just letting all you anons know– I am aware of tim horton’s locations in USA, also that munchkins exist

three years of hindsight will do this for a person

I wanted to make you guys aware of this before I get anymore messages about it!!

I realize the wording of my post was inflammatory and harsh, and yes also pretentious, but I feel I have matured over the last three years since I made the post 

I’d just really like to spend the holidays with out a bunch of emails

In the time it took to make this post I got nine new messages so rest assured I am informed lol

I’m sorry for my rude language and harsh intent I hope you all have a great holiday season

Stress Relief - Dylan O’Brien (Smut)

Stars - Alessia Cara ♪

 See I need you and baby I need to

Let down my guard and give you my scars

Open up my heart

We could be stars 

Warnings: oral sex (both ways), i think that’s it tbh, and swearing bc i guess that’s a warning? idk

❀ Gif credit to owners/creators ❀

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Imagine 34

Character- Minho
Word Count- 1286

“Minho!” You shouted at the smirking boy in front of you. You just recovered your frozen bra from the freezer. He put some puddy like substance in it too. You glared at him, smacking him with the bra-hard. He grabbed ahold of his arm and groaned. 

“I will get you back for this, be lucky I don’t want to touch your disgusting runnie undies.” You said, flipping your hair and walking off. 

Oh you were going to get him back good. This prank war between you and Minho has been going on for nearly a year now. At first, it was just a few small pranks maybe twice a week, but now some of the things you two were doing to eachother was unbelievable. You even manages to rig the wiring in the bathrooms so when someone flushed the tolet the shower got scalding hot. You fixed it after it hapened.

Minho has done some pretty crazy things too though. He took your clothes while you were showering and hid them so you had to walk to the Homestead in just a towel. For quite a few of both of your pranks you would accidently get another Glader, and you could tell the Glade was getting sick of it. You and Minho didn’t really care though.

You had to come up with a good prank though. You finally decided to go with something classic. When Minho got back from the maze, you were going to egg him. You were going to have to sneak into the kitchen though and steal a few eggs. That shouldn’t be too hard, you thought as you got ready to go to sleep. You would do it in the middle of the night, when Frypan was asleep.

That plan went perfect, and you stole three eggs with ease. You hid close to the wall now, waiting for Minho to come back. You only had to wait for about fifteen minutes, and then you saw Minho running through the maze doors and into the saftey of the Glade. You aimed and threw the first egg, hitting Minho in the back. He spun around and you threw the second egg, hitting him again. The third egg though, that was a different story. Instead of hitting Minho, you aimed slightly too high and hit Alby. You covered your mouth and thried to hide, but a not so happy Alby came over to you. 

“Y/N, Minho, get your shuck faces over here now!” Alby ordered, causing a lot of Gladers to turn and look at you. Newt had his hand over his mouth, trying not to laugh at what just happened. 

“This entire Glade is sick of your pranks! I am done with it! Newt, Gally, come here!” Alby yelled. Any Glader that wasn’t looking over at the two of you was looking over now. Gally and Newt quickly walked over, following Alby’s orders. 

“Newt, grab Y/N. Gally, Minho.” Alby said, and before you had any time to fight it, Newt had both hands around your wrists and he pulled them behind your back. 

“Take them down to the Slammer. They will stay there intil they learn to stop pranking eachother.” Alby said, looking at both you and Minho before walking off to go clean off the egg.

You decided not to fight it as Newt brought you down to the Slammer. Minho was a different story though. You could tell there was no way he was getting out of Gally’s grasp. Newt and Gally pushed you two into the Slammer, locking the door behind you two. 

“Be back tomorrow.” Newt said, walking away with Gally. 

“Well shuck.” You said, sitting on the ground. 

“Nice going Y/N, now we’re stuck in here.” Minho said, rolling his eyes. 

“You started it!” You argued.

“Slim it Y/N!’ Minho said. 

"Oh wow you actually said my name instead of shuck face or slinthead.” YOu said sarcastically. 

“You still are the shuckiest shuck faced shuck there ever was.” Minho replied, sitting down next to you.

“You’re such a slinthead.” You said back. It was getting dark out and you were starting to get hungry. 

“You don’t mean that.” Minho said. 

