tolkien artwork


I can’t but show off because - GOD - I have never had so much fun drawing in my life, and I am growing more and more in love with this drawing, which also is unusual! I usually like a drawing less and less the more I work on it… what’s happening?! 😳

but yeah, follow me on IG to see a little time lapse of how I did Kili’s hand! ☺🙌🏻 (username: IngvildSchageArt)

For a lesson of matte painting I had to create a concept art so I chose a fantasy landscape and as you may notice i had in mind The Mines of Moria from the Lord of the rings 😚

1.3.2017 Had so much fun painting today for the first time in a long time, and having the possibility of printing my own drawings directly onto the aquarelle painting saves a lot of time and effort, and anxiety. 😉

Here is Cirdan, the sketch I drew last fall and I am having a blast painting him, while also trying to make another full time lapse. 😁Follow me on IGto see a clip and some close ups! ☺🌟