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morgoth bauglir, the fallen vala.       sauron, lieutenant .     gothmog, lord of the balrogs.        thuringwethil, woman of secret shadow.

The best Melkor will always be protective!Melkor, imo.

The Melkor that was overwhelmingly angry at what Luthien and Huan did to Mairon. After he cared for his wounded husband with unimaginable gentleness, he went outside and punched the wall so hard that the stone cracked. None save Mairon dared approach him during his blind rage at the people who had dared to do this to his beloved Lieutenant.

The Melkor who gave Mairon a last kiss and told him to run and never look back at the end of the War of Wrath, knowing he would be captured by the Valar, but it didn’t matter if Mairon was safe.

The Melkor who would fuss over Mairon whenever he was injured or overworked himself. The Vala would make sure he was cared for and got all the rest and treatment he needed.

The Melkor who would appear at Mairon’s side in the heat of battle the moment the Maia started to become overwhelmed by enemies. Melkor would fight tirelessly to keep him from any harm, and at the end of the battle, it would take him mere seconds to switch from a terrifying dark lord to a worried husband making sure his beloved was unharmed.

The Melkor that spent his last moments as a free man defending his Maia, sending him away and using magic to shield him from the host of the Valar. He could have defended himself but he chose not to; the man he loved was more important.

The Melkor who wouldn’t stand for anyone mocking or degrading his beloved. Any of their subordinates who tried would be sorry, Melkor himself would see to that.

The Melkor who never, no matter how angry or Silmaril-possessed he was, took anything out on Mairon. They had their fights, but Melkor was so utterly unwilling to hurt him that not even the Silmarils could overcome that protective instinct.

The Melkor who would never allow Mairon to come to any harm, much less hurt Mairon himself. Mairon was the love of his life, and Melkor was not one to let bad things happen to those he loved.

🎙Tolkien Quote of the Week 

Does Galadriel see herself as a tree rather than an elven royalty? She is, after all, the Lady of the Golden Wood, but doesn’t that quote fit better to Treebeard? And what does that make of the missing Entwives? 😜

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Ambarussa headcannons

I have some right here but I’m going to write more :)

-I think they have more of a brown color and it’s very straight and silky, cascading down their backs beautifully. Amrod has a darker color than Amras.

-They work as a pair in everything, especially in battle. Lmao double trouble.

-They’re hilarious ASF.

-I think they’re rather serious unless they’re comfortable, and then they’re pretty funny. I don’t see them being the annoying little brothers, pranking their big brothers. I think they have the typical Feanorian attitudes.

-Amrod has a temper like Caranthir, not as nasty and easy to snap, but they definitely butted heads more than any of the other siblings. Mainly because Amrod WILL dare to comment offhandedly about how he’s being an ass.

-Amras pretty much defends his darker haired brother over everything, no one messes with one of the twins and gets away with it. You have a problem with one of them, you have a preoblem with both  of them.

-They were great hunters like Celegorm and frequently visited him, hunted with him, especially in Beleriand.

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I HC that Fingon sang and played the harp in performance when he lived in Valinor. He did it from a young age and was regarded as a rare talent. He was incredibly popular.

Maedhros did his hair and accompanied him backstage before every performance. This is part of how their relationship became romantic once they’d both grown up; the extra time they spent together strengthened their bond.