“Yeah I do.” You said. You heard something outside, so you turned and looked out of the bars. You saw Alby with two trays of food in his hand. 

“You need to eat.” Alby said, giving you two the trays. “You better figure something out because Minho’s not running until he does. Y/N, you don’t do your job most of the time. You might as well just be third in command and do what you usually do but we’ll discuss this some other time.” Alby said, turning around and walking off. You and Minho sat in silence, eating Frypan’s food. After you both finished, you looked around. 

“There’s only one sleeping bag in here.” Minho trailed off. 

“Dibs!” You called out, diving towards the sleeping bag. You grabbed it and layed it out, sitting on it. 

“Who says you get it? I saw it first.” Minho said, sitting down on it as well. 

“Lady’s first.” You said, getting up and trying to pull it away from Minho. 

“Who say’s that? I’m probably older.” Minho said, getting up as well and pulling it towards him. 

“No. It’s mine!” You said. 

“No.” Minho fought back. 




“We’ll share the shucking thing then!” You said annoyed, looking at Minho. You climbed into the sleeping bag, Minho getting in next to you. He moved closer to you then he had to, but you weren’t complaining. 

“Guess what?” Minho whispered, his hot breath hitting your neck. 

“What?” You asked. 

“I’ve liked you for a really long time now.” He whispered, you barely picked up what he said. Your heart skipped a beat, but then you realized it was probably just a prank. 

“You’re pranking me, aren’t you. You can’t stop but you really need to!” You said, rolling your eyes. 

“I am not!” Minho said. 

“Prove it!” You shouted at him.

He spun you around so you were facing him and his lips were on yours. You didn’t know what to do so you just did what felt right, you kissed back. Minho pulled away, smiling. You looked at him in disbelief, you couldn’t believe he just kissed you. Sure you’ve always imagined it happening but you never thought it actually would happen. The sleeping bag suddenly felt too hot and you got out, Minho following. 

“Maybe you should prove it again.” You said, smiling slightly.

Minho laughed before pulling you into his lap, kissing you again. Your arms were around his neck, his arms resting on your hips. He slowly leaned forward, setting you on top of the sleeping bag, never breaking the kiss. He was now on top of you, kissing you a little bit harder. 

“Bloody hell!” You heard a voice say, and Minho jumped off of you. You crawled over to Minho, hiding your face in his chest. Newt had caught you. 

“Alby! They don’t need to be in here! Keep them as far away from eachother as possible!” Newt shouted out into the distance. A few seconds later, Alby came up to him. 

“What the shuck are you talking about?” Alby asked. 

“They were sucking faces in there!” Newt accused. 

“No we weren’t!” Minho said. 

“Yeah he was trying to prank me!” You followed along. 

“Whatever, they need to stay in there overnight.” Alby said, dragging Newt off with him. You could hear Newt’s voice off in the distance complaining about what he saw. 

“Well that ruined the moment.” You mumbled. 

“Want to remake it?” Minho asked. 

“Let’s do it.” You said, your lips finding Minho’s again.

    Did you really truthfully LOVED Lee Sungmin, Saeun? Because if you do, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will you call HIM and YOUR RELATIONSHIP as a burden. Even under pressure from haters and the media, you WOULD NEVER think of him that way if you really actually LOVED him.

    But you didn’t DID you?

    I tried to be accommodating of you, accepted you because LEE SUNGMIN himself chose you and I accept his decisions, I even tried to ignore the fact that all you ever did since you started dating him was trying to show the whole world and elf all the ‘couple stuff’ you have. I tried to tell myself she’ll be fine if she manages to get on ELF good side.

    But you have really crossed the line with your freaking article. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? If it wasn’t for Sungmin, YOUR NAME WOULDN’T EVEN BE KNOWN EVEN IN KOREA, is it? Is it really only for that reason that you chose to date him? because you knew your name could gain so much popularity by being Sungmin’s girlfriend? Are you laughing now? Knowing he won’t retaliate because he’s not that kind of person?? I tried not to think bad of you Saeun, I told myself I don’t know you enough to judge you like that. But tell me, How do I not think ill of you now? NOW that you have called the man that we adore a fucking BURDEN, when we ourselves don’t have the fucking mind to call him like that.

