toledo area metroparks

I had the most lovely weekend…
On Friday, Bev and I had a nice date to the art museum. It had been quite some time since I had visited, and so it was really wonderful to be back. There were two main exhibitions that stood out to me; Human Landscape by Jaume Plensa, and Keep Looking: Fred Tomaselli’s Birds.
After the art museum, we went to this relatively new Brazilian grille restaurant. We really didn’t have many options on the menu since we’re both vegetarians, but the Vegetariano option with hearts of palm and other grilled veggies turned out to be really delicious.
On Saturday we went to a great big arts festival with my parents. It’s one of my favorite festivals to go to because it takes place on the grounds of the botanical gardens, so it’s always got a beautiful backdrop.
Bev and I spent Saturday night camping out at Wiregrass Lake, which is actually a new Metropark that just opened up last summer. There are only three camp sites there, and they’re pretty secluded from one another. We had a great big fire that we roasted vegetarian sausages over for dinner. I loved getting to watch the sun go down over the water on the lake. I have to admit that one of the best parts about camping out was that I got to fall asleep and wake up next to Bev…kissing him is always my favorite way to end and start the day.
Sunday we had brunch at my grandmother’s house, and then Bev and I parted ways so that he could go and spend time with his family as well.
I spent the rest of the day listening to various albums and working on cleaning and organizing my room. Since the beginning of summer, I’ve definitely made noticeable progress on my space, but there’s still lots of work that is left to be done. I’m trying to simplify bit by bit, and so far, I’ve been very proud of the progress that I’ve made.
It’s been a really long time since I’ve come off a weekend feeling so happy and refreshed.
Here’s to hoping that the rest of this week is just as good… ✌🏻️