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I need more active Tolkien (especially Silmarillion) blogs with Gif’s and Art on my dash, so if you mostly(! like 90%) post/reblog such please reblog or like this, so I can follow you. It get’s pretty boring for me on my dash nowadays since most of the blogs I started following over the last year aren’t active any more or post stuff I’m not interested. :( Like suddenly everything is full of Star Wars and while I like it, it’s not why I’m here. I will soon clean my list of blogs I’m following and since I’m really just here for Tolkien, the chances are high that I will unfollow around 50%. (Real-life friends are safe of course.)

I will check out everyone who likes/reblog this but if I see you are posting more other stuff than Tolkien I’m not going to follow you. Sorry but this is the reason why I’m doing this. Too much other stuff on my dash)

When those not loyal to Melkor started calling Mairon “Sauron” I am very certain he was absolutely livid. His ‘birth name’ (if you want to even call it that) meant precious, exquisite, excellence and admirable; things which he himself was in every definition. When people started calling him ‘the abhorred’ it was a personal attack to him and solid proof that he could never go back even if he wanted to. Mairon never liked them name Sauron, and never personally took it up, but he did throw it around when convenient for him and his own goals. 

Week Two!

We’ve had a fantastic first week of Drabbletag with 53 prompts and 17 fills of glorious femslash, and I’m sure more is just waiting to be made.

To start off this week and hopefully get in more variety, prompting is open without any conditions attached for 24 hours from this moment. Go!

And if you’re only just joining us, we’re playing a game of femslash-based Fanworks Drabbletag - read the info here, take a look at the list, and then jump right in!