    It’s UNFORGIVABLE. UNTHINKABLE. Even Heechul know Sungmin is someone who shouldn’t have to go through something like this. How the hell do you think he would feel if he knows you called him DEAD WEIGHT?

    I pray the Korean media exposes you and your agency for the fraud and user people you actually are. and if you didn’t deserve any of the hate before, WELL YOU CAN PERFECTLY GO TO HELL NOW. 



    He deserve someone better than you. Not someone who clearly only uses his name for their own purposes. Hell has a special place for someone like you.An rest assured in the future I’ll be happily chaining you to that place to pay for what you have done for all of fucvking eternity.



    So true sometimes…

    I miss this show also..

    Here Is the House
    • Here Is the House
    • Depeche Mode
    • Black Celebration [UK Bonus Tracks]

    Here is the house
    Where it all happened
    Those tender moments
    Under this roof
    Body and soul come together
    As we come closer together
    And as it happens
    It happens here
    In this house

    And I feel your warmth
    And it feels like home
    And there’s someone
    Calling on the telephone
    Let’s stay home
    It’s cold outside
    And I have so much
    To confide to you

    With or without words
    I’ll confide everything

    Here is the house
    Where it all happened
    Those tender moments
    Under this roof
    Body and soul come together
    As we come closer together
    And as it happens
    It happens here
    In this house

    So we stay at home
    And I’m by your side
    And you know
    What’s going on inside
    Inside my heart
    Inside this house
    And I just want to
    Let it out for you

    And I feel your warmth
    And it feels like home
    And I feel your warmth
    And it feels like home

    Here is the house
    Where it all happened
    Those tender moments
    Under this roof
    Body and soul come together
    As we come closer together

    3-4h sáng, không ngủ được, lọ mọ đi chùi Tolet -_-
    Cứ mỗi lần tâm trạng không ổn định thì lại đi chùi Tolet
    Cũng hiệu quả, giãm Strees mà còn sạch sẽ nữaaaaa
    —  Q.Ryu 
    Nhật ký chùi tolet 

    GQ Spain (May 2016) | Are we running out of heroes in Hollywood? | photos by Maarten de Boer

    [Google translation of the main text, with some tweaks by me. If anyone could improve this, it would be much appreciated]

    THERE WAS A TIME WHEN GUYS did not cry and
    they became epic heroes without speaking. A time
    when John Wayne taking out his revolver communicated what
    he had to say. When Humphrey Bogart just opened his mouth to
    let the smoke float in Rick’s Café. Tom Hardy seems
    a type of that time. A totem of testosterone. A monument of

    But Hardy is more.

    Hardy is silence made flesh. Flesh that throbs with
    the same reality that impacted on the screen in the flesh of
    Marilyn. A quiet hero dodge smile that does not need
    a damn phrase to engulf every scene of the script. 

    He only has to say: “My name is Max.” He’ll crack the plane, even
    backs. As busting a bank or hands-free sueño. Or a car with a huge monologue. He knows how to be a warrior or a villain. A scream or orgasm. 

    But he is more. More than a monolithic body specimen extinction.

    His acting DNA is propelled and maintains its inheritance from a line
    of secrecy. He is the last student of the impenetrable school of Brando. The final link of the enigmatic hardness of Steve McQueen. Like them, it seems battleship. But Hardy more. He 
    is more than a man in one piece. Under the facade without crack a puzzle that can be disassembled hides. Which tends to disintegrate when it goes into the labyrinths of interpretation. Maybe the handsome and wounded. The stormy and tormented.

    The actor was able to close the season with four works worthy
    of any nomination: a post-nuclear mercenary, a contemptible trapper, a Stalinist agent and twins who reigned in [London’s] East End gangland 60s. One crazy and other enloquecido. Hardy is so precise that he makes you forget it is he who interprets them both. Because he is always more.

    He is the hero who knows that the hardest lesson is learning to
    fall. It is the physical phenomenon that denies its beauty. The boy
    Angelic becomes a teenager and continues to give pain head to dad and mom. That same regenerated by a job that allows you to be the badass and collect, takes loving her mother to the ballet. Because Hardy is at the same time proto-male and Peter Pan.

    Hardy is what you want. But he is always more. Pero siempre es más.