live forever, and have pointy ears. that’s it bye


The Hobbit re-imagined as The Real Housewives of Middle-earth

“I was poor, I was rich, I was poor again and you know what? Having money is easier.”

Moon of my life, my Sun and Stars.

I  read a couple of Angbang-hate messages, while I was watching Game of Thrones. And THIS is the result, my final answer. That’s all, you can go on your way.