tolerance week

Christmas 2025

aka the Christmas where there is a new baby, Jude is slightly suspicious, Alex is pantless, Chris is in tears, Grace is exhausted, and Harry is the Sexiest Man Alive

Sugar on the Asphalt | Tennessee Teacakes


Harry Styles is acutely aware of the fact that his five-year-old son has a vendetta against Santa Claus. He found elaborate plans drawn on the back of a magazine he was on the cover of—People’s Sexist Man Alive—to catch him on Christmas Eve. And while Harry is known to indulge his children’s peculiar (and slightly terrifying) passions, he’s also acutely aware of the fact that he hasn’t slept in seven weeks. His tolerance and patience are wearing thin, so when he finds the cushions of the couch stuffed into the fire place, he just about cries.

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Neil’s clap backs in The King’s Men

  • “There was a rumor you might transfer to Edgar Allan.”
    “It was mentioned while I was there,” Neil said, “but we both know it’ll never happen. I’ll never get where I need to be if I play with the Ravens. Besides, I could barely tolerate them for two weeks. I can’t imagine playing with them for four years. They’re horrible human beings.
  • Andrew flicked his pack of cigarettes at Neil. “Give me one good reason to not push you off the side.”
    Neil shook a stick out and lit it. “I’d drag you with me. It’s a long way down.”
  • His expression only darkened when Neil waved him off. “This is not the time for your attitude. Stop causing unnecessary problems before you ruin anything else.”
    Neil weighed all the possible responses to that and settled on the simplest: “Fuck you.”
  • “We haven’t lost yet,” Dan said, “but we will lose if you give up right out of the gate.” Kevin started to say something Neil knew would be negative and dismissing. Neil reached behind Andrew and popped Kevin in the back of the head to shut him up. 
    “No one wants to hear that right now,” Neil said.
  • “You could almost be my type if you weren’t so young, hmm? You look just like your father.”
    The inviting rock of her hips against his made his skin crawl. “And you look like a strung-out whore.”
  • Andrew tried to recover with a ground-out, “Your neck fetish is not attractive.”
    “You like it,” Neil said, unapologetic. “I like that you like it.”
  • “I’ll get bored of you eventually.”
    “You sure?” Neil asked. “Rumor has it I’m pretty interesting.”
Afraid and alone  (Open)

Mika couldn’t tell you where he was.  he didn’t know that he was in a behavioral health unit.  Since his language was not identifiable, they thought he was speaking gibberish.  

He was violent only because he was scared, and lashed out at the men and women around him, lashed out at the people who dragged him roughly when simple words would have worked, the people who took his dignity, and gave him bitter tasting pills that blotted out the world for hours at a time.  

days were tolerable, it was a week before they realized that he had trouble breathing, and the doctor said something about malnourishment, and abuse, but didn’t know that this was what came from living in null gravity.  

Even going to stasis was taken from him.  the drugs kept him hazy, and muted the song.  The nights were the worst, dreams of the dead coming after him, a product of leaving his ship without being able to protect the dead who still were there.  

By now, he knew how to speak, he’d heard them speak, but he still had no reason to.  These were men who would think him insane, more insane, if they heard what he said.  

It was one of the visitors who got him to speak. Mika had been minding his own business when the stranger came.  They called him “John Doe, everyone did, but finally, he spoke.  “My name is Mika.”

It's tolerance week.

Yes, yes, I know that this is a late post, but still.

This is where I insert the well-known and cliche statement,
If you see something, say something.

I know that this statement is overused and etc, but it’s true. Guys, if you ever see someone being bullied or something, say something. Don’t just stand there and watch, because that really doesn’t make you any better than the bullies. It doesn’t matter if you’re “just an observer.” If you’re there, make a stand. Help the person. 

I know what it feels like to be bullied. I know what it feels like to have rumors circulating around the school, saying that you’ve done something when you haven’t. I know what it feels like to have multiple people calling you fat and ugly, ganging up with each other on you. I know what it feels like to be alone in these situations.

There was a time when two girls, twins, had just transferred to my school. They were Korean and newly moved, so they didn’t know much English. Of course, no one talked to them and they were pretty much kept out of circles. This was the time right after I had taken a stand because I was being bullied. This was when I made friends and everyone realized I’m a person too, not just an overweight girl. I knew what it felt like to be alone. I talked to the two girls, and we became fast friends. I ate lunch with them alone, I brought them into my circle gradually. I also remember a boy who no one talked to because he was “sped” (special education). I talked to him, and I found a close friend in him. He wasn’t as smart as everyone, but he was one of the sweetest boys I have ever known. I really do miss him.

If you see someone being bullied or someone being harmed, help them. Especially in school, because this is where you can make the most difference. Who cares what everyone else will think of you? Personally, I’d rather feel better about myself and simply not care about what other people think. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that. I’ve been called a bitch, a snitch, I think once a whore, and an unfriendly person. Don’t care. They don’t know me. I actually have had people say to me “You know, ___…I used to think you were such a bitch. Before I even met you. All these people talked about how you’re horrible and mean and etc, but you’re really not. I’m glad I actually talked to you.”

There’s a difference between not joining in and helping. One makes you the better person. Three guesses on which it is.

Make a stand.