The flame that burns bright, can also warm a cold heart!

Here is the 3rd and final sketch from my request promt, Fëanor for @curufinwefeanaro, and while it is a little more mellow than the other two (timewise anyways) I really like it. Fëanor is as many of you might know, one of my favorite characters of Silmarillion, which is why it was SO hard to sketch him how I wanted (this is the third and only successful attempt). So he ended up being very young, I’m thinking 13 to 15 in human years, maybe when or right before he med Nerdanel.

I was thinking of his fiery spirit, and considering that he is passionate and has a fury inside, he must also have the very warm and loving heart. Thinking of that I couldn’t stop imagining how sweet he must’ve been in his young years, and bring warmth and happiness into the life of his father, especially after the loss of his mother. Also he must’ve been so sweet and loving to Nerdanel and their children, before things went bad and he was devoured by his inner fury.

Oh, the more I think of him I love him more, and I hope you like him too.


This was my last of the request promts, and I have to say it’s been a very rewarding and fun experience open up to you awesome followers like this. I’ve gotten in contact with some of you who I have never talked to, which I love, always wonderful to talk Tolkien to new people. And I can with reasurance say that I will do another one of these! <3


All my artworks for the 2017 Beyond Bree Tolkien Calendar, themed “Journeying in Middle-earth” and containing works by a range of different artists. You can preorder it here. Usually, it sells out pretty quickly, so don’t wait too long.

My pieces are:

  • The Bonfire Glade
  • Leaving the Barrow-Downs
  • The Old Forest
  • The Barrow-Downs